Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil

Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
Whole Food, Plant~Based, Oil~Free Vegan, NO processed oils, Minimal Sugar Dietary Guidelines Food Pyramid

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Vegan Too Skinny! Going Vegan Will Make My Fat Ass Too Skinny! Going Vegan Will Make Me Too Skinny!

If you need to gain weight in a healthy way read this article...

How To Gain Weight in a Healthful Manner or What Am I Doing That's Making Me Gain? Dr. John McDougall (referenced)

Overweight, struggling with diseases of obesity while dying of malnutrition.

Yet Believing self-limiting, violent ideologies that promote illness and weight gain. Maybe your weight is totally fine but you work out like a mad person just to stay fit.


Of course regular physical exercise is extremely important for healthy vital living and Optimal Health. But people do get obsessed.


And people do find the need for excessive working out so that they can Crush all the nasty shit they've been eating.


Jeff Novick (Full Length) Calorie Density: How To Eat More, Weigh Less and Live Longer

Once you start eating plants the weight will fall right off of you. Meditate And that means getting off the fucking oils too! How to Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind by Dr. Doug Lisle

If you work out, you will find yourself having even more energy, and of course, needing to eat more. πŸ‡ 🍌

People over here terrified of eating fruit!
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πŸ‘ Believing that carbohydrates make you fat and they don't even understand what carbs really are. See below for more links.The Five to One Fiber Rule

🍞 How a Low-Carb Diet is Metabolically Like Being Obese by Dr. Greger Not eating vegetables or hardly any at all. 🌽

 vegetables GIF This is another thing that people overweight often seem to complain about, that there will be nothing to eat. πŸ† Yet the truth is once you begin eating Plants, you do have to eat a lot more.

And also there are a lot more options for you to eat!πŸ˜ƒπŸ·πŸ– #friendsnotfood Eat Life not death... Image result for vegetable rainbow  gif

If you are an enthusiastic eater, like I am, and love to chew like I do, then eating plants will allow you to eat lots of food all day and late into the night and never worry about being overweight or hungry! You can eat 3 meals or 6 meals a day. You can have snacks. Eat when you're hungry. Deprivation is not the answer #deprivationisadieit 😍

Eat until you're satiated. Don't count calories. And never worry, if you're eating Whole Food plants that are oil-free.
Aerobics If you are trying to lose weight you can avoid the calorie-dense high-fat plant-based foods. And when you are perfectly fit and looking for more energy you can add more of those high fat plant foods, such as, avocados, nuts, nut Butters, olives, more of the Breads and crackers, vegan cheeses, sweets, chips, and meat alternatives. And if you want to be a fat 'junk food vegan', you surely can do that too!

#vegan #vegansaresexy #organicvegan#vegankids #oilfree #govegan#eatyourpeace #eatplants#livingnonviolence #livingpeace#livingpeach #somekindofreason #somanyreasonshardtopickjustone We DO have an optimal weight. A naturally optimal weight that our body will rest in. Once you lose the excess weight, and continue to eat plants and have regular consistent physical activities. Maybe it will fluctuate a few pounds between morning and night. Full or empty. Your food intake needs will depend on whether you are Running around doing a million things or in more restful times. We will need more or less food to get through each day, varying, depending on that day's, or week's activity levels. Maybe you need to eat a TON of food because you are burning your energy up faster and you need to eat more and MORE to fuel all your activities! Eat to live! Eat Plants! Or maybe you have very low activity and a lot of weight to lose. Ballerina Whether you are training for a marathon, or just living a regular life, with regular intervals of activity which bring you joy, and brings you to a place of "flow", then after you shed the excess, your weight will be stable, and you can eat to your hearts content, and heart's best interest!! Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn! Eat plants for life and healthy living and optimal weights! Eat plants for nonviolent living!

Eat plants for living peace! Eat plants for health and healing! Eat plants to heal and reverse diseases! Eat plants for Environmentalism! Eat plants to live cruelty-free! Eat plants to avoid hurting and killing animals! Eat plants to stop contributing to human famine and destruction of Earth's resources and ecosystems! Eat plants for optimal weight! Eat plants to stop contributing to animal extinction, destruction of habitats! Eat plants to stop contributing to Speciesism! Support cruelty-free nonviolent companies! www.LivingPeach.com Good Links:
How To Gain Weight in a Healthful Manner or What Am I Doing That's Making Me Gain? Dr. John McDougall (referenced) https://nutritionfacts.org Dr. Michael Greger ~ All Videos for Low-carb Diets How a Low-Carb Diet is Metabolically Like Being Obese by Dr. Greger Dr Michael Greger, MD discusses diabetes and the dangers of low carb diets

Refined Carbohydrates for Food Addicts by Dr. McDougall
Dr. John Mcdougall on Youtube The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine Macronutrients in Health and Disease: Refined vs. Unrefined Carbohydrates http://www.nutritionmd.org/ Videos by Dr. Doug Lisle Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi ~ Topic on Youtube

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