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Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Sponsored Doctors? Follow the Money. Harmful Profitable Industry Lies

Wow four years old and just as relevant as ever even more!

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Critical thinking is more crucial than ever!

So many people trust their doctors as if they were gods. So many people trust their doctors as if the medical industries motivation is genuinely making people well. Too many people blinded by the fact that there’s severe conflict of interest in many of the treatments and advises we are given by doctors.

Of course, there’s always a good one, there’s always a good doctor, the good teacher, the good cop etc.

But when those who comply with the system they exist within follow along a narrative that is not actually in your best interest, that’s a problem… Don’t you think?

Far too many doctors, teachers, cops, and politicians do as they’re told, teach what they’re told, promote what they’re told, and often what they are told is coming from industries that have financial interests in the narrative & profits!

Very frequently it’s not in your own best health, not in your own best education, not in your own best safety or well-being so it is vital that you learn to think for yourself, and use #criticalthinking to question these very profitable narratives that also force a lot of control over people.

It speaks volumes when a doctor, teacher, cop, or politician has to go against mainstream, has to go against the narrative being super saturated everywhere you turn, in order to actually speak the truth!

That is terrifying! And even more terrifying are the majority of those who are too afraid to go against what they’re being told to do or say or advise so they throw their hands up and surrender To 
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