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Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
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Monday, February 27, 2017

Sustainable Fish is NOT Real!

The numbers are staggering! Sustainable fish is not real.

"It is essentially a faรงade whereby the parameters of true sustainability of fish species and the ecosystems they comprise are not at all fully understood by our very experts let alone by an industry that is motivated by economics." ~ Dr. Richard Oppenlander

The Fish Facade

"Over 200,000,000 sea animals are extracted from our oceans…every HOUR" -Dr. Oppenlander, 2017 lecture series

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Vegan Options for Every Addiction!

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Animal "products" are junk food.
Horribly unhealthy, Inherently Cruel

If you can't resist and you insist
on consuming unhealthy, addictive products
Consider choosing cruelty free items
Let's be honest,
eating animals & their bodily functions
Has proven to be profitable for diseases & Industries that exploit innocent animals
Using them as slaves to financially benefit from their confinement, cruelty, enslavement
Dismemberment, abuse, pain, suffering
Torture. Barbaric practices
Stealing babies, breaking family bonds
Manipulating nature in gruesome ways for profit off of an animal's motherly function
To create forcibly through rape & molestation, then steal, then kill babies ~ solely to steal their mother's milk created for them
Then have the audacity to claim, this is what nature intended for humans, to drink cow's milk!
To claim it literally is a necessary part of our diet for health when it's in fact killing us
But the hands that are getting rich off of selling us dairy and illnesses are in Partnership, profitable partnership, with government, and companies that are getting rich off of selling pills and surgeries and procedures, to pretend to investigate why we’re sick, while completely ignoring the fact that we eating a mother's milk, intended to grow an enormous animal
That's a perverted, coagulation, mixed with bacteria and concocted into something that is mostly fat and addictive bits left behind
Killing us, killing us all in the process
Humans, animals, Earth
Health, compassion, nonviolence

Vegan Options for Every Addiction!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I Just Can't Quit Cheese! Or other Dairy Products.

I Just Can't Quit Cheese!

You want to be vegan but you just CAN’T Quit Cheese?! Or Dairy in general?

Here are some thoughts that might inspire you to try.

  1. Dairy is extremely, inherently, shockingly cruel. Even worse than the obvious cruelty involved in eating meat.
  2. Dairy is linked to a significant amount of diseases, illnesses, ailments, allergies, and general discomfort.
  3. Dairy is HIGHLY addictive. It should be considered on par with narcotics, in my opinion.
  4. The Dairy industry is responsible for massive destruction of the Earth, land, air, sea, ecosystems,
  5. Dairy consumption can cause obesity and hinder healthy weight levels.
  6. Dairy is exceptionally, gruesomely, viciously violent.
  7. VEGAN CHEESE!!!! VEGAN Milks, creams, yogurt, ice cream, butters, frosting, whipped cream!!! VEGAN OPTIONS!!
  8. Getting Dairy out of your diet has tremendous benefits to you personally, to the animals, the environment, and to the vegan industry!

A few minutes of internet research and one can find many articles just like this one. Here I will get into more detail about each point made above. And I’ll add a bunch of links for you too.

  1. Dairy is extremely, inherently, shockingly cruel. Even worse than eating meat.
Far from the fairytale that children and grownups are brainwashed into believing, cows are NOT animals who “just make milk”, nor do they “give milk”, nor do they produce milk “for us”. Cows, just like humans, only produce milk when they are lactating. Cows make milk, just as humans, for their babies. Therefore, in order to be “milked”, cows must first be pregnant, then give birth, for their breasts, what we call udders, to produce milk.

First, a male cow is chained, against his will, and jerked-off against his will, by some disgusting human jerk-off, who rapes and forces the male cow to ejaculate. see this ...Vegan Food Is Gross!

Then a female cow is chained to what the dairy industry calls, a “rape rack”, and someone forces their entire arm, up to their shoulder and armpit, into her anus, grabs hold of her uterus from inside her anus, then with the other arm, enters her vagina and guides a long metal “inseminating rod” all the way into her uterus, and forces in the semen.

Once a cow is pregnant, she will carry her baby slightly over nine months, a bit longer than a human pregnancy. Cows left to nature will nurse their baby for 3 years or more, and form lifelong family bonds. In the dairy industry however, their babies are stolen from them either immediately after their painful birth, or within a day or so. Almost ALL male cows are killed within days or weeks of birth because the dairy industry considers them useless. Some may be kept for breeding purposes, including sexual molestation, rape, cruelty and enslavement. Most male dairy cows are stolen from their mothers, confided to tiny constraining crates for days or weeks before being killed and becoming “veal”. Baby cow meat!

Even my brother, a die-hard meat-eater, considers veal Cruel! Yet he refuses to see that Dairy IS Veal! Even so-called organic, "humane" dairy farmers are exploiting and subjecting these animals to cruelty, slavery, and violation, and death!

If the baby is a girl, she is also stolen away. But her fate is woefully worse than her brothers. She will have to endure the same rape, torture, and painful machines pumping her milk for her short, tormented life. After 4, 5, or 6 rapings, forced pregnancies, babies stolen away, and years of being forcibly pumped by excruciating machines that cause overwhelming pain and often illness, when her body has been almost completely used up, decades before her natural lifespan, after all this agony and suffering, THEN she is ground up for hamburger meat!! In the end, dairy cows are eaten as meat!!! But only AFTER years of horrific abuse and torture!!

So I say, any person who chooses NOT to eat meat, yet continues to support and consume dairy, seriously needs to educate themselves and learn that the dairy industry is in many ways truly worse. Any person believing that eating meat is not OK, but that dairy is somehow less horrendous, needs a serious wake-up call. This is what the dairy industry has very successfully sold to the public, yet it is one of the many great lies that animal agriculture has sold.

Watch Earthlings, Cowspiracy, Google it.
Or watch this:
KIDS! Just Say No to MILK [For Kids]
Or this:
10 Dairy Facts the Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know
Kidnapped At Birth | Draw My Life
Draw My Life ๐Ÿฎ A Cow in Today's Dairy Industry
Or this: https://youtu.be/neqffXNFq38
The Price of Dairy

  1. Dairy is linked to a significant amount of diseases, illnesses, ailments, allergies, and general discomfort.
There is so much information out there about the illnesses caused by dairy consumption. Yes, it is true that mainstream thinkers are still fooled by the billions of advertising dollars spent by the dairy industry to fool you into believing the EXACT OPPOSITE OF THE TRUTH.

10 Facts About the Dairy Industry That Will Shock You

But a little bit of research will show you that dairy is a killer.

Health Concerns about Dairy Products

This: T. Colin Campbell, PhD: Link Between Dairy Protein, Casein, & Cancer
This: Animal Protein -- Meat and Dairy -- Cause Cancer
This: The Scary Truth About Dairy! Dr Michael Klaper
This: Whitewash, The Disturbing Truth About Cow's Milk and Your Health by Joseph Keon
This: What Meat, Oil & Dairy Do To Your Heart! Dr Caldwell Esselstyn
And this: 10 Things We Wish Everyone Knew About the Meat and Dairy Industries
This: Gary Yourofsky: Cruelty Created by Our Dairy Addiction!
This: The Perils of Dairy

  1. Dairy is HIGHLY addictive. It should be considered on par with narcotics, in my opinion.
So many suffer from a dairy addiction, yet make it out to be a joke. But the fact that this addiction is killing the addict, as well as the animals involved, is actually heartbreaking. There are many studies that show that dairy is highly addictive. Maybe some addicts will realize this, and learn that “just quitting” can be almost impossible, without real intervention and help.

Watch this: Is Cheese Addictive? Bite Size Vegan
And this: Chocolate, Cheese, Meat, and Sugar -- Physically Addictive
This: What the Dairy Industry Doesn't Want You to Know - Neal Barnard MD - FULL TALK
This: Can't Give Up Cheese? Here's Why... (Explained under 5 Mins.)
This: Cheese is bacterial poop!! That’s right! It’s bacterial sh!t! Dr. Walter Veith
This: Incredible story about milk. Is it good for you? (Walter Veith)

4. Dairy and the Environment:

Here are some links:

Milk Life? How About Milk Destruction: The Shocking Truth About the Dairy Industry and the Environment
And here: World Wild Life: Dairy Industries Impact
And here: The Triple Whopper Environmental Impact of Global Meat Production
Here: Environmental Impact of Consuming Meat Dairy and Fish
Here: You CANNOT Be a Non-Vegan Environmentalist! Bite Size Vegan

I’m going to wrap up this now by finishing by talking about VEGAN CHEESE!! And all vegan alternatives for dairy products.

If you LOVE CHEESE and CANNOT GIVE IT UP!!!!!!! Then I URGE YOU to try VEGAN OPTIONS!! There are so many choices and although they are NOT HEALTHY, they are cruelty-FREE! If you can not bring yourself to quit cheese, try with all your might to find vegan alternatives that you like enough to eat. Admittedly many vegan options for dairy products contain oil, and while consuming oils does cause health problems, dairy is so brutally, offensively appalling, switching to vegan options can help people transition to veganism without having to go “cold turkey”, and without having to feel utterly (udderly) deprived.

I also believe that the more people who support vegan options for dairy (and other types of animal “products”) the more these companies can survive and thrive. The more people purchase these items, the lower the costs and the better the options will be. If you have a couple of vegan cheeses, or whatever alternative for dairy product you love, you will be that much more likely to continue on the vegan path, and that much less likely to eat dairy.

I truly believe educating oneself about the truths of the dairy industry, goes a loooooooong way when it comes to quitting dairy.

Then give yourself a lot of chances to find a vegan alternative you do love. Although I try to avoid eating too many of these products, I do occasionally enjoy them.  If you are able to read this article, that means you have internet access and most likely you are able to make online purchases. If you can not find vegan alternatives in your local stores, shop online!! Also ask at your store if they can order at least one brand so you can support these companies and vegan options.

Some of my favorites brands are:
Field Roast ~ Chao

You can also make your own!! Even oil-free!

If you truly LOVE cheese and all things creamy, again, I must emphasize my personal taste of avoiding overly decadent foods, except for special occasions. AND I will also emphasize, if you are even moderately interested in cooking or making stuff, there is a whole world of vegan cheeses to learn about, to make, to create! I wouldn't take the vegan cheese entrepreneur path for myself, because my path is already dedicated toward healthful living, but it seems that this is an area that many people can and have begun to explore in creating creamy, sliced, and hard cheeses that are plant based, and pleasing in all the various ways that a poor cow's tortured and stolen mother's milk can be manipulated into.

Too many people believe that if "cheese" doesn't come from an animal's udders, if it isn't MOTHER'S MILK (?????) then it isn't "real" cheese. I find this truly absurd! The idea that a person can not live without a coagulated concoction of an enslaved animal's milk intended to grow and nurture her own baby, I find it mind boggling. I understand that many people are true speciesists, believing that an animals' species can determine it's worth, value, and place in this world. A cow is meant for human use and consumption. Every single part of it. And lots of people care nothing for cows beyond what they can take from them. The lives, wants, needs, desires of a cow may seem far insignificant to a dairy lover, too unimportant compared to your taste buds preference for their bodily functions to allow anything about THE COW to enter into the equation.

Maybe you really are taken in by the lies and marketing and promotion that dairy gets from the government and the large, powerful companies. You might believe that you NEED to drink or eat milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, butter, or other forms of dairy, for calcium and optimal health. Maybe you just don't give a fuck about cows and you believe it's better for farmers and industries to work animals in these ways because it's profitable and business. Maybe you think there's no way out, "this will never stop", it's just a treat now and then, or, my personal favorite,

"I don't eat that much dairy."
"Yeah, sure you don't"

Just imagine all the various nuts, flours, plants, fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, legumes and beans that can be put together in a sundry of seductive and delicious ways! Just imagine all the vegan cheese to make and sell!! Gourmet cheeses, fancy cheeses, flavorful cheeses! Simple cheeses! So many kinds of other dairy alternatives!!! Unless you truly give no shits for cows, or the destruction these industries are doing to earth, to other humans, to health, and how they contribute to violence, violent ideologies, violent practices, speciesism, exploitation, slavery, torture, cruelty to innocent beings!! Unless you care nothing for any of these reasons, I think there are many reasons to consider vegan options until you can learn to eat less of these kinds of things at all. IF you ever choose to do that. And if you choose to continue decadent eating habits that are likely to cause health problems in the future if they are not seriously moderated, at least there is no need to harm other beings for addictions or habits of excess. At least you could consider trying to shift from cruelty-rich products to cruelty-free products.

"Slow motion, this side." ~ Ralph Smart

Consider Shifting from
Cruelty-rich Products

Cruelty-free Products
(Products of Cruelty vs. Products of Kindness)

This is part of the excitement of being vegan for me. Not cheese, but ingredients! The amount of new fruits, vegetables, beans, grains, and seeds that I have tried in the past 5 years is more extensive, multi-colored, and numerous because I have learned that there are over 70,000 edible plants! I have learned to change my tastebuds and my taste preferences.

In the first 3 years of my "going vegan" I stayed completely ignorant to the truths about dairy. That ignorance hindered my progress into true veganism because I was still clinging to the lies I have been told all my life. From well-meaning parents, media, and basically everybody everywhere. But an argument with my brother about the merits of "humane" and "Organic" meat and dairy set me on a path of determination to find out more and learn the truth about meat and dairy.

I had learned tiny bits of this and that, here and there over the years. But I finally started to try to find these so-called humane places, I emailed some farm directly, I asked questions, I researched, I watched as many videos and movies I could find from the industry themselves and other sources. I learned things.

The things I learned changed me FOREVER. Nevermore would I feel tugs inside me urning or longing for anything dairy. What I learned beheaded any lasting allure that dairy had over me.

Now, whenever I see dairy, I have to practice control not to have a severe reaction to it! It's as if I can see, hear, feel, smell and and energetically connect to the pain and suffering that went into getting that dairy into whatever form it was perverted into. Feelings anything like temptation never enter my mind. I could never be tempted by such gruesomeness! The only temptation I ever have to constrain against is the propensity to tell the dairy consumer how horrible it all is! For health! For the Animals! For Earth!

I urge you to really take the time to open your heart and mind. Yes, this is a clichรฉ but it really fits and is well suited to this. If you just don't care, then you wouldn't have read this far. But if you really do feel terribly addicted to dairy, you doubt that it's UNhealthy, rather than required and HEALTHY, as you've probably been told and believed your whole life, if you know it is unhealthy, but you JUST LOVE IT SO FUCKIN' MUCH!!!! If you don't care about your health, or animals, or the environment, well, you probably wouldn't care much about being vegan. Caring about Non-violence is a good reason, There are so many reasons to quit. There are so many reasons to quit so many addictions that people have. People knowing that certain things are bad for them but they do it anyway. But with dairy, innocent creatures are being harmed, killed, and tortured.

Cows LOVE each other! They really DO care when their babies are stolen away!!! They don't JUST FORGET IT!! They just live their lives as slaves!!!! They have no choice!! BUT YOU DO!!

If you want to eat rich and creamy crap, please do it with gusto!!! But also PLEASE don't hurt anyone for your bad habits! Don't kill or pay other's to kill innocent, gentle creatures because YOU LOVE CHEESE! Just find a different kind of cheese to love!!! Eat cheese every single day if you want to! Just make it vegan!!

Links: Vegan Cheese is Better Than Ever: Try These 11 Brands

Your Guide to Going Dairy Free: Plant-Based Milks, Cheeses, and More By Ashley Capps

PETA’s Favorite Vegan Substitutes

Meat, Egg, and Dairy Alternatives

Yes, I did skip a few on my list, but I think the points have been made, and covered in the many links shared. The fact is that dairy AND meat products are NOT HEALTHY! They are illness causing, environment destroying, animal cruel, and violent products. They are highly addictive and YES, it can be extremely difficult to quit them. But there are alternatives that are cruelty-free and less harmful to the planet, and possibly our bodies. If someone chooses to consume a shit ton of these products, you likely will not receive any health benefits. At the same time, if you want to eat yourself ill, at least don’t harm other beings to do so!

Try it and

I found myself (awake) in a dream Cruelty Free Me! Cruelty Free You!

I found myself (awake) in a dream
(a nightmare it seems)
Where being kind
Is considered Extreme
And Cruelty & Violence deemed
Normal Necessary Natural Needed* Profitable Enjoyable
Whereas Choosing NOT to eat death
Every meal, every breath
Inspires unjust disgust
Misplaced contempt
While others (“normal people”) thrust
Death, flesh, blood and guts
Down throats that choke
On the concept of folks
Only Eating vegetables, fruits, and grains
Acquiring Vegan gains
Of muscles on bodies
Not on plates
But it’s not too late to abate.
Though, you can’t give back
All the lives you have taken
There’s no mistaking
Today, your next meal
Can start by making
Kind choices
Instead of taking >>> Lives
Not yours to take
Eat real food, not animals, dude.
Make No Mistake
Society and Industry Lies have been WRONG
Here, I bang the Gong!
Awake! From this Terrible State
Of Killing, Death & Hate on Plates!
Grocery Aisles and Restaurants Styled
With Chilling Killing, Sold to Children!
As Thrilling Treats to Feast!
And Grownups Believe (???? My utter disbelief!)
Celebrations and Daily Sustenance
Requires Gluttonous Brutality
Considered Normality minus Morality
Construed as “have to”
Rather than “Choose to”
Misconstrued, so fucking rude and willfully ignorant!
Anyone who takes 5 minutes to look into it will learn there is so much connected and not that it only takes 5 minutes to make the connection but if you only dared to make the connection and open your eyes and your hearts and your life and your health and healing and happiness to realize the real truth, not the bullshit lies which is that, Yes!
Yes it’s True, You Do NOT HAVE TOO



Holy Crap
Yet, yes, it is true
Animals flesh
Animals mother’s milk
Animal’s menstruation aka eggs
Are not healthy or healthful, or needed, they are killing us
But you DO HAVE TO
Now, sort of awake, should be sleeping, need to get to bed for real
I ask you
Every single million, and billions of people out there, in this world
Eating Dead Creatures!!!!! Why?~?~?~?~?~?
Saddest of all, it’s NOT a dream
But the callous reality
Where the average person, with the “kindest” mentality
Loves dogs, cats, and bunnies
Whales, and Wallabies
Dines on animal flesh, mother’s milk, and menstruations
In multiple daily installations
Considers NOT doing so a Violation
Of some Inherent Right? What ~ Is ~ It ~ I ~ Don’t Know ~ I was Born ~ Without ~ It
Whatever that IT is that makes people
Believe eating and wearing and enslaving for entertainment, animals
Perfectly innocent, sweet, lovable animals
Is a perfectly nice way to spend every day
=( +(

To earn a living with them as the slaves
Whether it is their babies and mother’s milk,
Lives, whether the male babies killed almost immediately after birth
Chicks or cows
Or the females who are tortured, raped, or the males
Or the bonds of family broken
As if they mean nothing
To YOU ALL they mean nothing!
And it doesn't mean I want to live surrounded by billions of animals
Otherwise killed
It means, I want to bang the gong to wake people up that these habits are cruel, backward, stupid, horrific, killing everyone involved, bad for everybody, even the people making the money are terrible, and everything it promotes, produces, creates, and domino effect ripples out with dreadful, horribleness and we need to make better choices for our health, for the industries we support, in the kinds of things we teach our kids is the right thing to do. What example we set for them to model their behavior on. How do we treat others? In the presence of our kids, and in our daily habits?

Seems like Most people are TOO FAST!!! TOO FAST and too anxious to consume themselves to death! So much celebration of and for the act of being gluttonous! Why is this such a great characteristic?! Why is this so celebrated!? And at the same time the level of self body hatred ~~ Well, I can’t pretend to know if it is worse, same, or better, compared to the history of people being conscious of their bodies in the way of having disorders about it and such a constant source of so-called edible items that cause such illness as meat, eggs, dairy, seafood, processed sugar, processed salt, processed fats like oils from plant or animal sources, processed food in general.

Which leads me to a thought I had that I wanted to draw and imagine creating some kind of artistic installation Showing how eating processed food is like taking of the job of digesting our food away from our bodies and letting the machines do it for us. Then we eat this “pre-digested” machine “eaten” food, and eat it. Then, when our bodies go to work to digest what we have eaten, it’s searching in vain for the nutrients that are not there. It’s working to break down food that was already broken down. So we don’t feel full. Our bodies NEED to digest, and do the work, our TEETH’S need, our JAW’s NEED to chew, has been delegated to machines for convenience! Our taste-buds are out of control, and the most satisfying, simple, food and flavors are dismissed with contempt as bland or boring, or worse, wrongly blamed as the culprit of all our woes! Health and Body issues! It’s the Carbs!!!! Oh Boy! What lies!!

People believe it’s potatoes, corn, rice, bread and even pasta that making them fat and killing them! Instead of the obvious truth, it’s the dead animal's flesh, fat, muscles, organs, illnesses, fear, energy! It’s their mother’s milk intended to grow an enormous baby animal into a gigantic animal thousands of pounds in a short time, coagulated, into butter, cheese, and all kinds of “creams”, ice creams, cakes, menstrual cycles turned into breakfast, pastries, everything you can think of and imagine which I personally can not imagine how anyone dreamed up all this disgustingness in one life!! UGH!!! The humanity!?

Where is the humanity and the realization that every fish is a person too!! Every bird and animal like a dog, cat, cow, pig, giraffe, zebra, elephant, camel, monkey, platypus, opossum, yucky or cute, whatever it is, it is a person too!!! It is IT’S KIND OF PERSON but STILL a living creature whose life should be respected and left alone!!!

Oh The Humanity!!

I look forward to the days when people say to me, I agree with you, I see what you see, I feel what you are feeling and I understand that being vegan is freedom from oppression of a violent ideology, a violent capitalism that profits and pleasures on the death of billions of innocent creatures who deserve the right to live their lives as we do ours. And that NOT eating, wearing, or being entertained by animals, is a RELIEF!!! It is a freedom of the oppression of the industry lies!! It is a CHANCE to HEAL illnesses in direct effect of consuming animal based diets and a freedom to eat real food and feel satisfied in ways never before imagined!!! Processed fat, salt, sugar and oil, and even flavors, may be the top choice of the addict, but give me some real potatoes and this girl never felt a more orgasmic satiation than a hot, baked potato with just some salt!!! Perfection!! Happy Stomach and body in the World!!!! Haha and Cruelty Free! Cruelty Free Me! Cruelty Free You!

*Dr. Melanie Joy, Why We Eat Pigs, Wear Cows, and Love Dogs

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