Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil

Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
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Monday, February 13, 2017

Vegan Options for Every Addiction!

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Animal "products" are junk food.
Horribly unhealthy, Inherently Cruel

If you can't resist and you insist
on consuming unhealthy, addictive products
Consider choosing cruelty free items
Let's be honest,
eating animals & their bodily functions
Has proven to be profitable for diseases & Industries that exploit innocent animals
Using them as slaves to financially benefit from their confinement, cruelty, enslavement
Dismemberment, abuse, pain, suffering
Torture. Barbaric practices
Stealing babies, breaking family bonds
Manipulating nature in gruesome ways for profit off of an animal's motherly function
To create forcibly through rape & molestation, then steal, then kill babies ~ solely to steal their mother's milk created for them
Then have the audacity to claim, this is what nature intended for humans, to drink cow's milk!
To claim it literally is a necessary part of our diet for health when it's in fact killing us
But the hands that are getting rich off of selling us dairy and illnesses are in Partnership, profitable partnership, with government, and companies that are getting rich off of selling pills and surgeries and procedures, to pretend to investigate why we’re sick, while completely ignoring the fact that we eating a mother's milk, intended to grow an enormous animal
That's a perverted, coagulation, mixed with bacteria and concocted into something that is mostly fat and addictive bits left behind
Killing us, killing us all in the process
Humans, animals, Earth
Health, compassion, nonviolence

Vegan Options for Every Addiction!

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