Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil

Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
Whole Food, Plant~Based, Oil~Free Vegan, NO processed oils, Minimal Sugar Dietary Guidelines Food Pyramid

L.O.V.E. Blog Description

L.O.V.E. My Buddhist-Leaning Vegan Mama Perspective

For Animals, for Humans, for Health, for Earth, for Kindness and NonViolence ForEver ❤❤❤❤❤

Live Against cruelty,
food born illness,
disease and chronic disease,
climate change,
loss of biodiversity,
loss of animal species,
causes of global human famine,
destruction of Earth,
and violent ideologies,
Come Vegan Forever Now

Live Nonviolence! Living Peace!

Eat plants for nonviolent living!

Eat plants for living peace! Eat plants for health and healing! Eat plants to heal and reverse diseases! Eat plants for Environmentalism! Eat plants to stop contributing to human famine and destruction of Earth's resources and ecosystems! Eat plants for optimal weight! Eat plants to stop contributing to animal extinction, destruction of habitats! Eat plants to stop contributing to Speciesism! Support cruelty-free nonviolent companies!

I just bought a domain!! Now I can be accessed much easier!

Last night I was writing out words that mean a lot to me. I also have been wanting to have an easier blog address for people to access!

Living Investment Viability Income (improve in fiscal matters) Nature Glorious Purpose Energy Actions Chakras Heart
πŸ˜‰ It also means, Plant foods are Living! Eat your Fruits! Plants ARE Life! Life is Peachy! Life is Peachy when you stop eating dead animals and their bodily functions and start eating plants!!

I just love that it has a real meaning!

I still AM the Lovely Opinionated Vegan Evolution L.O.V.E. BUT Now I am more easily findable!!

p.s. You can still link to my blog from the old name.


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