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Monday, August 20, 2018

We are not one being in one place at one time. What is time? What is being?

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BBC documentary 2016 - The True Nature of Time

What is time? What is being? What is time travel? How is it useful, practical, real and magical?

We are infinite beings temporarily existing as finite beings. We are ultimately absolute beings who exist eternally, temporarily existing as ephemeral, perishable transient beings trying to make sense of our limited human perception sensory experiences through the great big unmanifested unknowable mystery of everything that we can sense which senses we don't learn about in school. And often don't understand at all.

So-called extrasensory perception. Dreams. Fantasies. Imagination. What is the real magic power of these mysterious yet accessible abilities that we have as humans.

The following is an inner being/ higher knowing download that I am opening up to and allowing to be broadcast, and received through the tool of the human body I have, and the cell phone on talk to texting this on. An app I'm using to create the audio version. And all of the human Creations that are allowing me to get this out of my mind and into a an electronic version of an audio file of words that aren't  made up of sounds. Join me on a journey into your imagination, into the past, into the future, and most importantly into your very precious present moment of right now we're all of these magical powers are tools that you can use in your own life for your own benefit. For your own Joy. I hope you enjoy this journey.

Relative truth. Absolute truth. Relative time. Absolute time. Expansion. Relative expansion. Absolute expansion. Ultimate expansion.

We are not one being in one place at one time. What is time? What is being?

Before we are born we are in at least three places at once. Vibrational energy in the egg. Vibrational energy in the sperm. And the vibrational being of life itself which is everywhere and also inside those cells.

Studies have shown that far from the fastest, strongest sperm being the sperm that gets in, the egg chooses the sperm based on the vibrational alignment match.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Shift from a human marriage to a spiritual marriage

Shift from a human marriage to a spiritual marriage.
This audio version has a few spoken typos, misspoken words. To clarify any section please refer to the written version in my blog.
Shift from a human marriage to a spiritual marriage.

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image: page 133 of dr. Wayne Dyer's book real magic. a quote from Joel Goldsmith on the difference between human marriage and a spiritual marriage. Check the blog or my Instagram at KatLoveNotWar to see and read the quote.

What's the difference between a human marriage and a spiritual marriage? What's the difference between a human being and a spiritual being? Are we both? Can we have a spiritual marriage with a human being?

As I ask myself these questions and explore the possible answers, I read to find love to mean something that feels good for everyone involved in that love

Vibrational alignment.
Vibrational alignment with your own inner being. vibrational alignment with a human who is aligned with their inner being period to align human beings aligning with each other. Vibrational alignment equals Love.

Healthy happy relationships are when two whole individual people become three. Two never become one! That's the worst! If two become one, then both people are cut in half and are hobbled together to make one. That mindset means relationship equals loss of self. Loss of autonomy. Loss of your wholeness. When two whole individual entities come together, they create the third entity of them. Us3/We3.
1+1=3! πŸ’Ž NOT🚫1+1=1 πŸ‘Ž
1 whole individual plus + 1 other whole individual equals = two whole individuals + 1 We entity (the relationship).
Creating a relationship like this allows each person to remain a whole, unique, autonomous individual. Also, creating a relationship that is a separate third entity differentiated between each individual in the relationship allows the relationship to be nurtured as a garden.
Viewing your relationship as a garden that you and the other person mutually grow allows each of you to recognize the garden as an extension of yourselves, rather than a part of yourself, as a limb would be for example.
Why does this matter? How is this healthy? Aren't we supposed to merge and become one with our love?
I'd like to acknowledge Clayton Olson, whom I first heard this relationship as a third entity idea through on his YouTube channel that he shares with Jack Butler.