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Monday, August 20, 2018

We are not one being in one place at one time. What is time? What is being?

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BBC documentary 2016 - The True Nature of Time

What is time? What is being? What is time travel? How is it useful, practical, real and magical?

We are infinite beings temporarily existing as finite beings. We are ultimately absolute beings who exist eternally, temporarily existing as ephemeral, perishable transient beings trying to make sense of our limited human perception sensory experiences through the great big unmanifested unknowable mystery of everything that we can sense which senses we don't learn about in school. And often don't understand at all.

So-called extrasensory perception. Dreams. Fantasies. Imagination. What is the real magic power of these mysterious yet accessible abilities that we have as humans.

The following is an inner being/ higher knowing download that I am opening up to and allowing to be broadcast, and received through the tool of the human body I have, and the cell phone on talk to texting this on. An app I'm using to create the audio version. And all of the human Creations that are allowing me to get this out of my mind and into a an electronic version of an audio file of words that aren't  made up of sounds. Join me on a journey into your imagination, into the past, into the future, and most importantly into your very precious present moment of right now we're all of these magical powers are tools that you can use in your own life for your own benefit. For your own Joy. I hope you enjoy this journey.

Relative truth. Absolute truth. Relative time. Absolute time. Expansion. Relative expansion. Absolute expansion. Ultimate expansion.

We are not one being in one place at one time. What is time? What is being?

Before we are born we are in at least three places at once. Vibrational energy in the egg. Vibrational energy in the sperm. And the vibrational being of life itself which is everywhere and also inside those cells.

Studies have shown that far from the fastest, strongest sperm being the sperm that gets in, the egg chooses the sperm based on the vibrational alignment match.

Like a magic key, the vibrational alignment match between the sperm and the egg unlocks the portal of creation that allows the sperm to enter the egg where their vibrational Energies combine to deliberately co-create a magic manifesting physical life.

This means that the egg and the sperm are communicating vibrationally, through waves, and the correct match of the vibration is sperm that enters. Not the fastest strongest one. Darwin's theory of evolution is more about survival of the Cooperative, not survival of the fittest which is, in my opinion, a mutation, a misunderstanding, of his teachings. I acknowledge I could be wrong. Maybe it's my misunderstanding of his teachings. Yet I believe strongly that it's been proven many times over that Life survives through Cooperative vibrational alignment, not through brut, physical Force.

And just like I talked about in the chapter called, “Shift from a human marriage to a spiritual marriage”, two do not become One, Two Become Three.

Two cells combine to become three cells, which become four cells, and on and on, until a human is growing inside of a mother's womb.

The illusion is that we become this “one thing”, a one-person being, a human being. But we are billions of cells vibrating and moving and constantly cycling through existence popping in and out, on and off, like breath.

The vibrational Being energy is now apparently, in one place physically, yet it still has access to everything everywhere, and is everything everywhere. Vibrational vibrations Rippling through time and space through bits of physical matter and through non-physical energy space matter. This invisible life force energy gives the physical matter the energy to be alive. Alive.

Alive meaning moving intentionally energetically. Usually, almost, always intentionally energetically vibrating towards feeling better, towards pleasurable expansion, pleasurable expansion that multiplies our existence.
Vibrating Atoms moving in time and space physically and energetically with matter that we can see, touch, taste, feel, smell, and believe in and know.

And also energy  energetically and nonphysically vibrating with invisible powerful life force energy that we cannot see, touch, taste, feel, smell, and know, as solidly as concrete matter. Or what we believe in as concrete matter.

Yet many of us human beings do have senses that we can experience physically that go beyond the traditional set of sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch and include a larger, almost an infinite array of other senses that we can sense, comprehend, understand, and explain to others.

In comparison to many life beings on our planet that we can see physically, animals, insects, other forms of life, we can see and know that the physical senses have a wide range of channels that beings can tune into. And that human beings have a very small Spectrum on the potential possible spectrum of the physical senses that we know and understand. Our sight, hearing, smell, taste, our touch perceptions as human beings are very vastly limited in comparison to beings alive on our own planet.

The knowledge and awareness and understanding of this alone can help us to understand and know that what we can see, smell, hear, taste, and touch, in our conscious awareness is actually very limited based on what we know of life itself on this planet right now.

Based on the fact that animals that we know exist, having the ability to sense perceptions that we know exist that we also know we cannot perceive, shows us in the physical world that we can understand, proof that there are many things that exist outside of our perception all awareness. And just because we cannot perceive them does not mean they do not exist. Just because something might seem impossible to your human limited physical perceptual ability, does not mean it's impossible at all.

Extending this to allow for, not only the possibility, but also the likelihood, and including the certainty, the actuality of Beings who exist,  right at this very moment, in this exact place where we are living, in the exact room that you are in, or the exact space of outsideness that you are out, exist with us at this very same moment of time and space reality, who we cannot see, smell, hear, taste, or touch, not with our limited human senses.

But, yet, we do have access to them through our Eternal vibrational being that is us, the energetic vibrational life force that is keeping the cells inside of Us Alive and moving without us intentionally, physically moving bits of matter around inside of us. But invisibly, with the magic power of the life force energy that is inside of us. The energy that wanted to be born. The energy that had the intention of being born. The energy that had the intention of coming into this physical life as you specifically to do something specific that only you truly know what that is is.

I believe a theory that vibrational beings choose their parents. We choose our species, we choose our planet, we choose where we are going to exist based on our point if I bration alignment at any given time on the time space reality continuum.

These these vibrational beings intentionally choose to be born. And like a surfer, they will surf in the eggs, in the sperm, in the air, in the breath, they will Flash Light Of Love on each other, they will nudge you, they will inspire you to seemingly inconceivable actions, they will get you into the right place at the right time to meet the right person, even if it doesn't seem to be the right place at the right time at the right person, but somehow these vibrational beings always manage to find a way to come to life.

And even though, often, the life story of origin, the family we choose, the mom, the mother, the dad, the Father the siblings, the country, the religion, the function of the family whether it's functional or dysfunctional and all of these details we choose intentionally even if it seems like you would never choose that. Sometimes we would never choose that from a limited sensory perception knowing from a human beings perspective. But when you realize, and recognize that the intention to come here into this life, into this precious human birth, is so much bigger than the little details of your story of origin. And this is why I time travel can be so powerful. We have the power to intentionally choose what the past inspires us into. And what the future inspires us into.

And this moment right now is the moment we get to manifest the actions that are inspired by our intentions which are inspired by are vibrational being if we listen to the subtle but powerful message that it's constantly broadcasting through us because it is us, and it's there for us to hear if we can align with it and receive it.

This vibrational energy being Exists vibrationally in the eggs and sperms outside of the physical limits of time and space as we understand them. And that children that are born to us choose us vibrationally,  and when we get our physical bits together, and finally bring the matter to its climactic creational powerful state, this is being driven and inspired by the vibrational beings who are patient and eternal.

I believe the vibrational being rides the wave of the physical eggs and sperm until it finds the right match of both. And it rides the wave of the life the lives of the people, it keeps lighting us up for each other and hoping that we will see the subtle, yet powerful signals that it's broadcasting to us. We are powerful and intentional broadcasters and receivers of powerful life force Source light energy.

Lynn McTaggart. The intention experiment book. The Power of intention on ourselves and our manifesting experiences in our physical world.

This book discusses many studies that have proven human beings are receivers and broadcasters of golden light energy that has the power to heal.
After we are born in our human forms we are still in more than one place. It's hard to see and understand it from a physical senses perspective, the Newtonian view. But we really are not just one being in one place at one time.

Cymatics, the science of how sound vibration moves physical matter into patterns. We are vibrational beings. We are actually light beings which are vibrating and arranging physical matter into human form which is constantly changing every moment. The variations in Time, Light, vibration, or emotional states which are based on our thoughts yes, which we control, are not too small of variations to actually make a difference in your daily life. We have the ability to deliberately create our time. And how we use our time determines the quality of it and the quality of our time determines our value of it, or understanding of it, and our experience of it. Capiche?

When we are born we often begin to believe we are just one thing. But actually we are Eternal, infinite, vibrational, physical bits of matter coming together temporarily to create a human being. We Are Spiritual being, a vibrational being, a light being, a sound being, we are a multi-dimensional being that we can't even really begin to understand, we are consciousness being, and we are far more powerful and deliberate creators than many of us realize.
Adding some thoughts after watching this BBC documentary on what is the true nature of time... We can actually change the past. We can travel to the past. We can change the future, and travel to the Future. And of course our ultimate power is in the now.

Byron Katie's talks about changing the past. Abraham Hicks talks about changing the past. I'll admit I didn't really understand the concept at first. Teal Swan talks about changing the past. So essentially many teachers talk about a practice, a method, and activity, using our imagination. Greg Braden, Bruce Lipton, David Friedman, Mike Dooley, Eckhart Tolle, Pema ChΓΆdrΓΆn, Thich Nhat Hanh, just to scratch the surface and name a few of the amazing teachers, I could go on for days listing more people who have influenced and shaped my understanding…

How would we time Travel? How would we change the past? How would that influence us in a positive way? How could we do that in a way that only has positive outcomes and no negative Ripple out effect as many believe changing the past would. I have often believed changing my past would rob me of some essence of who I am and my understanding and consciousness of myself and my desire of deliberately creating my life now. Yet I have come to understand why I time travel, and changing the past, can actually be a powerful Catalyst 2 be a springboard of rockets of Desire that shoot you into your present moment with powers to deliberately create and co-create that may elude you without such travel into the past, as well as travel into the future.

Jack Kornfield teaches a meditation where we are greeted by a spiritual guide who can take us back to any point in the past. Many teachers teach this type of exercise where we go with our adult current grown-up self, along with our trusted source of higher guidance, a spiritual guide, or a group of spiritual guides, together we go back in time, in our consciousness and heal our child self with our adult awareness, acceptance, understanding, love, security, unconditional forgiveness, and then we can actually transform our past experiences.

We can travel back into any point in time in our own lives, or in our parents as lives, or anywhere in any point in time that we can imagine whether it was in the past or in the future and we can imagine ourselves having a greater understanding of the situation that we didn't understand at the moment it was happening. We can go back with the hindsight of all the knowledge and give our child self and understanding of what's Happening that can heal ourselves in the past which will transform ourselves in the now.

We can, and actually do on a daily basis, going to the Future in our imagination and create the future lives for our self that we imagine. Many of us don't realize how powerfully we are actually creating exactly what we are setting out to do. Even though we often feel victims to outside circumstances that we believe are completely out of our control. And that is true probably for most or many people, because since they are not consciously choosing what to focus on, what to think about, what to feel, what to perceive and understand and know about all of their experiences in the past, in the now, and in the future which is unfolding in front of us, we are not deliberately creating it and therefore, we are just letting it happen to us, or so we believe. Although, truly, it's happening through us.

We are vibrational beings. We can imagine anything we choose. We can change the past. We can change the present now. We can deliberately choose our future. Regardless of the truth of our now or of the past. Regardless of the so-called in your face reality. Regardless of what we believe actually happened in the past. Changing our perception and our understanding of whatever physical events happened is the ultimate power. Although you may not be able to change the actual physical situation that occurred in the past, you can change 100% your vibrational relationship to it. You can change your perception of it. You can change your understanding of why it happened. You can change the meaning of it in your life. You can change what it means to your worldview of yourself in your family. You can change what it means to your worldview of yourself in the world. You can change what it inspires you to do. You can change what it inspires you to not do. You can use it as a rocket of desire to springboard you into whatever it is that may have been completely lacking in your experience. You can use it as a rocket of desire to springboard you into inspired action that came from the experiences you had and how you shaped them into your understanding of your own value, of your own worth, of your own path in this life. You can carve out the purpose that you feel is your inspiration for what makes you want to do stuff, what makes you want to love someone, what makes you want to work, what makes you want to live at all, what makes you want to move your body, what makes you feel good through what you're eating and drinking? What interests do you have that don't Focus solely on bringing money in and paying bills but actually bring love into your own personal life, and your own personal relationships and everyone else who you may interact with.

We are light beings. We are light beings that are vibrating. Cymatically arranging bits of matter. Cymatics the arranging bits of physical matter through the sound vibrations we emit.

Time space foam. The BBC documentary, the true nature of time, questions, can we stabilize the space-time foam?

He speaks about powerful explosions through powerful particle accelerators colliding particles, attempting to create permanent wormholes and then enlarging them.

The purpose of this being to create a so-called time machine.

But time travel is available to all of us! Right now at this very second you can time travel anywhere you want to! Although you may not be able to time travel with your physical body, as these time machines intend to create, you can time travel with your vibrational body!

In the brilliant, powerful healing abilities of these intentional time travel experiences where we go back to previous moments in our lives and completely alter our physical, sensational, understanding and vibrational point of attraction to these events, when we come back to the present moment, the healing of these energy alignment practices, can alter our physical bodies in the now, and the manifestation of our bodies in the future. In other words, we can heal ourselves not just emotionally, spiritually, mentally, but also physically and transform ourselves into healthy beings even if we have been unhealthy physically for a long time, maybe even years. These Transformations seem like impossible magic fantasies yet I've experienced them in my own life through my own intention of healing.

We can stabilize the space-time foam through our vibrational alignment! Instead of enlarging the Wormhole, the portal to the past or the future, we can align our subtle energy with our consciousness!

Far from needing gigantic machines and explosions that might blow up the entire Earth in the process of trying to create these wormholes, and time traveling through our death instead of through our life, we can time travel anytime we want to through Our intention.

Most people believe that their physical selves are some kind of fixed situation. They believe that illnesses are caused through genes that are activated through mysterious and unknown causes. And they believe once these diseases are Unleashed upon their physical bodies the only path to Healing is through Warfare internally. And we set out to kill the disease inside of our body. Instead of realizing that the dis ease is caused by misalignment.

We think if we could time travel back and avoid an accident or avoid an addictive habit that down the line causes illnesses because of the longevity of the bad habit, that we could solve our problems and fix our health and make ourselves happy.

But the truth is that no matter what our circumstances were in the past, it's our interpretation of them right now, and our understanding of what that means about us as a person, and how that affects our world view of our self in our family, and the powerful effects of that affect of our worldview of ourselves in the world. And how the view of our self in the world affects how we show up in the world.

So if you have a very abusive story of origin. If you have a past lifetime experience, in this actual life but in previous moment, or many years of this life but in the past, abusive painful traumatic experiences, we can go back into the past, with our grown-up selves, with our grown-up understanding, and reconfigure these experiences to equate to a completely different sum total conclusion.

Through our focused, intentional energy and energetic awareness, attention, intention, thoughts, imagination, healing practices, Visions, Visionary views, the bird's eye view, the world view, we can change our past our present moment and our future. We can alter our own understanding of our own experiences, the meanings, the perceptions, the lessons that it gave us, the contrast of experiences that showed us what we didn't want so we would know more clearly what we do want, the clarity, the clarity, the clarity of what is right for us all of these things are powerful available to us at any moment and we don't need to wait for a time machine to be built to benefit from these powerful practices.

Dr. Robert Moss also teaches powerful Quantum dreaming practices that utilize the same mindset shifts. Paradigm shifts. Shifting or understanding of what happened in our lives and how we can use it to intentionally grow ourselves into the being that we want to be. Becoming the deliberate chooser about how you want to use your time. What does time mean to you? What is being mean to you?

We are beings who have a limited time in these physical bodies. We are beings who are experiencing a human existence, I'm mortal, temporary, vulnerable, intentional powerful yet delicate and ever-changing, eternal and limited. We are all one and everything all at the same time. We are a small tiny clump of matter vibrating with sound and light and energy that we can't even begin to understand. Through time through space through the curves of gravity in the push in the pool and the swirling and the suction and the vacuums and the highways in the super highways in the light speed and the speed of sound and the speed of consciousness and a bazillion gazillion things we can't even begin to understand or know.

But I do know that this life is precious. And I do believe in the precious gift of this human birth. And I do believe that I'm a vibrational being who is eternal, who is everywhere all at once. I do know that I can be in the past before my birth, I can be in the past of my own childhood, I can be in the present moment right now where I am at this very exact second where I'm taking this breath, and I can be later when I'm making dinner, and I can be in the future of any point in time I can imagine, all at once at the same time. And I get to choose what thoughts I want to think. And I get to choose what future I want to create.

And I get to choose how I want my body to evolve. And I can choose the habits of how I use my body, how I feel my body, how I water my body, how I sing to my body or not, how I love my body and pay attention to her and listen to my body and give it what she needs and know that that's based on what she's telling me on any given moment not based on what I think it's supposed to be on preconceived notions. And that's exactly how we should relate to other people as well. Based on what they tell us that they need, based on any given moment, not based on preconceived notions of what it's supposed to be for us or for them or at this time or that time. Because all of those things are arbitrary rules that we put down. And yes it's true that the sun is spinning and the Earth is spinning and gravity and I can make a date with you and choose the time on a calendar and actually meet up but that's just because we've aligned with the time-space reality here on Earth. Because it's regular and it's consistent and it's something that we can flow with. But we certainly have access to other aspects and points of time in the past in the future and in the great big unmanifested unknowable infinite possibilities of everything.

Isn't everything we do ultimately driven by a desire to be happy? Wouldn't traveling to anytime other than the present moment be ultimately for the expansion of happiness? Repeating history, living history, forcing ourselves and others to remember history, doesn't in itself relate to joyful expansion. If we can use these experiences as a springboard of rockets of Desire that shoot us into our present moment and our intentional path where were stepping that's a Garden of Love, where we plant seeds of love in ourselves and in others and in the world around us expanding love, expanding love, expanding love, Consciousness, mindful awareness and understanding of love and kindness and joy, practicing the vow of Ahimsa, which is about to harm none and also always intentionally inspired to bring joy into the world. Take the past into your now, take your nap now into your now, take the future manifestation of the magical life you're going to create and swirl them in into a big bowl of the unmanifested everything soup where all your dreams will come true and be real enough for you to touch them, taste them, eat them, share them, experience them, smell them, touch them, and enjoy them for many days, and years and lives to come.

Place where childlike Wonder, spirituality, science, intentional purpose for living, Soulful meaning, real day-to-day practices, relative truth, absolute truth, ultimate truth all converging into one truth, that feeling good and having a happy life and spreading joy and being a loving being is a really cool way to focus your human being in the time-space reality. One day we will Bubble Up and diffuse back into the time-space foam effervescently being everything all at once experiencing the great big everything of the great big everything and have the ability to experience infinity and then why bration Ali choose to focus our energy back into bits of matter. Cymatically wiggling and dancing and singing our way vibrating through our thoughts and our intentions into patterns of matter that form beings. We are probably trees, bugs, animals, clouds, humans and everything in between all at different times and space. Parallel universe is, multi-dimensions, vibrational light beings sound beings and bits of matter dancing and singing in the strings in the in-between spaces of matter dancing and wiggling and aligning and opening and expanding and swirling. Don't you just love being alive!

Now I will pull my mind out of the ether. My brain almost feels as if bits of particles traveled out through time and space, curved along all the curves that swoop around and connect back on itself, expanding out into the expansive vast great big everything, and coming back together into mindful conscious awareness of Consciousness into my physical self. Now I have to go get myself in my kids ready for bed and go to sleep! Rejuvenate reconfigure realign process and live a life human form! Sweet sweet sleep and dreams powerful juice for living.


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