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Friday, September 21, 2018

🌞 Morning Lark v πŸŒ• Night Owl Circadian Rhythms

A.M. v P.M. Circadian Rhythms

As a night owl I have often felt that there is negative perception, a negative connotation towards people who sleep late, sleep in, get out of bed slowly, wake up in stages, hit the snooze button a bunch of times, take a long time to rise to a wakeful state, meditate in bed before sitting up, sit up and meditate, or any variation of this theme.

People even teach that snoozing is a bad thing.  That even the act of getting out of bed slowly itself makes you lazy or ill prepared for your day.

Yet, it could not be more opposite in my experience. (click to keep reading...)

As well, there are many teachers who do teach what I also believe and experience, about the magic of rising from sleep into our day, slowly.

Getting out of bed slowly, lingering in bed as long as you can while In that delicious Bardo state of partially sleeping partially waking, where your dreams are still Manifesting, can truly up-level our life experiences.

This is the beautiful moment where we can translate and download our dreams.

This is the special magical time where our sleep experience as our inner being, the vibrational being that is us, the dreaming experience gets to be translated into our wakeful awareness. These are the best moments for ‘remembering’ our dreams, which is another way of saying, translating our vibrational beings experience into a physical understanding.

I realize that many people think of dreams only as brain garbage. There is no magic in this brain digestion, brain flushing, like flushing brain poop down the dream toilet. In this absolutely magicless view of dreams, we think of dreaming at night as a purposeless, meaningless, purely physical process that is just the brain, going through the motions of digesting the day.

Nothing more magical than our stomach, the large intestine the small intestine, grinding up food. Churning it into nutrients or poop.

Side note, I also do not believe in this magicless view of digesting our food, more on that in other posts. Neither do I believe we are purely just physical beings, as I explain in detail here and elsewhere.

But dreaming, in my experience, is far from just the busy work of our physical brains, chewing, chomping, chowing, filing, sorting, shelving, backlogging, backing up, deleting, and farting and pooping out like a machine, a bunch of zeros and ones, like little pac men in our heads, eating up the ghosts of today, and racking up points for tomorrow.

So that we can pop up out of bed, like an energizer bunny, and rush off into the physical world of doing doing doing. Dreams, not remembered, not even forgotten, but not even registered inside the mind of the being whose true essence of life, whose true connection to Source energy, to 'God", to a "Higher Power', to a deeper meaning, to a feeling of connection, to Guidance that comes from a Source of Light, to a deep feeling of joy, sense, purpose, alignment, attunement, connection, and not feeling a need to prove oneself, to prove our worth, to prove our value, to a true sense of knowing ourself and feeling a real reason for living.

I am not claiming that people who do not remember their dreams, never feel fulfilled, have waking dreams, or live out their dreams.

Though I strongly recommend allowing oneself to connect to our sleeping dreams. These sleeping dreams are really, truly, in my opinion, the experience we have as purely vibrational beings, which is what we REALLY are, except that, when we are awake in our physical bodies, many of us believe that that is ALL we are. That we are physical bodies, we are material beings, not vibrational beings.

True, we ARE physical beings. BUT it is our physical matter that is being moved around, connected, and created as this human being self which is ultimately, and actually controlled by our vibrational being, and our vibrational energy being's self's interaction with the physical world. Some of the physical matter we are interacting with is 'us', our bodies.

But much more of the vibrational energy that we are is non-physical, emanating, vibrating, through us and inside of us and outside of us, close to our bodies, and out away from our bodies, out into the infinite space all around us, this energy, this vibration, these vibrations moving physical matter into patterns is what life is. 

And our dreams are the pure vibrational energy being self that we are, going off and living life, free from the constraints of our physical bodies. The limits and constrictions of our limited physical senses, the limits of our brain that has thoughts that are filtered through these limited sensory perceptions, and these limited physical perceptions.

Our pure energy being vibrates out into the Universe while we are sleeping.

Living our best life, our most powerful dreams, connecting us to all the people, places, feelings, desires, emotions, and actions we can take, or avoid, in order to life the life that IT wants. We are IT, we just so often forget it. We forget that. Or we never knew it.

It can sound so foreign that it may sound like pure craziness. Or gibberish.

But really, I think, if you are able to connect a little bit, to that voice inside you, which might feel small, quiet, and teeny tiny, or it might feel ROARING and large and fierce like a lion, or any variation of energy and animal spirits and metaphors that one could conjure to manifest a vision in your heart of a life that you, you personally, would love to live. To LIVE and NOT ONLY DREAM. To Dream and To Realize and To Live!!!

A life that there is no real reason not to live, other than all the self limiting beliefs you now hold as your reasons not to live the life of your dreams.

Let's stop telling ourselves that our dreams are impossible. Pipe dreams. Longshots. A shot in the dark. A risk. 

To me its far riskier to live a life unfulfilled, unhappy, and really sad, and maybe miserable because someone else, or society, or family, or friends, or peers, or whoever the heck it is, that we allow to tell us, what is real or right for us. Or to tell us what is feasible, or good enough. What is realistic and what is impossible. What we should strive for and what we should give up.

People tell us all sorts of things, which ultimately really fit into what they view of as correct, good, right, joyful, or whatever it is that drives them.

Listening to ourselves can lead us to our own truth that may seem meaningless, pointless, wrong, disastrous, and even sinful, embarrassing, shocking, or horrible to people we tell ourselves it is more important to please and consider than our own knowing, our own unique version of desire, of wanting, of wishes, of dreams, of lifestyle, of loving, of living, of being, of existing.

It is so much happier to live for our own truth than living a lie for someone else who clearly can not know our own best interest better than our own self!? And clearly can not focus and concentrate and live for us the way we need to!!

So let's stop focusing and concentrating on living life as others NEED or want us to, and allow ourselves to be more inwardly focused.

That is if you are interested in creating joy in the world. Joy in the world that vibrates out of you creating joy in your personal life, which ripples out into your social life, your business life, your life that you create in all you come in contact with and the world all around you too. The people, animals, nature, and ourselves that we impact through our life choices.

We can create true happiness in the world by starting with ourselves.

We can also create a lot of products, merchandise, money, activity, work, companies, business, meetings, profits, jobs, along with tons of earthly destruction, personal destruction, health detriment, social toxicity, the generation of more fear, pain and suffering.

We can create whatever it is we wish to focus on and participate in.

We can allow the outside world to control our choices or version of ourselves, but in truth, there is an infinite variety of ways to live life. And only we know what is the best for us, even if we are the odd one out in our family, circle of friends (get new ones), business partners (get new ones), love partners (get well matched ones) and whoever, which ever dream squashers you know, who want you to care about their limited view points, and all else that try and do tell us that we are not good enough in whatever subtle or overt ways that others try to control us, and force us into their version of good enough.

We don't have to believe others versions of us if it really doesn't suit us, or bring us joy and true productivity in the ways we enjoy.

Someone outside of us paints a picture of what life ought to look like, feel like, be life, and how it should be lived. But maybe that causes us misery, and someone else's paradise can be your nightmare.

Or your paradise can be their nightmare.

Your success could be my downfall.

My way of life and enjoying could be your worst idea of the worst time ever. And vice versa.

But your inner being, your vibrational being, your energy being, they always have your best interest at heart, in mind, and laid out to you in your dreams.

If only you allow yourself to be quiet and still enough to hear them, download them, translate them, internalize them, believe them, know them, feel them, embody them. Live your real dreams.

But first, you have to allow yourself to be quiet, slow, and still enough to have them!

Let me repeat that! You have to be   Q U I E T    S  L  O  W  and S T I L L...

To vision, to feel, to see, to hear, to smell, to touch, to taste, to desire, to develop, to elaborate, to continue, to grow, to learn, to evolve, to bloom!!

When we wake up very quickly, these effervescent glimmers pop like bubbles. So many people believe they don’t dream at all, when in reality everyone does. But not everyone allows themselves the time to connect their dreaming into their waking, through the process of rising slowly. Deliberately.

In fact, far too many people miss out on this magical experience completely.

So many people are so quick to bounce out of bed, to jump out of bed, to instantly go from sleep to wake [snap!] that they lose their dreams altogether.

Then there's no time to translate from the dream station channel to the wake station channel when you wake up so fast and change the channel from sleep to wake so instantly.  The dream dissolves into vapor and is Gone.

The whole idea of jumping out of bed, and hitting our to do list as fast as possible lacks any magic and dreams.

Maybe you are living out your dreams, and powering into your day, and this is your best way of existing! And hooray for you, if so, great!

But i
t zaps out the true pleasure of sleeping. At least in my experience. And my personal experience is the one that matters to me. The experience that I get to choose why and how I want to live it.

The instant transition from the sleep/dream pure vibrational being state back into wake/reality-identified-with-our-physical-self-completely state. Oh, but where’s the magic in this??!!!

Even when you are excited and thrilled and bursting with joyous energy for the day to begin, we can benefit from a few quiet moments, even just a few minutes, of quiet rising into our day, and of receiving the powerful visions, knowings, desires, the synchronicities, the messages, the signs, all guiding us even closer to the realization and fulfillment of our dreams! Truly!

Sure, we can be massively productive, hit our goals, achieve and surpass our dreams, make that money, pop out of bed like a pop-tart, get into the zest of the day while many are still sleeping, most of the world is quiet, get the laundry done, the dishes done, the workout done, the breakfast eaten, the shower taken, the clothes applied to the body, and hit the ground running into the day with enthusiastic zeal. Go go go get it get it get it do it do it do it and work work work work hard until running out of energy and needing to get to bed and to sleep early in the evening. Soon after sunset they crash.

There is a prejudice in getting to bed early, rising early, as if this makes someone more wholesome, or righteous, more ambitious, driven, focused, more entrepreneurial.

True, this works for many. Nothing wrong with this. If this works for you, awesome saucesome!

Though I believe that true entrepreneurial-ship is living a life that is specifically designed, personally crafted into what works best for me, my personal ebbs and flows of energy, creativity, surges and bursts of powerhouse output, powerhouse bursts of needing to walk, to rest, to float in the ether of imagination, to get to the chores, to float in the clouds, or get down to earth, to socialize, to dream, daydream, to rest, to connect, to go inward, all these things are so personal and flowing through me, and as me, and out into the world, and true freedom, success, happiness, joy, and driven ambition for me means the freedom to live as I personally design and choose, day to day, night to night. Day and Night, my personal freedom of living.

Not a life designed by another that I have to force myself into. A life that I have to squeeze, strain, cut off parts, exaggerate other parts, diminish and un-wish, and unmet needs, and lost dreams, and squashed desires, and the dreams and wishes beaten to a pulp by the constraints, rules, regulations, laws, and boundaries of others being forced upon us? Though we are the willing participants, given away all our power when we allow others perspectives to usurp our own, deeper, inner knowing, and realer truth.

Many people say this is an unattainable dream! That this is the impossible idea!

And very true, there are many industries, positions, jobs, companies, or careers that you absolutely MUST wake up early, and be ready to roll into action first thing in the morning. If you desire a life in any of these fields, you will be making a choice to invest and commit to the early bird life.

If you are not naturally an early riser, yet choose an early morning starting career, you will need to learn ways to overcome your bodies natural rhythm and to adopt new habits in order to successfully shift your energy patterns to make it work. And it can be done! Many do it!

This article is not to insist that no one can shift, or that one should not try. It is just to encourage those of us who do not WANT to force ourselves into that rhythm of life.

Of course, there will be times in our lives, like when we are young students, that we have little choice. There may be jobs we 'need' to take that force us into alternate schedules.

But there are night classes. There are night jobs. There are careers that has a vast variety of hours, including flex time. And ultimately, what I am writing about, is being an Entrepreneur, and creating a life designed for your specific best living of it!

You may desire a 'regular' or 'normal' life far more than you desire to live according to your natural circadian rhythm, and that is OKAY!

This is not to convince anyone that they are wrong to fight their bodies natural ways in order to live life among the society you live in. But this is to say that, many of us are told, taught, and forced into living another way, and that that is not the only option.

This is admitting that, living our lives to our own rhythm, may require, necessitate, and demand that we make our own livelihood. Make our own company. Make our own jobs. Create our own creations that are free from the constraints of others schedules.

Yet, even in this, we will always need to learn to work at times that we may not be shining our brightest, or surging with our best work energy.

What I am looking to do in this piece, is to open the minds of possibility in our creative dreams. To open the idea that there is far from one way to live, to work, to earn, to be successful, to be driven, and to flow financial abundance into our experiences, into our lives.

I am not looking for a free ride, a get rich for nothing scheme, or an easy way out, nor a short cut! Just declaring the truth that success, hard work, effort, inspired actions, and creative productivity can come in many forms!

We can ALSO be massively productive, hit our goals, achieve and surpass our dreams, make that money, sleep late, wake up slowly, stay in bed a long while, allow our dreams to continue as we slowly allow our body to emerge from the dream world into the wakeful world, allow ourself to stay submerged in the dream we were having, drag the getting out of bed out for minutes, or even an hour or more, only wash some of the laundry, wash only the dishes we need in the moment, incorporate 'working out' into our day in many little ways, eat in scattered moments, shower late in the day or night, stay in pj’s or wear cozy sweats,  and walk slowly into our day, taking our time, working when our energy is high, and often finding power surges to work work work work and ambitiously get it get it get it and create late late late into the night, getting into the zest of the night while many are sleeping, while most of the world is quiet, staying up late and working late into the early morning hours. Soon before sunrise, they crash.

The common concept of a successful ambitious person is someone who wakes up at the crack of dawn, or even before that, actually waking up in what I consider the dead of the night.

I had a thought that amused me a while ago about this exactly that people who wake up early are actually, in their own way, night people too.

If you wake up when it's still dark out, that's some weird vampire shit I don't really understand.

Morning larks are actually vampires! πŸ§›‍♀️πŸ§›‍♂️ heeheehee

If the sun isn't up, why should I get up? Makes no sense. None.

The sun should be up 🌞, awake, and have made its way into the sky a little bit before it's time to wake up. That's what makes sense to me.

I'm rooting out the ongoing attitude of the ‘early bird gets the worm’ or that staying in bed late somehow equates to you being lazy and non-productive. Not everybody wants worms. Not everyone is productive at the same time of day or night. 

Ideas such as, you're wasting half the day, you can't get anything done with that routine, in order to be successful and productive you must wake up early.

But I call bullshit.


So I made this little graphic to show that night owls are just as productive as morning larks, they just have a different shift where they find themselves energized to be productive, and where they are tired and want sleep.

As someone who has naturally stayed up very late into the wee hours of the morning, and naturally will sleep easily till 10 a.m. or 11 a.m. given the chance, which I get only about once a week, I've always felt that there's this feeling, that people want to make you feel, that somehow you're inadequate if you stay up late and sleep late instead of go to bed early and wake up early.

The entire attitude that you must wake up early to get stuff done is really quite subjectively the perspective of someone who that attitude works for.

But if you're the type of person who stays up late where you find yourself most productive, and then you sleep late because you were up very late, there is nothing wrong or inherently less ambitious or successful about that different circadian rhythm.

And at the end of the day, the people who wake up super early are the people who go to bed super early.

And for someone who likes to stay up late, or who just naturally does stay up late, going to bed early feels like missing out on very productive hours of the day, or in this case of the night. Going to bed at a 'reasonable hour' feels like wasting half the night away. Some nights, not all.

The general attitude that people who stay up late and sleep later are somehow lazy or in any way inadequate compared to people who wake up early and go to bed early is just a big old ton of BS.

The idea that a person who stays up late and wakes up later needs to adjust their schedule, fight against their biological rhythm, fight their own circadian rhythm, go against their own natural energy levels and rhythm, in order to fall in line with what other people do, actually creates more stress and less productivity.

Allowing ourselves to believe this untrue mindset, that you must wake up early in order to be productive, can do damage to people who just simply are not wired to tick that way.

So this is just to encourage everyone to feel good about who you are and how you are and stop believing you must change in order to be more ambitious or successful.

Just be your best version of your best and make sure you DO get adequate sleep whether it's early evening or early morning.

Even the idea of getting out of bed slowly, snoozing, staying in bed awhile before rising, is often seen in a negative light, as if this makes a person lazy! Yet, as I described above, I believe this is far from lazy, and actually a magical portal, a miracle gateway into our best selves, into our realest dreams, into the truth of our real purpose in life.

Of course, we can have long To Do lists, that we create in the effort/hard work/action based view of living. Which is that hard work is the way to be successful. Or that effort and action equals success.

We CAN jump out of bed like a bullet out a gun, and exploding out of bed into a flurry of activity sure CAN appear as a more ambitious, successful way to charge through the day. All worked out, fed, showered dressed, ready to go, on the move, getting the groove on, indeed this can LOOK LIKE a highly ambitious, driven person.

And indeed, laying in bed for an hour after waking, slowing rising, NOT jumping into the shower, staying in pajamas, listening to the birds sing instead of checking emails, meditating for an hour before getting to anything else, not returning calls or texts, not reading the news, enjoying the day with pleasure and calmness, feeling no stress, no rush, no urgency, these things CAN easily be misperceived as lazy, lacking ambition, having no drive, lethargy, depression, lack of purpose. And surely, it CAN be signs of those things.

But it can just as truly be signs of a deliberate personality, a different kind of deliberation.

It can be signs of a person who is more connected and tuned into our Spiritual energy. A person whose dreams, drive and ambitions come from connecting to the quiet voice inside us, our inner being, our higher knowing, our bigger than just the basic sensory perception way of viewing and understanding life. Dreams that come directly from our vibrational energy being. 

Just as getting up slowly, taking the world slow, can be misperceived as depression and really be connection, jumping out of bed with fervor may be ambitious drive, and it can also be a terrified person who is deeply disconnected and trying to feel meaning, purpose, connection, value and self worth through over achievements.

It may be that the person who has a million things to do the instant they wake up is frighteningly disconnected from themselves, their purpose, true joy, and love. They may be living a life of hectic activity to cover the massive void inside them. Of course, this may not be the case.

But why a person is mostly active in the early morning, wakes up early and gets busy right away, is not always a positive reason.

And why a person may be mostly active late in the day or evening, wake up late, warm up into activity slowly, is not always a negative reason.

Really, only we know what feels best. When we work best.

Some days it may be earlier, other days later.

Personal freedom to work when the energy is there for work, and to do other things when the energy is there for those things, like eating, walking, dancing, yoga, laundry, dishes, etc. this is the true freedom of life that I desire.

The freedom to go to bed when I feel ready to sleep! To wake up when I feel ready to rise! To work when my energy is charged up and fueled for work. To draw in creative inspiration when I need to be inspired.

To live life in a way that is truly free to me means, sleeping, waking, working, playing, and enjoying life in my own rhythm, for my own purposes, reasons, seasons, and in my own ways.

There is no one-size-fits-all cookie cutter way to success.

So go to bed late, hit the snooze 85 times, sleep in, sleep late, linger in bed for hours,, OR pop up like a hot pop tart, rise and shine, go to bed early, or siesta, none of those details matter except to the ONE living it!!!!

None of these patterns make one more successful or driven than another. A person who konks out at 9:00 p.m. because they were up and at it since 5:00 a.m. is no better or worse than a person who stays up until 4:00 a.m. and sleeps until noon.

So seriously, check yourself before you wreck yourself and stop trying to live life to the beat of another’s drum.

Our own rhythm is perfectly fine!!!

Even if Mom and Dad, school, and corporate jobs tell you otherwise! We can sleep and rise whenever we want and still be ambitious, successful, driven and wealthy!!

Damn, I need to write a whole nother article about the importance of sleep and the detriment of health and society due to the false belief that sleep is not crucial!!!! Crucially vital to our health, happiness and well-being, which is intricately linked to our health and happiness.

What really motivated me to write this, after I created my little chart a few weeks ago, was seeing an article posted about very successful people and their wide variety of daily schedules including when they sleep and when they work.

Morning larks and night owls can equally be successful.

We just have different rhythms of energy for productivity, creative flows, sleep, relaxation and enjoyment.

How about if we stop beating ourselves up for being how we are and just Embrace ourselves and go with our own flow instead of trying to be someone else.

This is a personal message for myself as a person whose always felt that Society, the business world, my mom, have always been looking down at people who are not bouncing out of bed first thing in the morning.

It's amazing to me that someone who goes to bed at 9 or 10 pm can actually call someone lazy who stays up till 3 a.m. working.

Then you're up at 5 a.m. because you've already gotten 8 hours of sleep and you look down at somebody still in bed whose only been asleep for 2 hours!

Is it just me? Is this happening to other people?

Is this just some weird Twilight Zone where I'm the only person who's ever been made to feel, or ever allowed myself to feel that I'm somehow not ambitious enough because I like to sleep in?

The morning lark says, “I'm wasting the day by sleeping in.” and the night owl says, “I'm wasting the night by going to bed early.”

Maybe over time, over the course of your life, you will change.

You'll get up earlier than you used to or stay up later than you used to. But what if we stop trying to force ourselves to all fit into a cookie cutter idea of what is the right way to live, the right way to be productive, the right time of day where productivity is the time to be productive, and recognize that everyone has different rhythms and there's a reason for that. And that's beautiful.

And funny, of all the people on this list, my rhythm seems most closely aligned with Picasso. Not bad for a role model.

Edit to add: This edit took a Giant curve and swerved into the dream realm and I like it!!!

©️ Copyright all rights reserved. Klarity Wayfaring 2019 

Business Insider: How the daily routines of 26 successful people throughout history compare


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your perspective. I really enjoyed hearing from someone else that others share this view. I have always been a night owl and I share the sense that I'm viewed as lazy or abnormal, and I've been pushed into functioning in a world around me that functions on a morning lark schedule. - Pam, Maryland

Living Peach said...

Thank you! Wonderful to hear your point of view!