Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil

Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Dr. Sofia Pineda Ochoa Rethinking Eggs

Dr. Sofia Pineda Ochoa Rethinking Eggs link to video and transcript

Are we omnivores, herbivores or carnivores? by Dr. Sofia Pineda Ochoa

Are we omnivores, herbivores or carnivores? by Dr. Sofia Pineda Ochoa with Meat Your Future

Dr. Sofia Pineda Ochoa Are we omnivores, herbivores or carnivores? Link to video and transcript

No Animal Products You Say?? Now What? What Can I Eat??

There are many links on the side bar to recipes of whole plant based no oil foods.

You can also watch this here:

Ann Esselstyn on What to Eat

And this:

Walter Veith Health and Happiness / Life at Its Best

And this:

John McDougall M.D The Foods We Were Born to Eat

and this:

At some point you have to admit eating meat and dairy has no benefits

At some point you have to admit eating meat and dairy has no benefits!!!!!!!


Which Percent Are You?

“10 percent of any population is cruel, no matter what, and 10 percent is merciful, no matter what, and the remaining 80 percent can be moved in either direction.” ― Susan Sontag

This is just a logical conclusion that anyone with a heart, a mind, a body, a conscious or a desire for a healthy earth for themselves, their kids, grandkids, and so on, can live on in a healthy, happy peaceful way.

I don't care HOW much you enjoy "your" meat (it's not actually yours at all), or fish, cheese, or ANY animal "product", even just a splash of cream in your coffee or an ice cream once a year, to believe it is GOOD or VITAL to your health or life in any way is completely selfishly close-minded and insane. That is right. I said anyone who believes that they can consume or contribute to these items existing in anyway needs a major re-haul of these disease causing addictions. This has got to stop.

In order to believe this you must suspend all logic and ignore all the evidence. There are reasons from every facet of life, health, the environment, the impact on millions of humans whether through world famine, cruel industry practices, slavery, the impact on billions of animals, ecosystems, there is NO possible way to USE animals for their bodies and bodily fluids without injury on a grand scale! How can you blind yourself to these truths and continue to kill yourself, kills millions and billions of humans and other creatures, kill the very Earth you live on, and dare say it is YOUR PERSONAL CHOICE! Or YOUR body's NEEDS!? No. NO. You are simply avoiding all the obvious truths out there because you are an addict. You are addicted and you lie to yourself that these animals don't matter, that they somehow sacrifice for YOU! 

That they live happy, good, comfy lives and are killed in the kindest, gentlest way possible, cutting their natural lifespan into a fraction of it's true potential because you just Have to Eat Real Butter? Bacon tho? No. No. No. No.

This is where my opinionated disgust comes out. After educating myself for my own health and well being, and that of my growing kids, I am just shaken to the core to come to such a wretched truth that 90% of the people around me are completely cut off from the essence of compassion and kindness. Killing yourselves by eating the worst "products" out there which are completely unnecessary and proven killers at every turn.

Why people? Why?

I need to write an article which will discuss materialism and humility.

And all the ways in which we can experience and practice being materialistic and humble.

We can be monetarily materialistic. Physically materialistic. Mentally materialistic. Emotionally materialistic. Spiritually materialistic. And have dietary materialism.

We can also be monetarily humble, which does NOT mean poor. Physically humble. Mentally humble. Emotionally humble. Spiritually humble. And have dietary humility.

I will delve into these topics further in posts to come. But for now, get it through your heads people, animals products are the worst things on earth.

“10 percent of any population is cruel, no matter what, and 10 percent is merciful, no matter what, and the remaining 80 percent can be moved in either direction.” ~ Susan Sontag

“The only interesting answers are those which destroy the questions.” ~ Susan Sontag

“The likelihood that your acts of resistance cannot stop the injustice does not exempt you from acting in what you sincerely and reflectively hold to be the best interests of your community.” 
Susan SontagAt the Same Time: Essays and Speeches

Cheese is bacterial poop!! That’s right! It’s bacterial sh!t! Dr. Walter Veith

Cheese is bacterial poop!! That’s right! It’s bacterial sh!t!
In fact, cheese should never be introduced into the human stomach. Never. It has no place there. The only place for it is in that other instrument with a chain on it where you pull and get [swishing sounds] ppchhhtttzz! And then it’s gone. That’s the best place for cheese.”...and we call it “food” for some strange reason. And “If you want to lose bone, then go for the cheese.” ~ Walter J. Veith

But who really cares? I mean, meat-eaters have no qualms about eating dead bodies. Dead bodies with a nasty version of a mother’s milk (cow or goat or sheep) on top. Vegetarians too love to eat this goop in all forms, so why would knowing that cheese is poop matter? Enjoy! Or maybe you will start the stopping of killing yourself through eating shit. Literally shit.

I have transcribed a portion for you. Read it and watch it here:

“Udderly Amazing” by Dr. Walter J. Veith transcript starting at 47:00 ending at 54:57 [warning for people like my sister and aunt ~ ~~~~~~~Rodent graphic at 54:58] Transcribed by Lovely Opinionated Vegan Evolution L.O.V.E.

Walter Veith on Cheese production and digestion:

“Are you ready? Let’s have some fun with cheese. What is cheese? It’s propagated as a high energy growth food. And it’s used so widely in the world today that one can hardly imagine a life without it. Isn’t that right? One can hardly imagine. Imagine all the things that are sold out there that contain cheese and the pizzas and the lasagnas and all these marvelous things.

How’s cheese made? Firstly you take the milk and then you add a culture and then you add some fermentation and then you get a curd. And you have some whey. And the curd you can use and you can make cottage cheeses of them, these are the soft cheeses. Now what does the curd contain, just wrap it up for me...it contains high cholesterol oxidized fat, it contains which protein? Casein and some lacto globulins and all of those which are not easily digestible and then it contains, if it’s cultured and it’s been fermented then it won’t have anymore lactose in it, the glucose will have been fermented away and been changed to lactic acid, that’s not a big problem but the galactose will be present as what? As galactose. So what’s bad in this cottage cheese? The fat is bad, the protein is bad and the galactose is bad.

Then when you mature that further you get soft cheeses and if you mature that further you get mature cheeses and all of that comes from this curd. Now what has happened in a mature cheese? In a mature cheese what has happened is that the bacteria have worked on the product and what do the bacteria actually do? They utilize anything that’s useful, because bacteria have to grow, so they utilize everything that’s useful until they get to the point when they’ve used everything that’s useful and that which they cannot use remains. Then the process stops and we say it has become “mature”. Does that make sense? Is that logical? Yes alright.

Now let me try and put this to you kindly. If you eat a meal, and you’ve utilized everything that you can utilize and then the process stops, what do you do with the rest? Yes, you go an sit in that special little chamber where you have this chain effort and you go [makes pulling gesture and swishing sound] Swish! And it’ gone, right? So basically mature cheese is bacterial [gestures quotes] “_____” whatever. (poop) that’s left over. And it even has the smell associated with it, which we have turned into something artistic and delectable, isn’t that so? The better and more aromatic the more expensive it becomes. So we have become experts in producing this product and we call it “food” for some strange reason. Now you pop it into your stomach. The bacteria didn’t have much success with what was left over, that’s why it’s called a mature cheese. It’s highly rich in casein, it has some oxidized fat, which is the worst thing that you could possibly have, and this casein is indigestible, the bacteria do not have the enzymes to cleave it, they don’t have the acid medium. We have an enzyme, pepsin, which can actually cleave proteins, but it really battles with casein. Because you need something else to unwind it, what is that? Renin. Do we have renin as adults? Yes or no? We don’t even have enough of it as infants, that’s why mom adds Bacillus bifidus. No, no, no! We don’t have it! So do we cleave this protein very well, yes or no? No we don’t. And so, the cheese stays in there and we produce a very acid system that which can cause gastritis and chronic ulceritis (Ulcerative Colitis) over a long period of time if we eat a lot of it.

And the amazing thing is occasionally we send samples through for analysis. And that’s when the sphincter opens and a little sample goes through [kisses sound]. And there are receptors there which measure the size of the molecules. And if they are too large when they come through, we send a signal back and say, ‘close up, the jobs not done, the jobs not done.” And then it stays in there longer. Now i’ve already told you that normal plant foods will be in and out of the stomach within 4 hours, finished. If you add meat to the diet it can stay longer, it can stay up to 6 hours. If you add cheese to this it can stay in there for 10 hours, even longer, 12 hours. 10 hours is sort of the average for cheese. And that makes for what we call “satiety”, feeling satisfied. That is why, if you want to shut your guests up, you give them cheese! And they don’t ask you for food very quickly because they satisfied. Now I have a question for you, if you go to people and you say, “Why don’t you change to a healthier diet, eat more plant foods?”, what is the first thing they will say? “It doesn’t satisfy me, I eat and I am hungry again.” Well actual fat, that’s what you really want to be.

When you eat, how much do you absorb from your stomach? Nothing. When do you start absorbing? Once it’s in the intestines, isn’t that right? So in other words, your stomach must be empty and the food must be in the intestines when you start getting energy from the food. What’s the good of eating and keeping the food in your stomach? What’s the point of that? That’s pathetic. So “satiety” might mean, ‘I feel satisfied” but the longer you feel ‘satisfied’, the worse your diet is. You want it to empty out. So a good feeling of emptiness means energy. Challenge anyone who feels satisfied for a walk up a mountain. Hmmm and see how he feels satisfied with all his energy in his stomach instead of going into his bloodstream, it makes no sense. In Germany there is a saying, “Kรคse schlieรŸt  den Magen”, which means, ‘cheese shuts off the stomach”, and that’s exactly what it does. In fact, cheese should never be introduced into the human stomach. Never. It has no place there. The only place for it is in that other instrument with a chain on it where you pull and get [swishing sounds] ppchhhtttzz! And then it’s gone. That’s the best place for cheese.

If we look at the acid loads in food, we’ve discussed this already, notice that mature cheese will give you an acid load of 23.6 mEq (milliequivalents), that’s the most acid food that you can get. And you have to neutralize that with calcium carbonate from the body. If you want to lose bone, then go for the cheese.”

Transcription of “Udderly Amazing” by Dr. Walter J. Veith starting at 47:00 ending at 54:57 [warning for people like my sister and aunt ~ ~~~~~~~Rodent graphic at 54:58]

The rest of this talk is amazing and worth every second!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Who Really Benefits?

Who Really Benefits?? WHO REALLY BENEFITS??????

Who really benefits from brainwashed addictions?

Who really benefits from your addictions?
Don't blame yourself, they spend billions to get you addicted.

Who really benefits from believing false claims that meat and dairy are healthy and necessary for you?

Who benefits from people brainwashed with lies that the very thing that is causing illness, obesity, and countless diseases is GOOD FOR YOU AND HEALTHY?

Do you truly still believe that meat and dairy are HEALTHY and not the illness causing (cruel and earth destroying) products they have been proven to be?

Who really benefits?

While you spend X dollars a day to consume these products which the government pays billions of dollars for you to believe is good for you and readily available to you.

Maybe you think you benefit because it tastes so yummy?

Maybe you think you are treating yourself because you "deserve it"? Or because you want to indulge? Indulge is defined as "allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of." How can you enjoy the pleasure of disease?!

Who really benefits from your addiction to these products which are horrible for your body, horrible for the earth, horrible for the animal, though you may care nothing for her, for him or them.

Who really benefits?

Yes I asked that many times because I hope that you will start to ask yourself.

Who really benefits from these awful addictions? Is a momentary “pleasure” on your taste buds worth the diseases it will bring you?

The destruction it brings on our earth?
The world famine it contributes to?
The animals that are affected for your pleasure of something that is harming you and everything in it’s path?

Who really benefits? I’m thinking not YOU…..Who benefits from your addiction?

Who benefits from your illness?

Who benefits by feeding you lies along with your butter, cream, cheese, yogurt, whey protein, ice cream, sour cream, milk chocolate, frosting that you believe you and your kids 'can't live without' and 'deserve to treat and indulge yourselves in and aren't you the best, sweetest, most generous person for giving ice cream, cake, donuts, cookies, candies, and all 'good things like this' to yourself and most especially to all kids in the world!?!?

Who benefits by feeding you disease caused by the very burgers, hotdogs, steaks, bacon, ribs, wings, pork chops and all the other euphemisms for dead chopped up body parts of animals you believe you 'can't live without'. that 'taste sooo good', that 'make you strong and grows big muscles!!! Yet the ones doing all the killing and serving know exactly what diseases they are serving right along with the diseased murdered body parts they sell you and spend billions of dollars to advertise in the most seductive ways.

They also spend billions of dollars covering up the truths of eating these diseased, harmful in every single aspect and possible view point, harmful and hurting, and causing destruction from every angle, to every one, except for those who benefit!!

Who Really Benefits from this???

Insurance Industry Companies and Representative?? Medical Industry Companies and Representatives? Aka Doctors who you Trust With Your Life So Much??? But why?

Who benefits when you believe that consuming something that will make you sick will actually make you healthy?
Don't feel bad about being duped. Just get informed and kick the habit! For good! For your benefit!

Watch the video here:

Breast cancer genetic or learned dietary habits?

Americans eat approximately 8 ounces of meat per day (about twice the global average). The U.S. slaughters approximately 10 billion animals a year or over 15% of the world's total (for 5% of the population).

However, global demand has also multiplied in recent years due to rising affluence and Confined animal Feeding Operations (CAFO)s or factory farms.

These "animal factories" consume vast amounts of energy, generate pollution and environmental damage. They require increasing amounts of corn, soy and grains which has led to wide spread destruction of rain forests. [1]
Between 1940 and 2007, the average amount of milk produced per cow rose from 2 to 10 tons per year. [2] In 2006, the U.S. dairy industry produced over 20 billion gallons of milk. [3]

The government’s subsidies to the dairy industry add up to a lot of money. (Government payouts to agribusiness come in many forms with many different names.

I’m using subsidies as shorthand for crop insurance, operating loans, counter-cyclical payments, minimum milk prices, milk income loss contracts, and all the other devices government uses to keep money flowing into the pockets of the animal farming industry.)

In 2012 the total was $447,081,952. Between 1995 and 2012 dairy producers raked in $5.3 billion in handouts.

And that’s just the federal subsidies; states have their own programs.



Friday, March 18, 2016

Randine Lewis - Female Diagnosis Questionnaire from The Infertility Cure

I'm in the process of writing my personal testimonial with endometriosis, pcos, amenorrhea, and "undiagnosable" fertility issues. Read it here - Link to Book Here

But I have to run and pick up my sons! I am cured! More on that later. Here is The Female Diagnosis Questionnaire from Randine Lewis's Book The Infertility Cure.

Randine Lewis The Infertility Cure

You have to buy the book, borrow it from a library, or take your results to a TCM practitioner and/or TCM Fertility Specialist. Just a note TCM's are not vegan but will respect your dietary choices. He or she may suggestion animal products but my TCM has never pushed or made an issue with my vegan diet.


I am willing to be unpopular by spreading the unpopular truth. Oil is killing us, along with the sugar. Sugar coated oil? Please think about it! Even if you have muscles and "appear" healthy, what's going on inside you matters! Do it for yourself. Do it for your kids. Do it for your spouse or best friend. Feeling heavy? Sluggish? Feeling less than ideal? I believed the LIE that oil was healthy for us for years. But now I know the truth. Even coconut oil!! Oil is NOT HEALTHY.

Thich Nhat Hanh Dharma Talks: I Have Arrived. I am Home.

Thich Nhat Hanh Dharma Talks:

I Have Arrived. I am Home.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Dr. Neal Bernard Quote - Much easier to be healthy as a vegan

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Go Green!
Whole foods plant based diet no oil.

"I'm greedy for the health of my patients." ~ Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn

"I'm greedy for the health of my patients." ~ Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, former heart surgeon

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, Caldwell Esselstyn, MD - TTC watch it here:

Which One is Yummy?

 Do you eat fowl? Kinda foul. Which one is yummy?
Think about it. Guess which one is most likely the one on your plate?

Which one is yummy? Yummy in your tummy?

Ankole-Watusi ~ African Cow

As Melanie Joy says in her talk that she called "Carnism, Why do we love dogs eat pigs and wear cows?" She points out that out of the millions of different types of animals in the world, there are only a handful that we consider edible in whatever particular culture we are from. I wondered if people could see a visual of different types of cattle, for example, would that have an impact on them? When you see a cow compared to other types of cattle around the world that may or may not be eaten, it may help to take it out of the context of "food" and more into the reality of it's a living breathing animal. And keep your hands off my titties (say the females!)
Maybe some people will look at this picture and think they all look yummy. If that's the case there's no hope for you...

Scottish Cows

Dr. T Colin Campbell Responds to Criticism of Whole Food

"If you take people with heart disease, even advanced stages, and you put them on a whole food plant based diet as I'm describing it, you actually cure heart disease, it goes away forever, it's gone. There's nothing, and paleo diet and that sort of nonsense quite frankly, there's no way that kind of diet can actually cure heart disease, it makes it worse. Not better. That's a really very important point. And, at least experimentally, we see the same thing with cancer, with diabetes we see the same thing again. We can resolve type-2 diabetes within a week for most people. Get them off their medications. And so this plant based diet really has a dramatic effect if people are really open to giving it a shot, give it a try and they'll see for themselves what happens." ~ Dr. T. Colin Campbell

"I don't really like, that much, the word diet because what I am talking about is a dietary lifestyle. In other words, The difference being that a diet is something you try now to solve some problem, whatever whether you want to lose weight or whatever and then you go back to doing what you wanted before. So this a whole lifestyle. You have to make the changes, stay with it, you let your taste preferences change and you'll discover some amazing things, thats what the bottom line is. The second thing I want to say is that I don't talk about a vegan diet. Some of my antagonists like to say I'm talking about a vegan diet. I am not. I never used the word one time in "The China Study". Basically the difference between a vegan diet and what I am talking about is that a vegan diet basically was an attempt by people for idealogical reasons to chose what they choose to do They didn't quite get the nutrition right. Because a lot of vegans, the average fat intake of a vegan diet according to the latest data is around 30% fat, thats way to high number 1. Number 2 all they're trying to do is avoid animal foods and so they end up also consuming refined carbohydrates at too high a level. So vegans are too high fat too much refined carbohydrates. And they have some nutritional advantages but not the kind we are talking about. I want to make that clear."

Q: Are there any practical differences between what you advocate and a low-fat vegan diet?

"I call it a Whole food plant based diet, whole foods, you don't use the processed stuff, you don't add back a lot of salt sugar and fat. You take the food as it was grown and you combine it in various ways to make delicious dishes. 

A vegan diet they use a lot of oils and fat, they use fried foods and all that kind of stuff. Just whole food plant based diet."

Q: Do you think any animal products are healthy?

"No. I don't."

Q: Why are animal products bad?

"Well we tend to consume animal products historically, as well as in the present day, primarily in order to eat as much protein as we can get. It's really about protein more than anything else. And that's been true for decades, for centuries almost. People tend to think that we need to get as much protein as possible. Well it turns out most people also think that protein only comes from animals foods. It doesn't. We can get all the protein we need from plant foods. In fact the ideal level of protein is the amount that's provided by whole food plant based diet. But as soon as we start putting animal foods in to diet in order to get that protein we distort the rest of the diet very quickly. In other words when we start eating animal based foods then we're displacing the foods we ought to be eating namely the whole food plant based diet, the whole plant based foods. Those are the ones that have antioxidants, they are ones that have the complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates are only made in plant foods. So if you're going to an animal food diet you're getting much much less antioxidants you're getting much much less complex carbohydrates and you're getting the wrong levels of fat and protein. It's hugely different."

Q: And whats bad about protein?

"Ok I'll here's whats bad about protein. I have spent, this August will be my, I'll be beginning my 60th year, that's 6-0, my 60th year in research. And it started out actually with my enthusiasm for making sure we got enough protein just like everybody else did. And so we went many many years with lots of funding lot of students, post docs, doing this research. This is all based on research, this is not my opinion. This is based on research. That when we increase protein, animal protein in the diet, above the level which is normally required, which is 10% of total calories, when we do that we turn on cancer. That's not a very good idea. We also elevate blood cholesterol levels which leads to heart disease. That's been known for over a hundred years. It's just information that been mostly ignored. Because everybody tends to worship protein so much that if anyone comes along and begins to discover some information about this protein that isn't very desirable, people want to ignore it. And so the protein itself in our laboratory research, and I published this extensively, in the professional literature, we've got something like 300 and some publications, and it was all funded by the NIH. So it's strictly, I want to really emphasize that, this is not opinion. I have no relationship with an industry so I don't have that agenda to push on anybody. It's strictly based on what we did. And here's what we did. We found that the protein, the animal protein, and the protein we used was the main protein in cow's milk, when that is increased above the level that we need, for one thing, it activates carcinogens that may be in the diet. Dramatically. And what I mean by that, the carcinogens that we might be consuming, they actually are metabolized to products that actually bind to the genes and cause, that's what starts the cancer. They also elevate the level of hormones, insulin-like growth factor we call it, and that's really what enables cell to grow faster and bigger. And that's not what we want. So the high protein diet is turning on the growth of cancer cells, it's activating the carcinogens so more of the carcinogens are able to bind to the DNA. It also changes the whole equation about the calories in calories out idea. When you use a whole plant based diet you can actually usually consume a little more calories not less, and as a result you get much less cancer."

Hear the whole interview here:

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bad Food is NOT a Treat! Why do we think we "deserve" to eat shit?!

Ever wonder why eating the unhealthy, fattening, oily, sugary, illness-inducing choices are considered "treating yourself" and eating healthy, clean, animal-free, no sugar added, oil-free options is considered "torturing" or "limiting" yourself?

Why do so many believe that unhealthy choice is what we "really want" and the healthy food is somehow a punishment?

What if you had the power to change this way of thinking?

You Do!

I eat well and I feel well. That is true satisfaction. 

When I choose the unhealthy options, I feel unhealthy, and that feels like treating myself badly, not treating myself to "something special"! 

Why do we think we "deserve" to eat shit?! Just because it's supposedly "so good"? 

When you consistently eat well, taste-buds adjust and greasy, oily, fattening, lard, cheesy, mucousy items do not even register as options.

I think it's fun to eat healthy food! It makes me sad that people are so trained to believe if it's healthy it can't taste good. And if it's unhealthy it's delicious!

I want Treats that Treat my Body Well! I want to celebrate by being healthy and making healthy food choices! Even on Holidays and Vacations and Birthdays and all the Time!

The SAD Diet ~ The Standard American Diet
Opposite World Rules.

WOW. Got Pounds? Weight Gain Rates Cows vs Human Babies

Weight Gain Rates....hmmmm....what grows cows is growing people now
Dairy can grow a 70 lbs baby into a 1,000 lbs 3 year old. Cow that is. 9 months to grow a baby human ready to birth. 9 months to grow a baby cow to birth. 15 months later human baby gained about 20 lbs since birth. Cows gain about 825 lbs in 15 months. Weird to give the breast milk of a cow to a tiny human. In "formula" or switching to milk at some stage. Drinking it in adulthood. Cow breastmilk is created to grow a baby cow a thousand pounds in less than 2 years. 1,000 lbs!
WOW. Got Pounds?
Maybe the extra 20 - 50 extra pounds you carry is a couple months worth of baby cow food caught in the wrong body.

I researched and compiled this information below:

Pharmaceuticals are NOT Health

Do you reply on pills? Do you know not only the importance of healthy eating and exercise but how VITAL it is in true healing? You can not heal with a pill. You can numb. You can conceal and push to the back, but true healing begins on a cellular level from within starting with each bite of food you eat.

Former-pharma-rep-dont-want-cure ~ Watch this video clip

Eggs ~ What Are You Really Eating?! By Free From Harm Ashley Capps

Yummy? Even the most rigorous humane labeling certification programs in the U.S., Certified Humane, American Humane Certified, and Animal Welfare Approved, permit the killing of male chicks at the hatcheries which supply their egg farms with laying hens. (5) - See more at: Free From Harm ~ Eggs: What Are You Really Eating? By Ashley Capps | February 12, 2014 - See more at:

Eggs What are you really eating By Ashley Capps for Free From Harm | February 12, 2014

Think About What You Swallow

I wish more people would think about what happens AFTER they swallow something! Sure it can look yummy and colorful! It can taste sweet and like a party in your mouth. But once you swallow something, it doesn't just fall into a black hole of nothingness. It starts to become you! It forms your cells and every part of who you are. What you swallow determines how you feel at every moment. Sure some people can eat worse than others and somehow not feel ill effects. For me true happiness, joy and pleasure of eating comes from knowing once I've swallowed it and it starts the journey to build me from the inside, that I am building myself well, healthy and happy because I am eating well!
I lived as a sugar addict for many years. I LOVED brightly colored candies! I loved sweet things in all shapes and sizes! But I wasn't well. I looked ok. I wasn't overweight (mostly). I seemed mostly ok. But I wasn't really ok. People might have thought I appeared "healthy" but there were things not right inside me. And it was my long journey to wellness that brought me to this simple truth. Eat well and live well. Eat well and be well. Eat crap and feel crap.

Ann Esselstyn's 8 Principles for becoming Plant Perfect!

Follow Ann Esselsytn's 8 principles and you may well find yourself becoming PLANT PERFECT!

1. Eat oats (Old Fashioned) for breakfast, any way you can as oatmeal, as a cold cereal as we do with alternative milk and fruit or in waffles or pancakes or just put  your cereal bowl with oats, banana and alternative milk and a table spoon of flax seed into your waffle iron and you have your oat breakfast in waffle form  There are delicious ways to use steel cut  oats too.  Oats help lower cholesterol and also reduce artery inflammation.  Find the breakfast  with oats you love then eat it EVERY DAY!!!

katlovenotwar's profile picture katlovenotwar ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿฅฐ #breakfastofchampions

2. Eat GREENS especially leafy greens as well as all the symphony of rainbow colored vegetables.  Cooked or raw vegetables are king!  Make leafy greens like Kale, collards and Swiss chard the nest on which you put your food, mix greens into your food or pile greens on the side of your plate.  Make kale sandwiches (see below), mix greens into soup, cook kale, etc. cut in small pieces into pasta 4 minutes before it is done, then drain and you have a meal in one (see below) or mix a bunch of greens into pasta sauce and spread on your whole wheat, no oil pizza crust (see www. samis Bakery.com  on line for an awesome millet/flax pizza crust) and top with vegetables of your choice.  Never cheese.

3. Eat Beans and Lentils instead of meat and dairy.  All lentils are delicious.  Try red lentils in soup.  They cook quickly and make the soup a nice color.  Put beans in salads.  Hummus made without tahini or oil  has become our mayonnaise as a sandwich spread or dip for vegetables and crackers and even part of our favorite salad dressing.   Our main party dish is brown rice and black beans piled high with chopped tomatoes, thawed frozen corn, chopped green onions, water chestnuts, chopped cilantro, chopped arugula, chopped peppers, etc. and topped with salsa, low sodium tamari or if you don’t have heart disease with guacamole.  AVOID all the highly processed fake soy meats and any of the vegan cheeses, which have lots of oil in them.

4. Eat WHOLE  Grains. Be sure that the word WHOLE is in front of wheat or rye in the ingredient list.   If not then it is just white flour fancied up to sound impressive.  Check also to be sure that there is no added oil in the bread.  Ezekiel makes many wonderful sprouted grain products available in the frozen food departments of health food stores. The Ezekiel Tortilla wraps are excellent and useful for everyday or parties.  Fill them with your choice and then roll them up and bake them for 10 minutes in a 450 degree oven.  Delicious!  Use whole wheat pastry flour or barley flour in baking instead of white flour.

5. Eliminate oil! Empty all oil, even virgin olive oil out of your cupboards then you CAN’T use it.  Instead any liquid works.  Vegetable broth (no sodium), water, wine, beer, orange juice, carrot juice, vinegar all work in stir -frying.  Instead of oil in baking, use applesauce, baby food prunes, bananas.    Finding a salad dressing you love is a challenge at first but there are so many possibilities out there you will soon never miss the oil filled ones.

6. Drink WATER! You can’t go wrong with water.  You can flavor it with a splash of  orange or apple, etc. juice occasionally.  Never drink juices!  And absolutely never drink pop, with or without added sugar.

7. Avoid sugar and salt as much as possible.   Save sugar for birthdays or special holiday treats.  Instead put grapes in your freezer for an amazing sweet treat or freeze bananas or mangoes and blend them in a strong blender for delicious “ice creams. “  Look at the government label for the amount of salt in a product.  No added salt is ideal or aim for the salt content being equal to the calorie content.  Instead of salt add vinegar, lemon juice,  lime juice or hot sauces.  You will lose your taste for salt before you know it.

8. Read Labels, especially the ingredients.    You will be surprised that often proclaimed zero fat products have oil listed in the ingredients.  The government allows anything under .5 grams of fat to be called FAT FREE.
Fill up with all the great plant based food.  Life is GOOD!!!