Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil

Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bad Food is NOT a Treat! Why do we think we "deserve" to eat shit?!

Ever wonder why eating the unhealthy, fattening, oily, sugary, illness-inducing choices are considered "treating yourself" and eating healthy, clean, animal-free, no sugar added, oil-free options is considered "torturing" or "limiting" yourself?

Why do so many believe that unhealthy choice is what we "really want" and the healthy food is somehow a punishment?

What if you had the power to change this way of thinking?

You Do!

I eat well and I feel well. That is true satisfaction. 

When I choose the unhealthy options, I feel unhealthy, and that feels like treating myself badly, not treating myself to "something special"! 

Why do we think we "deserve" to eat shit?! Just because it's supposedly "so good"? 

When you consistently eat well, taste-buds adjust and greasy, oily, fattening, lard, cheesy, mucousy items do not even register as options.

I think it's fun to eat healthy food! It makes me sad that people are so trained to believe if it's healthy it can't taste good. And if it's unhealthy it's delicious!

I want Treats that Treat my Body Well! I want to celebrate by being healthy and making healthy food choices! Even on Holidays and Vacations and Birthdays and all the Time!

The SAD Diet ~ The Standard American Diet
Opposite World Rules.

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