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Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

WOW. Got Pounds? Weight Gain Rates Cows vs Human Babies

Weight Gain Rates....hmmmm....what grows cows is growing people now
Dairy can grow a 70 lbs baby into a 1,000 lbs 3 year old. Cow that is. 9 months to grow a baby human ready to birth. 9 months to grow a baby cow to birth. 15 months later human baby gained about 20 lbs since birth. Cows gain about 825 lbs in 15 months. Weird to give the breast milk of a cow to a tiny human. In "formula" or switching to milk at some stage. Drinking it in adulthood. Cow breastmilk is created to grow a baby cow a thousand pounds in less than 2 years. 1,000 lbs!
WOW. Got Pounds?
Maybe the extra 20 - 50 extra pounds you carry is a couple months worth of baby cow food caught in the wrong body.

I researched and compiled this information below:

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