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Sunday, February 21, 2021

I invite everyone to stop 'shoulding and you must'ing' others

Love Living Peach

I invite you to consider inviting others into new ways of thinking instead of framing them with statements such as 'We need to..."..."We have to..."

When you want to share your thoughts with others, "I invite you to consider this idea..." that would be a softer, more palatable statement.

Anytime teachers begin with 'we need to, we must, it is your purpose, or any such controlling language - it comes across as preaching and insisting - rather than offering - inviting - and opening a door for others to peer into. In my opinion, no one wants to be shoved thru the gateway of their journey. I invite you to consider softness in your delivery of these important messages and teachings...'we need to' is hard, insistent and forceful not soft and inviting...

I invite everyone to stop 'shoulding and you must'ing' others.

I invite everyone to start welcoming, inviting, offering, opening, sharing with others.

here I go from soft and inviting to sour and irritated!!!

It actually really irks me whenever I see so-called teachers framing any concept with statements like, "It is your purpose in life to....blah blah blah...." no hunty - maybe that is YOUR purpose - but no one can inform another WHAT their purpose is!!! It is downright infuriating to me that some people feel so enlightened that they believe it is their calling to tell others what their calling is without being asked!!!

I invite you to consider that any idea or opinion that you desire another to be open to, to seriously deliberate, and to genuinely contemplate adopting - will be more welcome when offered as an invitation rather than a MUST being Thrust upon them

"Try it...you might like it." - Yo Gabba Gabba

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Thursday, February 11, 2021

We Can Allow Ourselves To Grow by Love Living Peach

We Can Allow Ourselves To Grow by Love Living Peach

Video Version Available Now...πŸŽ₯

It took so much time for me to record & edit the video version of me reading this article that I am sharing it with my Patrons.

Quick Clip - Public 

Video Part 1 - available here:

Video Part 2 - available here [part 2 also includes further discussion about this concept after I complete reading the article]: 

We Can Allow Ourselves To Grow by Love Living Peach p2

Published 02-11-2021 Edited 03-30-2021 & 04-14-2021

*...one note I changed this from 'We Must' to "We Can..." as I realized I worded this message in the same way I describe NOT wording messages intended to invite others to consider new or different ideas! So in honor of NOT insisting that  'we must' or that anyone 'must', I have updated this title and article to invite us to believe We Can Grow.

Inspired by Julia Cameron's meme below from 02-11-2021

For most people - our 'closest family and friends' can be the most discouraging of our growth, greatness, and evolution.

Not from a lack of love for us - but from the common mistake of believing we know a person inside and out. This creates an atmosphere where one can not grow or evolve.

Normalizing their unique greatness [as Trent Shelton has said].

And often out of fear - fear of losing us, fear of seeing us struggle, fear of embarrassment, fear of the unknown, and very often - out of desire to keep us close to them - which can sometimes have the unintended - but disastrous consequence of forcing us to Stay Small for others' - Others who supposedly love us best of all. Click below to Read moreπŸ‘‡πŸΌ