Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil

Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
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kat love dreaming peach πŸ‘ offers Insight Coaching

kat love dreaming peach πŸ‘ offers Insight Coaching

Q: What is Insight Coaching?

A: Deeply intuitive guidance...

Q: What else can you tell me about it before I commit?

A: Insight Coaching is similar to therapy, life coaching, and a guidance counselor weaved into one.

My approach is a combination of practical, actionable, realistic methods that connect with creative, artistic, spiritual/intangible aspects of ourselves often left unexplored, unseen.

Together we uncover the creative genius already inside you and we nurture these qualities at your design for your own purpose resulting in your own expanded ability to like yourself which is the basis of learning to love yourself. Out relationship to ourselves, and our ability, willingness, and openness to love ourselves truly is a direct reflection, and correlation to our ability to love others, and the quality of those relationships. 

My philosophy includes the intention to nurture and cultivate more loving relationships in the world.

I believe that loving kindness and loving relationship begins middles and concludes with our willingness and ability to tenderly love ourselves. The more we like ourselves, the more we can develop genuine love for ourselves. This will lead to more loving connections in the world! Like a flower I intend to sprinkle seeds of loving kindness everywhere I go! Join me on this journey!

Insight Coaching:

I meet with clients via video chat or phone call

During our call, I listen to your concerns and specifically what you want insight into.

My experience as an Insight Coach includes assisting clients to:

  • learn to live on purpose on purpose
  • (said twice because twice as nice and on purpose on purpose means live intentionally by choice)
  • learn to discern
  • learn the power of your own reasons
  • learn the power behind your right to craft your own reasons for your own design for your own purposes for your own happiness
  • discover your creativity (and expand, explore, allow)
  • making hard decisions 
  • choosing between 2 options or neither
  • healing from heartbreak
  • Conscious Uncoupling perspective - Katherine Woodward Thomas's book and teaching method 
  • starting something new
  • learn to deal with *trauma and healing 

*Please note: if you have psychological issues, or require professional psychiatric care, please note my services are not intended to replace any appropriate professional psychiatric or medical doctor or care. 

At my discretion, I will assess whether my services are compatible with your needs. 

After our first insight call, we will determine if it's a good match and compatible to continue with insight coaching.

Most importantly, Insight Coaching calls are intended to be beneficial and upleveling

  • learning to love yourself through the process of learning to like yourself
  • making time to do the things you love
  • learning to discern what you love and what you really want to do
  • what dreams you want to pursue
  • what path is the best for you to start calibrating yourself to
  • how to start moving closer to actually living the life of your own design

These are just some of the topics that I discuss with my insight coaching clients. 

My method differs from a traditional therapist role, I specifically work with my clients as an insight coach. 

In our call, we will introduce ourselves briefly, a quick overview of the call agenda/expectations. Then, I listen intently as you explain your issues/concerns/questions, the second part of our call, I will ask you questions, we will explore the topic together, and I will conclude with insights of an objective perspective, and we discuss your best next steps.

From there, you can continue independently, for some clients, one call will be enough to springboard jump start your progress!

Other clients will continue working with me.

Here we can choose to continue insight coaching calls, with actions plans, progress checks, and continued deep dives.

We can have a one-time call, or set up ongoing weekly calls, or a monthly check in.

We can move forward with a customized personal schedule

Additionally, I may be able to offer virtual consulting assistance in working on your action plan, if applicable with your needs and compatible with my services.

I look forward to working together!

My education, experience, and methodology has been honed over decades. The list of (some of the many) teachers who have most influenced me are available

[click here: Who I Love (some influential teachers with links)]

If you need objective insight into a variety of issues or aspects in your life, I am happy to work with you.

[click to here to read more in depth about my perspective, mindset, methods, and worldview]

If this sounds interesting, intriguing, and like a path you would like to walk along with me, get in touch!

If you are interested in weekly sessions please sign up for the monthly tier, thank you. Signing up for the monthly tier includes a discount!

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