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Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
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Sunday, February 21, 2021

I invite everyone to stop 'shoulding and you must'ing' others

Love Living Peach

I invite you to consider inviting others into new ways of thinking instead of framing them with statements such as 'We need to..."..."We have to..."

When you want to share your thoughts with others, "I invite you to consider this idea..." that would be a softer, more palatable statement.

Anytime teachers begin with 'we need to, we must, it is your purpose, or any such controlling language - it comes across as preaching and insisting - rather than offering - inviting - and opening a door for others to peer into. In my opinion, no one wants to be shoved thru the gateway of their journey. I invite you to consider softness in your delivery of these important messages and teachings...'we need to' is hard, insistent and forceful not soft and inviting...

I invite everyone to stop 'shoulding and you must'ing' others.

I invite everyone to start welcoming, inviting, offering, opening, sharing with others.

here I go from soft and inviting to sour and irritated!!!

It actually really irks me whenever I see so-called teachers framing any concept with statements like, "It is your purpose in life to....blah blah blah...." no hunty - maybe that is YOUR purpose - but no one can inform another WHAT their purpose is!!! It is downright infuriating to me that some people feel so enlightened that they believe it is their calling to tell others what their calling is without being asked!!!

I invite you to consider that any idea or opinion that you desire another to be open to, to seriously deliberate, and to genuinely contemplate adopting - will be more welcome when offered as an invitation rather than a MUST being Thrust upon them

"Try it...you might like it." - Yo Gabba Gabba

Daisy photographed by Love Living Peach on 02-20-2021

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