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Monday, September 20, 2021

Pharmaceutical Worship Mindset + Russell Brand 'THIS is Why You Can’t Trust Big Pharma [video link]

"About 128,000 people die from drugs prescribed to them. This makes prescription drugs a major health risk, ranking 4th with stroke as a leading cause of death. The European Commission estimates that adverse reactions from prescription drugs cause 200,000 deaths; so together, about 328,000 patients in the U.S. and Europe die from prescription drugs each year. The FDA does not acknowledge these facts and instead gathers a small fraction of the cases." - Donald W. Light

Pharmaceutical worship mindset {this is not health advice}:

  1. Get the shots to protect yourself and others against X

  2. People getting the shots can still get X, spread X, and get really sick maybe die from X

  3. Get the shot anyway because if you DON'T get the shot you can get X, get really sick and die!

  4. The shot has some bad side effects but that means it's working!

  5. If the shot has REALLY bad side effects, that's not from the shot! It's some other unrelated, coincidental illness not from the shot!

  6. If anyone who gets the shot says their really bad side effects came from the shot, they are anti-shot liars spreading 'misinformation'!!! Click below to Read moreπŸ‘‡πŸΌ

  7. If you are NOT sick, and have NO symptoms of X and feel healthy but you have not had the shot, then you are a selfish asymptomatic super spreader who has to get the shot!!

  8. In fact, this WHOLE DAMN THING OF X is now literally the entire fault of the UNSHOT!

  9. If you got the shot and still get X, thank god you got the shot because if you hadn't had the shot then when you got X it would have been worse

  10. The fact that most people without the shots who have gotten X recovered, had varying degrees of illness but healed goes against pharmaceutical worship therefore is irrelevant [recovery rate between 97% -99.75% , meaning .01% of people died]

  11. Pharmaceutical worshipers believe that Healthy People Are A Risk. I will replace pharmaceutical worship/ers with * to avoid excess repetition...

  12. * deny the risks involved in getting shots can be worse than X

  13. * choose the risks of drug side effects AND the risks of contracting X and refuse to understand that not everyone is willing to take those risks

  14. * denies the circular logic they use to prove their method works despite the clear and obvious evidence that it doesn't work for everyone

  15. * denies that there are many other ways to care for health AND illness

  16. * denies natural immunity

  17. * denies people have immune systems that work without drugs

  18. * denies the crucial impact and importance of true health that comes from food, emotional well being, mental well being, sunshine and exercise

  19. * denies all the harm that their drugs cause above and beyond the issues it was intended to heal, long-term devastating health problems caused by harsh drug interventions

  20. * denies all the many times that their drugs have killed the people it was claiming to heal

  21. * accuse those who do NOT worship pharmaceutical drugs of being ignorant, stupid, selfish, crazy, conspiracy theorists denying that many people who choose natural methods for health ARE highly educated

  22. * deny, are ignorant of, or indifferent to the fact that many people who choose to live without pharmaceutical drugs were previously harmed by them and came to their conclusions from their own real life experiences

  23. If you choose to worship pharmaceutical companies and their drugs that's your choice - stop pushing your form of worship on others!

  24. * only believes the so-called science that backs its claims, science financed by the profiteers of its claims while denying all other science and doctors as frauds

  25. * deny that others have the right to take care of their own body, and health, in whatever ways they choose and believe in

  26. * deny that their health is actually their own personal responsibility

  27. * deny the obvious conflicts of interest involved with the pharmaceutical industry’s control of the media, governmental agencies, and corporations

  28. Pharmaceutical worshipers are desperate to blame anything and anyone outside of themselves for their health issues, including blaming people who refuse shots for their own illnesses!!

If the shots work to protect against X then those who got the shots are protected against X.

If the shots ONLY work to protect against X if EVERYONE gets it, then they DON'T work because you CANNOT inject the world against their will!!!!!!! People are quoting all kinds of numbers of those who have died from X, yet it is unclear if they died from X, died from the shots, died from the treatments they received, which was more [questionable] shots, injections, including ventilators that some doctors say caused deaths, treatments that may or may not have contributed to deaths. Some deaths being counted as caused by X that are truly questionable. Who can you trust? Government health officials paid by the government to push the governments pharmaceutical agendas. Pharmaceutical lobbyists...?

Some treatments being forced on people, other treatments being denied, what is true, what is lie? So many deaths, people are terrified. Everyone looking for someone to blame, and somehow when you follow the money, the voices of those not following the narratives, and the bigger truth that there are many ways to live, to be healthy, and to heal when ill, and the medical industry is not the only, and often, not even the best option.

In my life experience, if I had stayed with my medical doctors, and continued with their prescribed treatments, prescribed drugs, and prescribed surgeries, I would have lost my reproductive system, and so much that this part of me creates inside my body, my life, and my experience of how I feel, inside and out. I would have lost my chance to heal! I would have lost my health! I would have lost my children who I cherish every day as the miracles that natural healing methods brought me, and them to experience. The miracle of pregnancy, birth and new life itself! The miracle of a healed, healthy, pain-free, drug free body!

But these "miracles" are available to anyone willing and able to learn other methods to balance yourself and to heal, get healthier, and stay healthy for as long as humanly possible.

Stop denying there are many paths to health and healing when ill, and insisting that pharmaceutical drugs are THE ONLY WAY!

Get over yourself! You can NOT get sick because others have not been injected with Pharmaceutical DRUGS!

Stop Worshiping Pharmaceutical Companies and Government!

Stop hating people for making their own intelligent health and life choices!

Learn the truth of side effect suppression that so many drug making companies hide from public awareness with government assistance, to push many harmful drugs into the market, for trillions of dollars EACH YEAR.

Do I believe there is ANY time and place for pharmaceuticals? Yes, of course there are times when it's the best course of action. But a) having use and purpose and b) being forcibly injected into everyone against their will are not even close to the same.

Medical tyranny needs to end.

Pharmaceutical worship appears in some with fanatical, religious fervor.

That is the most terrifying 'thing' out here in my humble, and educated opinion.

The fantasy of the medical industry being one centered around creating 'health care' truly is a fantasy, paid for with billions on marketing each year.

When someone surrenders their 'health' and well being to those who profit from our illness and dependence on drugs, we are truly ill. So many people are actually becoming ill from the prescription drugs, the surgeries, the treatments and procedures the medical industries are getting ultra rich charging millions of people to do, and the "foods" they push as vital to eat which also actually make people ill!! Chronically ill! There is so much brainwashing that has happened. People actually hardcore believing that pharmaceutical drugs, pills, and injections are REQUIRED for optimal health when that is the furthest THING from optimal health!!

Optimal health comes from eating natural foods, scientifically proven to reverse all the diseases caused by eating so many of the so-called foods people are also addicted to, and worship along with their pills and injections.

The animals and the animals secretions that people LOVE to eat so much, and even brainwash kids in "science" class, that eggs, milk, and dead animal body parts are crucial for our health.

The public school system teaches the federally mandated curriculums that speak to the messages they promote. The 'science' that says milk, eggs, and 'meats' are vital parts of our food pyramid, crucial protein and calcium that every "healthy body needs". Government industry backed "science" to promote the products the government pays for, and then lines every grocery shelf with, and plays commercials to sell it to every household across the "nation". Yet, all these scientific studies are financed by the industries and agencies that rely on their very existence. Why would they promote the science, the facts, the truth that would destroy the very existence of their riches, of their reason of being?

They don't promote the science, the facts, and truths that oppose their continued monopolies. They don't accurately regulate, and "police" themselves. They consider their bottom line profits, not people's lives, health, and happiness. You are truly an emperor in fool's clothing if you believe otherwise.

The daily nutrition 'requirements' according to the FDA are filled with disease causing '"foods" that they subsidize in order to keep "Americans" buying and consuming these "products" that create disaster in every area possible.

Environmentally, health-wise, in weight management, in being the causes of the worst, most deadly AND THE MOST PREVENTABLE diseases, that the pharmaceutical industries get FILTHY RICH off of by selling 'legal drug' addicts drugs that treat some symptoms while simultaneously creating other, new, strictly drug related symptoms. New symptoms that often create the "need" for more drugs, and then in turn those additional drugs create more symptoms. Until they don't know what is causing what. But they've got another drug addicted patient. Worst of all, the original issues are often solvable, yet through methods not acknowledged by the very industries that can not profit off these methods.

Not only have those industries NOT offered these more natural remedies to their 'patients', they have actively, heavily suppressed the true science that proves their effectiveness, and "debunks" every doctor, scientist, and any other professional who shares knowledge and information contrary to their profitable message. This practice has been going on since the dawn of the medical industry and the new mini god, your doctor who is trusted as a god, with our lives, our health, our illness, our treatment!

There is so much information out here, anyone can pull up facts, scientific studies, statistics, data, their real life experiences, to prove their perspective.

Everyone out there believing that the only way this will ever 'go away' is for everyone to just submit, willingly or not, to getting 'this injection', more accurately, these never ending injections, is really truly willfully ignorant to the big picture.

The big picture is that there are many ways to deal with risks to our health. There are many ways to live. There are many ways to think, to eat, to exercise, to worship. There are 7.9 Billion People in the world today, Monday September 20, 2021. [World Population Clock: 7.9 Billion People (2021) - Worldometer]

Anyone believing that there is ONE SOLUTION for all 7.9 billion people that can be forced upon the entire population of humans against our will, is seriously delusional, in the worst way. Back that nazihateshit up, why are humans so addicted to hate, to controlling other, power, and then cloak it in virtue signaling, when its really conformity signaling.

Know yourself! Learn to believe that your body is meant to be healthy, and meant to feel good!

Take better care of yourself! Do your best each day!

How can anyone believe that a constant slew of pharmaceutical injections, from the moment a zygote is forming inside a mother's womb, injecting bodies with stuff is the best way to raise our children, or the best way to live.

Then the moment babies are born, inject them!? There so so many injections, and so many raging childhood illnesses, caused by pharmaceuticals, and always the pharmaceutical worship mindset is that the so-called cured diseases that shots cured were way worse than the disease the drugs create, and usually the diversionary tactic to claim all diseases linked to these drugs are not linked, all the science and doctors that claimed links were debunked.

The medical industry has created a complex system of information, and shifting definitions, shifting diagnosis', shifting drugs from one purpose to another. True some of this is the natural process of actual science, and also true, much of this shifting is to create the narrative so often regurgitated by the very worshipers of their products. The medical industry worship mindset that allows people to believe everything and anything outside of them is the cause, therefore, the cure is always an external form, something you can swallow and inject, while you ignore, and willfully forget, or truly never take the time to learn, that our health is actually our own, and a precious aspect of our own lives to take care of.

If you truly believe the pharmaceutical industry is going to save you, maybe that is your truth.

There are billions of us living our lives without the interventions of pharmaceuticals, and there always will be. Stop consuming a daily and nightly dose of fear, terror, anxiety, hate. Everywhere we turn, there is fear being jammed down our throats. Fear of others, fear of diseases, fear of the weather, fear of illness, fear of disaster, fear of nature.

Are you choosing to feed yourself with a constant diet of fear and terror through every avenue imaginable? In the news, in the movies, in the shows, in the papers, online, every day, day in and night out, consuming fear and terror? Of course, people will be sick and dying when constantly immersed in fear, and unhealthy lifestyles!

It is possible to spend time learning the real causes of environmental devastation, health crises including pandemics, depression, and to learn how to lessen your personal impact on these areas. It is possible to improve own health overall, and to lessen the chances of any illness we encounter from overcoming us.

It is possible to learn why disease of the past were the pandemics, plagues, and crises they were, and how sanitation, housing, access to healthy fruits and vegetables, healthy natural food, or food deserts and lack of sanitation, plumbing, sewage waste removal, garbage removal, and poor hygiene, including poor dental health, and lack of education all contributing to prior health crises.

Pharmaceutical injections are not the cure all miracles that many people have been brainwashed into believing, which requires the suspension of knowledge of all these other important contributing factors.

Lack of knowledge of many lifestyle habits we now consider basic common sense, but in the past common sense included not washing hands, not knowing about or believing in germs, lacking knowledge about how bugs, rodents, and other animals can spread disease. Lack of knowledge about how to properly store perishables. Lack of disinfecting.

And conversely, now common sense lack the knowledge about the dangers of over disinfecting. The dangers of over sterilizing. The dangers of over medicating. The dangers of excess antibiotic use. The dangers of excess pesticides.

Learn the truth about deficit and excess, and how nutritional imbalances, deficit in necessary nutrients, and excess of unnecessary substances, cause serious health issues. Balancing through the correction of deficits and excesses creates health, not prescription drugs.

Balancing ourselves through understanding the holistic perspective that we are a complete being whose many systems and states make up the health, or lack of health overall.

That our emotional, mental spiritual, financial states impact our physical health. That our past impacts our health. That our belief systems impact our health. That our environment, what's in our food, in our cleaning products, in our clothing, in the air inside our homes and offices, on our lawns, on our cars or in the streets, all these various parts of life, your personal space, your larger environment that includes your family, friends, social networks, your shops and markets, your towns, and cities, your world that encircles you, all these seemingly separate bits of life combine to impact our health.

But most of all, what we are personally thinking, feeling, doing, believing and eating, will impact our personal health. Again, not a bunch of shots.

And so on...there is A LOT to learn about a LOT of things well beyond pharmaceutical injections for everyone!!

That would only cause MORE pandemics, black plagues, genocides, and health crises everywhere.

If this whole P a n d e m i c is really about health, people's health, why are 'THEY", the 'doctors', the 'scientists', the 'experts', the governments, the 'health officials', the corporations, NOT teaching people how to ACTUALLY be healthy!

How can you overcome a p a n d e m i c ? By ensuring the most people who CAN be healthy ARE HEALTHY! Not by injecting everyone with drugs!!! But through TRUE lasting, real life style changes that will ensure more people will be healthier for the long term.

Teach people how to eat healthy food, edible plants. Teach people to grow edible plants. Teach people how to stop fearing the sun and learn to get adequate amounts of sun, without being covered in sun blocking creams, that scream more fear into us, claiming to protect from sun cancer despite being scientifically proven to cause cancer. Stop teaching people things like the sun can kill you unless you buy, and slather yourself in creams! Teach people to listen to their own skin tell them when they got enough sun exposure and it's time to cover up or get in the shade.

Learn the truth about all the diseases that come from vitamin d deficiency that comes from being indoors too much and not getting enough sunlight! Learn that often what is being pushed as a vitamin in pill form is actually something you can only get from direct sunlight, or by eating the fruits, veggies and grains that contain those nutrients in whole food form.

Learn that swallowing pills, even those called vitamins is actually harmful and detrimental to health.

Learn that sedentary lifestyles cause many preventable illnesses and diseases. Learn that eating dead animals, and any part of animals causes most preventable, yet deadly diseases. Learn how to reverse deadly, chronic, autoimmune diseases, and many kinds of illnesses considered incurable, and so-called "requiring a lifetime" dependence on expensive, heavily side effective, prescription drugs through fruits, vegetables, and emotional healing. Learn lifestyle habits that create health, and include being outside more often. Learn to listen to, and to TRUST your own body's inherent intelligence communication system. Such as the biggest organ and brain we have, our skin! Teach people the benefits of being in tune with all of our body's ways it has to communicate to us what it needs, and what state of balance or imbalance we are in. Teach people the benefits of walking, being outside. Learning how to be human again!

But those things are not profitable! It is more profitable for people to be taught "science" that claims we are victims to our genes, and to many diseases that we can only control, avoid, or conquer, through the slew of drugs prescribed for every human from conception day 1 through the dash until beyond your last.

It is more profitable to teach people to fear their bodies.

To disconnect us from the most natural and beautiful part of our human life, our bodies.

They teach that being pregnant is scary, dangerous, painful, requiring tons of drugs, interventions, machines, monitoring. That childbirth is scary, dangerous, and unbearably painful requiring tons of drugs, interventions, machines, monitoring. That being a newborn is scary, painful, dangerous requiring tons of drugs, interventions, machines, monitoring.

That being a toddler, a young child, an adolescent, a teenager, a young adult, an adult, an older adult, a really old adult, is scary, dangerous, painful requiring tons of drugs, interventions, machines, monitoring.

All "legal prescription drugs", of course! Legal, highly profitable, and so many so-called "required" by the government for health!?

But I say No. No, life is not only scary, dangerous, and painful. My body is a wonderful system that can monitor my own health, my own needs, and I have a wealth of information accessible to me that has allowed me to learn how to heal naturally, with food, and emotional healing.

Those things are simple, if you stick with it, at least for those who do not live in food deserts!

So let's make healthy fruits, vegetables, and grains available to everyone. Let's close down industries that create health crisis, chronic health diseases that are preventable! Let's empower more people to own their own health by creating more avenues for healthy options. Let's shut down industries that exploit the natural resources in so many places that are the very causes of famine, starvation, and health crises worldwide. Let's....zzzzipp...better zip those lips...!!

Oh wait, that would require a whole bunch of righting a whole bunch of wronging, and I don't believe these powerful industries with mega trillions and global power will acquiesce to do the 'right' thing.

Therefore, I encourage everyone who desires to take control of your own health, to do these things in your own life, such as eating healthy foods, links available on this blog of what to eat. Get walks in daily. Find ways to move your body that feels good. Learn to heal your past traumas, learn to see your currently unseen wounds. Learn to love yourself truly. Learn to boost your immune system with foods, and other not invasive methods, such as self massage, massage therapy, essential oils, homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, whole food plant-based eating, avoiding processed oils of all kinds in food, herbs, cupping, meditation, yoga, dancing, stretching, healthy, safe, regular physical affection, healthy relationships, the time and space required to pursue your personal desires, dreams, passions, hobbies, and interests. Education that does not have hidden agendas from government, commerce, pharmaceutical agendas, political agendas, and loss of personal autonomy.

Learning so much of the history not taught in schools.

Learning so much about Energy, human energy, not taught in schools.

Learning that even the curriculums for many fields are laced with hidden agendas that serve their own benefits, often twisted into a narrative that creates the "reality" that what benefits them is what is imperative to your survival. But frequently, these are lies, lies that serve them but harm the majority of people. This is just my opinion, this is not health advice. I invite you to consider these suggestions, and see how you feel. Always allow your body to be your guide.

This entire mindset being forced on us says that we can not even trust our own body to tell us if we are well or ill. That WE have NO power to feel our well being, to know if we are well, or to be well, stay well, and maintain health, without pharmaceutical intervention for our entire lives!

From the moment you are conceived, for some even before conception, being injected with pharmaceuticals, year after year, for your entire life? If this is your vision of health, we will never see eye to eye.

My health is my Own!

Here is an informative video by Russell Brand

#FDA #BigPharma #Corruption

THIS Is Why You Can’t Trust Big Pharma

THIS Is Why You Can’t Trust Big Pharma

New Prescription Drugs: A Major Health Risk With Few Offsetting Advantages

by Donald W. Light

Few people know that new prescription drugs have a 1 in 5 chance of causing serious reactions after they have been approved. That is why expert physicians recommend not taking new drugs for at least five years unless patients have first tried better-established options, and have the need to do so.

Few know that systematic reviews of hospital charts found that even properly prescribed drugs (aside from misprescribing, overdosing, or self-prescribing) cause about 1.9 million hospitalizations a year. Another 840,000 hospitalized patients are given drugs that cause serious adverse reactions for a total of 2.74 million serious adverse drug reactions. About 128,000 people die from drugs prescribed to them. This makes prescription drugs a major health risk, ranking 4th with stroke as a leading cause of death. The European Commission estimates that adverse reactions from prescription drugs cause 200,000 deaths; so together, about 328,000 patients in the U.S. and Europe die from prescription drugs each year. The FDA does not acknowledge these facts and instead gathers a small fraction of the cases.

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