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Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas Eve Eve - Still Vegan

Merry Christmas Eve Eve - Still Vegan

Photo by LOVE Living Peach Westwood, Los Angeles, CA 2007
Merry Christmas too πŸŽ„
Please Stop Using
Your tired ass excuses
those worn out reasons
for every Holiday season
every crap tradition
like a violence-rules mission
like this cruelty-in-everything condition

this We-Must-Eat-Death-To-Celebrate-Mortician-Fix-My-Plate

Limited Vision
Love Those Animals-Eat These Division
It’s Actually Called Speciesism
Which is a fancy way of saying
You only care about a select few
and give no shits or fucks about those
you choose to serve - choose to chew
dead animals chopped into pieces
since you don’t care about their species
Unless it’s to serve you
serve your dinner
serve your violent ideologies

You serve with your meaningless apologies
insincere  - you give thanks
you pretend to spread love and light
while dining on blight

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