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Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
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Thursday, September 5, 2019

YES! Patreon Only Dancing Stretching Videos YES! 09 05 2019

YES! Patreon Only Dancing Stretching Videos YES! 09 05 2019

Thursday September 5, 2019 @ 2:50am
Q: Will I get Patreon Only Video Content of L.O.V.E. Living Peach's Dancing, Stretching, Yoga Videos? click more...

A: YES! YES! YES! I will be posting Once Weekly a Special Patreon Patron's ONLY Video of myself dancing, stretching, yogaing, self massage
Q: Can I make special requests for videos?
A: Yes. You can email me to request special personal video time
Q: Can I request certain clothes or no clothes?
A: NO! NO! NO!
Q: Will you do sexy stuff in videos for me? What if I pay extra extra??
A: NO! NO! NO! 
Q: Will you post videos for me to follow along with your stretching or dancing?
A: Yes! But not all videos will be instructional in nature.
Q: Will you do self massage videos?
A: Yes, but again, they will only be of a nonsexual nature and I will be dressed in the clothes I choose.
Q: If I send you an email praising your beauty, body, movements, or ideas, will you consider dating me?
A: Thank you for all your comments and interest in me personally, it is flattering at times, alarming at others, and though appreciated, this platform is not a dating site, I am not posting and sharing to attract a mate on this forum. While I may read emails of this nature, please note they are deleted and I never respond to dating and/or sexual requests. Thank you for your respect and in keeping it clean!
Q: Why should I be a Patron for L.O.V.E. Living Peach?
A: I love life and finding joy in every breath! If you are interested in expanding your willingness and ability to love yourself and others, this is an excellent place to gain self love!

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