Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil

Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Patreon Youtube Path Intentions + Clarity & Creating Authentic Joy & Well Matched Connections

Patreon Youtube Path Intentions + Clarity & Creating Authentic Joy & Well Matched Connections

Here I talk about my ongoing plans for my Youtube channel, which will continue
with dancing, stretching, yogaing, self massaging videos. I also further clarify my
intention for the path of my Patreon account. I want to be as transparent as
possible for anyone who wants to support me about what content your support
will give you. click for more...
I also talk about the crucial importance to me in being truly authentic and
genuine in my 'real life' as well as on my social media accounts.
Well matched partners and supporters come to me easily when
I live true to who I uniquely am. I LOVE when people who are not well matched with my authentic nature
unfollow, unsubscribe, or discontinue their support.

Because this attitude frees me from the mental prison of worrying about others
opinions, pleasure or displeasure. By aligning with my OWN realness and joy,
by sharing my OWN authentic self, I can feel confident in myselfness,
and I also feel good that those who support me are doing so because
you genuinely enjoy my content and creations. 

My Patreon account is for anyone to support me in general.
Also it is for Coaching Videos centered on Self Love,
Manifesting Dreams, Manifesting Specific People or Circumstances,
and mostly in increasing your real actual personal happiness.

Join me as I expand my willingness and ability
to love myself and others. 

Starts first with owning my own realness, uniqueness,
and having Faith that the people who will gain from
my message will be magnetically attracted
to support me, and anyone who doesn’t can happily
go about your own path in love and joy.

Angels Of Love and Light Are Lighting Up
The Path of Joyous Love and Success.

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