Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil

Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Consciously, purposefully choosing nonviolence towards all life forms and ~ "Would You Date Yourself" by Matthew Hussey

Consciously, purposefully choosing to be peaceful and nonviolent towards humans and all life forms is a lovely way to offer love to the world. 

Being gentle feels kind of easy when you see it's value.

Be a "Tenderist", it's a term I made up that means living tenderly.

Definition of tender
:  marked by, responding to, or expressing the softer emotions :  fond, loving a tender lover
a :  showing care :  considerate, solicitous tender regard
a :  appropriate or conducive to a delicate or sensitive constitution or character :  gentle, mild tender behavior

b :  delicate or soft in quality or tone

Would You Date Yourself? by Matthew Hussey

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Vegan Food Is Gross!

Everyday I'm amazed that people who eat dead animals and their bodily functions are scared of, or think that vegan food is gross! Or lacking some essential ingredients! People think it's gross to make milk from an almond but have no problem eating coagulated breast milk from a mammal, actually loving, extremely gentle beings, who have to suffer and be tortured, after they are forcibly inseminated (raped by humans with the semen of an enslaved and raped bull, bulls raped by humans for humans who consume this awful stuff). Some sick shit right here: I Trick Bulls Into Gay Sex: 5 Realities Behind Your Beef This is really NASTY STUFF in every way! Beautiful kind animals, Forced to be pregnant and their babies are stolen right after they're born,

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Planting seeds of kindness, and watering them everyday inside ourselves first and then spreading it out to everyone we meet along the way or Focusing on our illnesses, problems, or lack

Thank you Eckhart Tolle! Focusing on our illnesses, problems, or lack.
Even focusing on the "problems outside of us, out there", there, out there somewhere, this way? Or that way? Which way can we focus our energy??????? On ourselves      or* There's more words after all the ways we can distract ourselves.....↓keep scrolling...
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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Plants Have Feelings Though or Different People Just Need/Like Different Food


Plants are alive and that's why it's so vital that we eat them!

Animals are killed before consumed and should not be eaten because then you are eating something dead.

Most rational people can see the difference between plant life and animal life. But yes, it is life! Eat life not death!

And don't eat dead plants! Dead plants = rotten food and seeds for new, fresh food.
Dead animals = a departed soul and a rotting corpse = not food. Let me repeat, plants are living food! Don't eat dead plants, they are rotten. Don't be Rude
Eat Food Not Animals, dude.
That's just crude,
dead flesh chewed
does not produce a happy stasis
Did you ever think about their faces?
While you munch on their guts?
Why doesn't this seem nuts?
It does to me!!
Silly ol', little weird me!

Animals and their bodily functions are not food for humans! Do not eat dead creatures, dead beings, it is NOT food!! It's rotting corpses! Rotten violence begotten flesh! NOT Food! Animal's bodily functions are not meant for human consumption, it's a sick, twisted exploitation of an animal's body and secretions! Periods aka menstrual cycles! Mother's Milk!

Those industries are making billions of dollars from the business of killing, raping, exploiting, torturing! Violence!! Killing animals, killing the humans who consume it, and killing Earth. Please stop!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Are you Violent or Non~Violent? How do you Practice this?

You are what you eat. Are you Violent or Non~Violent? 

How do you Practice this?

Do you eat cruelty~free? Do you eat violence? Once you learn the truth that eating animals and their bodily functions causes health problems, is far from necessary for Optimal Health, is actually killing us, causing diseases, as well as killing the animals, killing the environment, maybe that will motivate you to switch to cruelty~free options? They're so much healthier!
Eating death and violence creates more death and violence, anxiety, depression, illness, and a shit ton of other negative stuff. Are you bringing negativity, pain and suffering into your body and into the world? Or are you living your life as a peaceful kind being? Whatever you've done up to this moment, you still have a chance to make your next moment peaceful and non-violent. Plant seeds of love and water them. And eat plants not loving, living beings.

Richard Watts Vegan Sidekick  http://www.vegansidekick.com

Original Image (B & W Drawing) by
Richard Watts Vegan Sidekick  http://www.vegansidekick.com
Emojis and color words added by L.O.V.E.

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