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Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Vegan Food Is Gross!

Everyday I'm amazed that people who eat dead animals and their bodily functions are scared of, or think that vegan food is gross! Or lacking some essential ingredients! People think it's gross to make milk from an almond but have no problem eating coagulated breast milk from a mammal, actually loving, extremely gentle beings, who have to suffer and be tortured, after they are forcibly inseminated (raped by humans with the semen of an enslaved and raped bull, bulls raped by humans for humans who consume this awful stuff). Some sick shit right here: I Trick Bulls Into Gay Sex: 5 Realities Behind Your Beef This is really NASTY STUFF in every way! Beautiful kind animals, Forced to be pregnant and their babies are stolen right after they're born,
after almost 10 months of pregnancy. These are beings who have true social lifelong bonds and love each other. Then all boy babies have to be killed so that you can consume his milk, his mother's milk, her milk, her mother's milk, her breast milk, her baby's milk! Dead baby boy "dairy" cows AKA "Veal"!! Except for the few unlucky boys who will be enslaved, chained, so they can be raped by humans over and over until they are killed. Unless it's a female baby then she's forced into slavery to continue the cycle. Although some baby girls are sent to slaughter as veal too if the factory has "enough" girl babies to enslave for their future stolen-babies-milk. And this milk has blood, pus, antibiotics, pesticides, potentially bovine leukemia, other really gross stuff and is linked to so many illnesses and yet people think this is yummy and "real"?
The lactation of a nursing mom, in this case enormous cows, has a shit ton more estrogen than a frikin' soybean! Ice cream is "gross" or "fake" if it's made from bananas or coconut milk or almond milk or even soy (and many other animal free options), but destroying a complete species is cool and good and yummy? Normal or natural the "cycle of life"? What kind of logic is this??😭 Cows DO NOT NEED US TO MILK THEM!!! AND WE DO NOT NEED TO drink cow's milk for health!! Cheese and ice cream essential for "good health"? Ha what a horrible lie!!! People are buying it every day! WE enslave, torture, and exploit every aspect of their lives from conception to their planned murders. But coconut milk ice cream is "GROSS" or "FAKE"?! "How can you give up dairy? I just can't imagine how you do it! I could never, would never, will NEVER stop eating Dairy!" ~ Meat-eaters and Vegetarians How can anyone BUY IT, SUPPORT IT, AND EAT IT??! That's the REAL Question! I was truly an Ignorant Vegetarian for about 18 years before learning these painful but important truths!! For more on this, see here; The Ignorant Vegetarian - Becoming Vegan in a Non-Vegan World by L.O.V.E.. Also read this; I Just Can't Quit Cheese! Or other Dairy Products.
So many people struggling with their weight but eating breast lactation coagulated into almost pure fat, whipped with sugar, mother's milk intended to grow a 70-90 lb baby 600 to 800 lbs in less than 1.5 years. How can you consume the stuff and not struggle and suffer with weight issues? Not to mention health problems. Not to mention violence. And what about how you feel about what you're doing in the world? All dairy cows are ground up into hamburgers after a few short years of torture, 15-20 years prematurely cut life, stolen, murdered!! Beautiful, loving creatures killed for humans to ravish like gluttonous vultures, only us humans don't have the same internal make-up that allows them to digest and nourish themselves with the corpses of dead animals. Eating dead animals, as well as the lactation intended to grow those animals, has been SCIENTIFICALLY and MEDICALLY PROVEN to cause ILLNESS in Humans! This violence is all for an illness causing addiction!! Not for life sustaining nourishment!! Vegetarians think somehow they're not contributing to animal violence and cruelty. Everybody's out here talking about science science and Earth and shit. What about what's actually contributing to all this shit (disease, destruction of earth, enslavement of many different species, human famine, continued exploitation of humans and other life forms, violent ideologies, practices that result in people being cut off from their own inherent goodness, eating habits that cause anxiety, stress, unhappiness, suicide, misery confusion, aggression, perpetuating a lie that violent and aggressive humans were the ones to advance our species and NOT the gentler, softer, more emotional, more considerate, plant eaters*), that nobody wants to look at that they are consuming their very selves? Cheese ice cream yogurt milk, bacon, hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, cheeseburgers, fish, any kind of seafood, none of this stuff is health food! This is junk food. Dead animals are not even food for humans, truly it's been proven time and again to cause diseases and be linked to the leading causes of death in this country and worldwide. Chicken flesh is not health food. Bacon is NOT healthy!! Pigs scientifically tested more intelligent than dogs! Pigs can play videos games! Showing more intelligence than the dogs and 3 year old humans they were tested with!! Chickens, fish, cows, pigs, turkeys, even f-*ing octopuses have all been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to be intelligent, social creatures who WANT TO LIVE!! But...."Bacon though"? No MotherEf'er, just NO. There are countless options, a world of cruelty free options for every addiction of junk food and pretense of health food and bullshit, twisted industry lie of NEED PROTEIN THOUGH!
People think they're eating "healthy" and "clean" when they're eating death. They're eating destruction, violence and cruelty, and the leading cause of most of the scientifically proven problems with climate and the destruction of Earth's resources. Animal agriculture, a lovely name for a horrific industry. An industry that makes money from exploiting, torturing, and killing innocent, gentle creatures. An industry destroying species', ecosystems, and Earth every second! Everyone who's a vegetarian or a meat-eater is contributing to these problems. If you've managed to escape health issues from eating animals (so far), every purchase still contributes to climate issues, and HUMAN starvation world wide! As well as being pure violence directed at gentle, innocent creatures! And is also connected to resource and political wars, and killing of humans globally. Violence is NOT health or necessary! Violence is NOT nourishment! Let's LIVE Tenderly! Live Non-violently! Don't talk about love and peace and eat, drink, wear, and entertain yourselves with the violence and enslavement of living beings! People are dying from obesity AND Mal-nourishment at the same time!!! OVERWEIGHT but completely lacking in the proper nutrients! And believing they can swallow pills to fix all their ills!!? What?! No. "What do you even eat anyway? Cardboard? Do you have anything left to eat now that you cut everything out?" These are the kinds of things that people who only understand about eating dead animals and their bodily functions can see. Now that I cut every single thing that came from an animal out of my diet I am eating more food than ever before. I am never hungry and there's more food than I can even eat. People don't even want to chew their own food. Do you know how much food you get to eat and chew when you don't throw everything in a blender or eat everything out of packages? Do you know how much I love to eat? I eat like 6 to 8 times a day. I never restrict my calories. I never weigh my food. I never think about it. I always eat until I feel satiated and full. I even indulge in vegan junk food sometimes. And you know what I'm feeling great and I might not look perfect but it's so easy. Eat some rice and potatoes and pasta. Have some fruits and veggies. People are terrified of fruit which is unbelievable and they're out here eating processed crap and sugar and dead bodies and they think it's normal and that I'm weird.
Y'all motherfuckers eating dead creatures and putting their dead mother's coagulated milk on top of it, mix in a little chicken menstruation, pull some animals out of the sea, kill them, fry it all up in oil, then eat that, now that's weird!
People think it's totally normal to eat chicken's periods and the Flesh of murdered animals who suffered, but eating some plants is really gross. "But what about Humane Meat and Dairy and Fish!?! πŸ€”πŸ˜πŸ˜£πŸ˜’πŸ˜–πŸ˜²πŸ˜©


"If that is humane, then take the kids to one and let them make a day of it. Why not? Because it isn't humane, that's why."
~ PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk

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