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Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Planting seeds of kindness, and watering them everyday inside ourselves first and then spreading it out to everyone we meet along the way or Focusing on our illnesses, problems, or lack

Thank you Eckhart Tolle! Focusing on our illnesses, problems, or lack.
Even focusing on the "problems outside of us, out there", there, out there somewhere, this way? Or that way? Which way can we focus our energy??????? On ourselves      or* There's more words after all the ways we can distract ourselves.....↓keep scrolling...
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And that or this is a way of being stuck in anger, pain, frustration, disappointment, unhappiness, bitterness, lack, an everything-is-wrong-with-the-world-attitude.
Is it true? IS EveryThing WronG with the World?? Sure! But!! But so is the fact that every second and every breath there is love and kindness and tenderness and goodness that we can be, just by being! Not by complaining and focusing on the baaaaaaaaaaadd. Stop complaining, it's making you and everyone around you miserable. Why is the most essential truth, that we EACH have the POWER to heal OURSELVES from the INSIDE through our FOOD choices, NOT TAUGHT TO MOST PEOPLE??

Why are we lied to that pills, test, procedures, and surgeries are the answer to our health problems??????

Why is this culture so obsessed with misery!?! But by offering the inherent love inside EVERY ONE OF US to ourselves, and loving kindness to ourselves, by nurturing and nourishing ourselves with love, kindness, tenderness, sweetness, we can HEAL! For Real! And not processed sugar sweetness, ooey gooey sickeningly sweet sweetness, I mean pure sweetness. Real sweetness. Like the sweetness of fresh fruit. Like the sweetness of a tender hug. Like the sweetness of a friend listening attentively, just to be your witness, not to advise, not to make you feel better, not to cheer you up, or to do anything other than to be with the real you, just as you are, showing up. Yes we need cheering up sometimes, but sometimes we just need to be heard. To be known. To be seen. To be loved. As we actually ARE at that moment. NOT as we *wish* we were, or as our friend wishes we were, or as our spouse or partner wishes we were, or our kids, or our boss, or anyone but just BEING as you ACTUALLY ARE in that moment, FOR REAL, whatEVER IT is that You ARE, at that moment! Do you have friend who Shows up to be with you and spread love and kindness in the world? Rather than showing up to complain about all the aches, pains, ills, chills, and ill-wills of the worries and the out theres and the in heres that are all sick and twisted and miserable. Do you show up for yourself to listen to yourself and be your own friend to witness your own feelings, needs, experiences, and dreams? So yes, TAKE the time to cry your heart out to a trusted, loving friend. Take time to cry your heart out to yourself. THEN, start the healing process so you can mend. And keep living in forward motion.
You can go slow. But there is a big difference between a crystal clear body of water, still and calm, reflecting all as is, and a stagnant swamp, putrid stench of blocked, clogged, gunked up, long rotten but not forgotten problems, cramming your insides with illness and no forgiveness. Holding on to anger and betrayal. Holding on to self limiting beliefs that do not spread love and peace and kindness out into the world, because, even if this person DOES share love, it is always laced with pain. Intricately woven with suffering that can not escape the giving of love, because the giving is coming from a place of pain rather than of self-love.

Heal our hearts. Our bodies. Our Minds. Our spirits. Our intuition. Our relationships. Our connection to nature, to earth, to food, to animals, to all life!! IF you are sick then the best thing is to start feeding yourself love and kindness. And plants. And drinking lots of water. And stopping eating animals and their bodily functions which cause OUR bodily functions to malfunction because that is not the true source of our nourishment. CAN you live on animals and their bodily functions? Yes you can Live as in be breathing, but are you well? Are you happy? Are you spreading love and kindness out in the world? Are you feeling unwell? Physically? Mentally? Spiritually? Do you feel cut off? Do you feel cut off from your own inherent goodness Do you have a deep feeling, a gut instinct, that something isn't quite right? If you are an animal lover, or a peace lover, or a lover of nonviolence, or a lover of nature, a lover of kindness and peace, if you are a lover of fairness and respect for life forms different than your own, if you believe that wars are not good for the world and you can see that there really is no way that bringing violence into the world can bring peace, something in this message will connect with that true part of you.
"There is no path to peace, peace is the path." ~ Mahatma Gandhi Which means that we can not walk along a path consuming, eating, wearing, purchasing, supporting in every instance violence and NOT SUFFER! And we can not consume and contribute to animal abuse without creating more suffering and pain in the world.
Even in zoos, aquariums, fur, leather suede, make-up that animal tests, shampoos and conditioners, lotions, the list can seem endless of companies and industries that either are directly in consequence of hurting and killing animals, or is the product of such violence. If we continue to support these companies and industries and we also hold a belief of ourselves as kind, nonviolent, compassionate individuals, we have to go into cognitive dissonance to believe it! But inside our bodies, our hearts, our spirits, and our minds, we still know, we KNOW, we have intuition that we are screwing with and trying to cut off. And then we become filled with fear, rage, anxiety, depression, illness, sadness, despair. We feed our bodies with the rotting corpses of creatures that were terrified, brutalized, and tortured their whole lives, and we wonder why we feel this way?
We drink sugary syrup instead of water.
We eat processed foods at every corner.
We try to self medicate all our misery away by eating "sweets" and "treats". But this only adds to our misery, illness, obesity, unhappiness, discontent, tooth decay, medical bills, cravings and addictions, every negative affliction.
Yet, we consider it extreme to only eat plants. Some of us think it's extreme to kill a living being to eat it's rotting flesh. Which only feeds misery and illness inside us.
What about what we feed our minds? The movies we watch, books we read. The news and shows we feed our minds and spirits?
What about all this violence we ingest daily from every orifice?
Stop feeding our addictions to being sick. To pills from doctors. Addictions to pills over the counters. Addictions to being sick and having to have major medical procedures and life saving surgeries.
If we just eat plants, get enough sunshine, and fill our lives, our days, our moments, our minds, with thoughts and acts of love, kindness, tenderness, and compassion, with nonviolence, then we will start to heal. We will start to move out the sludge inside of us. We will start to get the waters flowing and clean out the gunk from years that's accumulated inside out bodies, our intestines, our bloodstreams, our minds, our spirits, and clear it all out again.
Start planting the seeds of love. Start eating fruits, veggies, grains, beans, legumes, seeds, and drinking lots of water.

Flush out the old sadness and clogged arteries. Get that blood flowing freely! Once we are filled with love, it spills out to others.
Yes, there are an infinite amount of issues, problems, bad stuff, suffering in the world, and we each can actually heal it by bringing more love into the world. More love, kindness, tenderness, compassion. Every bite of food you take, every purchase you make, everything you wear, your accessories, makeup, shoes, wallets, everything we purchase and support can either bring more kindness and tenderness into the world, or more violence, killing, slaughter, fear, pain, anxiety, confusion, depression, illness, all the bad things you can think of, imagine and list, can only be healed by adding more love, planting seeds of kindness, and watering them everyday inside ourselves first and then spreading it out to everyone we meet along the way. *Source of arrows: Unicode Arrows → ⇒ ⇄ ↻ By Xah Lee

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