Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil

Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
Whole Food, Plant~Based, Oil~Free Vegan, NO processed oils, Minimal Sugar Dietary Guidelines Food Pyramid

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Hello My Lovely Peaches!!

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I just wanted to make a quick note about my blog being cut off for a few days. 

Unfortunately I am in a true crisis situation and I am struggling financially right now - as many of us are experiencing the tight squeeze of financial needs exceeding our financial income.

My blog fee was up for renewal and I simply didn't have the money to pay! My blog was taken down and all the years I have worked on this was suddenly - poof! Gone!

Thank Buddha I was able to pay the renewal fee before I lost it completely!

I love to keep my blog free and ad free too - because personally - I hate blogs with ads!

I thought I would send an invitation to any and all of my blog post readers to join me on Patreon if you are interested in dancing videos or love coaching videos.

If you are interested in the articles - links - information - research - and vegan perspective I share here - you are invited to send your support in any denomination of your choosing:

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