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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Healthy People Are Not A Threat [except to Big Pharma]

Guess what? Pharmaceutical drugs have never been the path to true health! 

Healthy people are not a risk to anyone.



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Guess what else? There are many alternative ways to be healthy, to heal yourself when you’re sick, to overcome diseases, and to take care of your overall health and well-being without pharmaceutical drugs! 

Can you believe it? You can’t?! Well it’s true anyway, even if you don’t believe it! How about stop bullying people into doing what you did for your self because not every thing works for everyone! 

There is no cookie-cutter cure for everyone so stop pretending that there is and then vilifying those who have other ways to deal with their own health which is literally none of your effing business. Click below to Read moreπŸ‘‡πŸΌ

ps I finished this late at night and it probably has typos and needs editing!

It’s disgusting how many people are so quick to blame someone else for their own health problems when most likely they were already ill to begin with, or at the very least far from in perfect health! 

Take care of your own body, your own mental health, your own spiritual health, your own emotional health, gain some emotional intelligence, and your physical health is literally your actual responsibility and nobody can make you healthy by what they do to their self. 

People out here really believing that their own health is somebody else’s responsibility! Or that your illness is someone else’s fault?! 

True, our society has long believed that we are victims to our genes, and that diseases can pop out of nowhere and attack us. People literally being taught, and believing that NO aspect of our lives impacts our health other than our genes and luck. People NEED to be taught the truth, that what state of health, or illness you are in, will hugely determine how your body responds whenever you come in contact with 'illnesses'.

People often believe in the magic pill, the magic injection, and completely deny the role of food, emotional states, mental states, and everything else we do to our bodies in our overall health.

The real problem stems from this entire false belief system, which is the fundamental belief of Allopathic medicine. That tests, procedures, drugs-surgery-drugs is the answer, and miracle, to all that ails them. And of course, technology! All the technological machines money can buy!! With big stars and dollar signs in their eyes.

Most people have no interest in changing what they eat, or any other lifestyle aspects. They just want that magic shot to solve all their problems.

Now, they can BLAME others for their own medical problems because they Refused pharmaceutical shots for their own health?! What a goldmine for an entire population of blamers who are always looking for someone to vilify, someone to attack, and someone ELSE who is the cause of their own problems.

You mean, each person is individually responsible for their own health???? NO WAY MANNNNN, you are SOOOO SELFISH??!!! Oh really? I'm over here living my best life healing my own body and being well through and through and because I chose to SAY NO TO DRUGS, your illness is my fault?! 

No. Stop the finger-pointing lies. 

Yes, let's acknowledge all the human-made environmental toxins that put our health at risk. Most of our collective illnesses can be blamed on that.

Maybe you were in a horrible accident. Maybe you were born with a disease, or contracted one from the environment you are in. 

First, let me say, I don't believe we should be blaming people for our illnesses, and blame is not a mindset that leads to health. But if you really want someone to blame other than all the toxins you may have been exposed to, The only person you should be "blaming", [or holding accountable] for your illness is most likely your own self with your own bad habits. And/or the doctors that encourage those terrible habits and then prescribed you drugs instead of advising you on natural methods to heal yourself. Ways that they never learned in school and they probably don’t even know about.  If they do they can't profit from it so they’re not gonna tell you! If they do know about it, they certainly didn't learn about it at Allopathic medical school.

If your allopathic doctor knows about natural healing methods, and tells you, they didn't learn it at medical school, they can't bill you and profit from it, and they are a rare and special person.

But oh no neverrrr! People put doctors on pedestals and believe they are experts in health, and practically gods! Seriously, they do learn tons of stuff, but lack the basic education in how what we eat, think, feel experience, what traumas we've been through, and how we TREAT our body impacts our health overall and in every way! 

Most people don't want to hear that! They want a magic pill, a magic shot, and they want an easy target to blame! Either a bacteria, a virus, or a group of people that they believe are also a virus of some kind!

History is superfluously oversaturated with people blaming other people for being the cause of all that ails them.


If you are not forcing doctors, and pharmaceutical companies, and the government to take responsibility for the many environmental causes of illness, the many pharmaceutical causes of illness, the so-called FDA approved "foods" that cause illness, and all these combined causes that increase someone's chances of contracting illnesses, and of becoming severely ill, up to and including death and are desperately blaming those of us who avoid pharmaceutical drugs, I do believe you have been brainwashed!

It works perfectly for these industries to have their customers believing the REAL THREAT is the people who refuse the injections!! What a financial jackpot! πŸŽ°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°

Maybe you think THIS pandemic is exactly A disease that can pop out and attack you, make you deathly sick and kill you! And you truly believe that ME being injected with drugs will save you? Sad, twisted, disgusting and DEAD WRONG!

How healthy you are before you are exposed to an illness, and how you treat yourself after you are exposed, is the cause of your health! 

Your health problem is not someone else’s fault for not taking pharmaceutical drugs get over yourself πŸ˜’

"Few know that systematic reviews of hospital charts found that even properly prescribed drugs (aside from misprescribing, overdosing, or self-prescribing) cause about 1.9 million hospitalizations a year. Another 840,000 hospitalized patients are given drugs that cause serious adverse reactions for a total of 2.74 million serious adverse drug reactions. About 128,000 people die from drugs prescribed to them. This makes prescription drugs a major health risk, ranking 4th with stroke as a leading cause of death. The European Commission estimates that adverse reactions from prescription drugs cause 200,000 deaths; so together, about 328,000 patients in the U.S. and Europe die from prescription drugs each year. The FDA does not acknowledge these facts and instead gathers a small fraction of the cases." https://ethics.harvard.edu/blog/new-prescription-drugs-major-health-risk-few-offsetting-advantages

Then you want to tell people they are SO SELFISH because they won't be forced to take drugs FOR YOU? Or for "Grandma"? Sickening pharmaceutical shills!

How DARE you be SELFISH and take care of YOURSELF!? People want others to injure themselves, and care NOTHING about that person's personal physical state, health, lack of, previous experiences, or any other personal preference when it comes to how they take care of themself, in the face of daily possible threat to their health!

You know what? The real truth is that there has always been 'threats' to our health, every single day. There was before this current pandemic, and there will continue to be threats. Everyday of your life, there are threats to your health, and your life. How you choose to maintain your own health is not anyone else's business!!!!!

How dare people try to force others to be drugged against their will?! 

As someone who was harmed by my commitment to allopathic medicine, and doctors, for 20 years, and had to 'escape' the mentality that allowed me to believe that "THEIR EXPERT ADVICE" was my best and ONLY options, in order to heal, I can not fathom the idea of being FORCED AGAINST MY WILL to submit being injected with a concoction of crap that I personally refuse. I refuse and I have every right to choose to continue to live my healthy, happy, pharmaceutical FREE life!!! 

If I ever DO choose to take pharmaceuticals that is MY CHOICE and MY BUSINESS!

I used to wonder how it was humanly possible for all those people to support the nazis. Now I see, it was so easy, it was terrifyingly easy. If you ever wondered what you would do if nazi's tried to take control where you live, what you are doing now, what you are believing and repeating, is exactly what you are doing in the face of people seeking to impose their views on others in a very autocratic or inflexible way. This is the exact definition of nazi.

People are so quick to blame others, especially those of us who do not comply to mainstream society and have the ficking nerve to live our lives healthy, and happy without expensive, and devastating interventions.

The experts cut me up, and then cut me up again. They got me purposely addicted to pain pills. They wanted me to let them cut out my reproductive organs, for their own profit, KNOWING FULL WELL it would NOT cure anything, they themselves said I was incurable, and it WOULD CAUSE a LOT of MORE excruciating pain, a lot more NEW problems, that would only come from the surgery, not from the actual problem that brought me there.

But they didn't care. They prescribed and advised more pills, more injections, more surgeries!!!!

OMG I had to flee!

Then I found real answers. Then I actually DID heal! It was pretty easy actually, and very affordable since it was the food, and my emotional states I needed to heal. All the solutions came from easy, natural, drug free answers, answers to questions I was never asked by my allopathic doctors. 

What are you eating? What are you thinking? What are you feeling? What are you doing? What have you been through?

Real health comes from overall, every part of your life being balanced. It doesn't mean it has to be perfect, but every part that is out of balance is a reflection, and an impact on your physical health.

We live in this society that dehumanizes us humans! They compartmentalize all our aspects, and separate them into specialties, and individualized medical practices that allow more people to get more wealthy but dissects humans [literally and figuratively] into bits and pieces all separated out from a whole human being.

Our health us not apart and separate from the other important aspects of our lives, and our bodies are not separate from all these aspects of our lives either.

Allopathic doctors take a body apart from it's living inhabitant, as if their emotional, mental, spiritual states are not crucially tied to the body's physical state, health and well being, or poor health and illness.

This world has descended into overpowering fear that has become hatred towards those who know how to access true health, and those who are desperate to destroy people who prove they can live happy, healthy, and free from tyranny. 

The human species is really quite bizarre. I have studied various animals, out of the desire to understand my life of veganism, and to connect my heart more deeply to other creatures. I have not studied from a heavily academic perspective, but from a curious place that seeks to gain more compassion for animals.

What I do believe is that human animal has been the most dangerous, most destructive of all creatures. Humans have a capacity, a voracity for consuming resources, land, cultures, entire populations of nations, and animal species wiped out by the relentless pursuit of more. 

How often have those who hold the most power, the most financial wealth, the most of the most of the most have been threatened by those few who refuse to comply, to be forced against their will to conform, who defy all threats and accusations against them??

It seems that certain people will never be satisfied with having the most, having the best, having the biggest piece, the most of everything, until they can decimate everything in their path. 

I feel like I am getting off topic but I am thinking about all the times throughout history when the natural healers who have knowledge and skills to heal themselves and others with natural remedies that they can easily share, and teach people to also easily take care of their own health, have always been a threat to the medical industry of tests, procedures, drugs, surgeries and of course, the brilliant newest technologies always better and more advanced that what they had before. 

And why they are so threatened by us simpletons who cure ourselves with fruits, vegetables, and herbs? Healing with massage! Healing with emotional intelligence, dealing with and releasing emotional pains and traumas! 😱

The witches, the warlocks, the sorcerers, the healers, the hippies, the tree hugging, the everybody loving, peace on earth, anti-war, anti-corruption, anti-military, anti-guns, anti-coercion and continue to live, in great health, wealth, abundance and love?

They fear us Because they can't buy us!

They can't buy our loyalty. They can't buy our souls.

So they vilify us, and turn their trusted enthusiastic embracers on us!

The ones who turn on free living people think by hating us they are creating a win-win-lose situation. 

They believe, the pharmaceutical governmental bodies win, they win, and the disgusting non compliers lose. They love to wish us ill and death so they can feel happy that they were right.

But really, although many people will be 'fine' after their injections, and believe they are protected. The bigger reality is that most people who believe health, and disease protection comes from a magic injection, or two, or three, or never ending infinity of shots and pills...(?) also, often tend NOT to believe in the powerful impact on their health that their emotions, mental states, eating habits, exercise habits, what they watch habits, the state and quality of their relationships, and many other aspects of our lives that we are in charge of, that we actually can responsibly manage, have on their physical health, or illness.

Another bigger reality is that many people of this mindset also tend to believe that chronic illness, regular aches and pains, depression, general unhappiness, and many other manner of ill health is actually a natural state of being. Many people are so convinced that it's total normal to feel like shit most of the time, that they won't even be able to identify if they actually ARE FINE after their injections, or if all those aches, pains, and ailments are in fact caused by the drugs they believe are their very lifeline?

If someone wants a magic pill, or magic shot, and wants to believe those who refuse the magic shots are the ones they can blame when they still get sick, even after the shots, then they can say, I didn't get sick from THIS SHOT! I got sick from you...who didn't get the shot! It's NOT the shot that got me sick! It's the unshot who got me sick!

Makes perfect sense if your goal is to sell more shots!

Makes NO SENSE to people who take charge of their health through the many avenues available to us that we can drug-free, insurance free, doctor free achieve.

That is the real threat in healthy people.

How crazy is it that the very industries that benefit from sick terrified, compliers, who accept injections that make those industries rich, while keeping the injected sick, can join forces and blame the people who choose their own natural way of health?

While ignoring all the environmental toxins, the toxic 'foods', the excessive addiction and reliance on pharmaceutical drugs, the absolute addiction to devices, screens, technology, addiction to extreme violence, fear, horrors!!!! It's mind boggling that people really are blaming little hippies like me, minding my own damn business, trying my best to be my best healthy self, and ignoring the trillions of obvious real poisons circulating in their worlds, causing the actual illnesses.

I do believe many people who were not overtly sick may have died from this pandemic. I think it's really difficult to know truth because so much of it is suppressed, and twisted into completely opposite narrative to fit their big business agendas. For example, like this article that just came out that the so-called treatment is actually causing the deaths. Research remdesvir, kidney failure, and deadly pneumonia. You might want to use a browser like ecosia.org for fuller search results. 

The government, bigpharma, media conglomerates push a narrative with an obscenely profitable outcome, in their favor, and historically this is a pattern. A pattern of industries linked with the power of their giant bank accounts, and the backup of government, harm countless people. Harm through 'products' that claim to create health but actually create illness up to death.

I too, will, eventually meet back with my purely vibrational self. I like to imagine that will be hundreds of years from now! Maybe there is some type of reincarnation that eases the pain of the loss of my most beloveds I hate to ever leave.

Will it be environmental toxins outside of my control that push me over the brink? Will it be my own fault for getting sick?

It's similar to the idea of being the creator of your own life, and the manifestor of your own destiny.

It feels powerful to say, and believe that I am the creator of my own life. But it feels awful to think we are responsible when bad things happen.

It's important to discern what it means to create your own reality from a misconception some people have that creating your own reality somehow equates to controlling everything. It's about living a life we design for ourselves, not about blaming yourself, or others but acknowledging that our mindset, our emotional states, our thoughts, our intentions, our actions, our believes, all do strongly impact and influence our life outcomes.

It doesn't mean I control everything.

It doesn't mean I can decide what happens to people I love, or to myself.

It does mean that I get to choose how I will show up. I get to choose how I live each day. I get to decide what matters to me, what I prioritize.

Do I just eat that easier to make thing that's actually really unhealthy, and causing me to gain weight?

Do I just continue to sit at the computer all day and night, even though that is making my entire body ache, my head to hurt, my eyes to ache, my back, my legs, all of me.

Do I understand that I am the creator of my own reality and if I choose to prioritize my health, my physical fitness, my emotional health, my mental health, my spiritual health, all of which are connected to my body's health, and make it my commitment to my self that I will make consistent healthy choices, that will make my life healthier, happier, and hopefully live longer?


Do I also know, that no matter how healthy I am, or how healthy my choices are, eventually my body will cease to live and I will become fully vibrational again?


Do I have the right to live as I choose until then? Yes. I believe I am doing no harm. Others will say the fact that I am not injected with pharmaceutical governmental drugs, that I am a danger, and I say, healthy people don't make others sick! If I am sick, I will stay home until I am better!!

Do I allow the news to escalate the fear of death, fear of illness, fear of others, fear of freedom, fear of fresh air, fear of actually seeing other people's open faces!!

No I don't!

How can we succumb to such ideals that allow our society to be so afraid of each other, so afraid of breath it self that we create an entire generation of people numb to human emotion? To human expressions?!

All the babies born in 2019, 2020, 2021 being denied a basic human interaction to simply see other people, talking, smiling, interacting, showing human expressions of emotion! And so many of us of all ages are suffering from not seeing faces talking, smiling, laughing. Suffering from not being hugged, and from not being able to simply take a walk and see people being people out and about.

People rarely even smile at each other anymore! If you go outside without a mask, you are more likely to receive a scowl than a smile because someone is judging you as a selfish disease spreader! Yikes! I'm just a nice lady taking a walk for some sunshine and exercise! Plus I enjoy breathing fresh air! 

Don't you?

Please stop judging people based on their compliance to pharmaceutical governmental regimes! 

I do wear a mask in crowded places, but honestly haven't been to many lately. I do wear masks at work around others who wear masks. πŸ˜–

I'm hanging on to my humanness and continuing to teach my children that life is meant for living, enjoying, for happiness, for creating joy.

Thank you, peace... peace to everyone who recognizes the right of every person to determine how they choose to live, choose to deal with health risks, with health concerns, with illness, and eventually the end of their own physical existence. 

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And this just in...

Israeli Minister of Health (right) recorded on hot mic saying to the Minister of Interior (left) "there is no medical or epidemiological justification for the Covid passport ("green pass"), it is only intended to pressure the unvaccinated to vaccinate".

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