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Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Who Really Benefits?

Who Really Benefits?? WHO REALLY BENEFITS??????

Who really benefits from brainwashed addictions?

Who really benefits from your addictions?
Don't blame yourself, they spend billions to get you addicted.

Who really benefits from believing false claims that meat and dairy are healthy and necessary for you?

Who benefits from people brainwashed with lies that the very thing that is causing illness, obesity, and countless diseases is GOOD FOR YOU AND HEALTHY?

Do you truly still believe that meat and dairy are HEALTHY and not the illness causing (cruel and earth destroying) products they have been proven to be?

Who really benefits?

While you spend X dollars a day to consume these products which the government pays billions of dollars for you to believe is good for you and readily available to you.

Maybe you think you benefit because it tastes so yummy?

Maybe you think you are treating yourself because you "deserve it"? Or because you want to indulge? Indulge is defined as "allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of." How can you enjoy the pleasure of disease?!

Who really benefits from your addiction to these products which are horrible for your body, horrible for the earth, horrible for the animal, though you may care nothing for her, for him or them.

Who really benefits?

Yes I asked that many times because I hope that you will start to ask yourself.

Who really benefits from these awful addictions? Is a momentary “pleasure” on your taste buds worth the diseases it will bring you?

The destruction it brings on our earth?
The world famine it contributes to?
The animals that are affected for your pleasure of something that is harming you and everything in it’s path?

Who really benefits? I’m thinking not YOU…..Who benefits from your addiction?

Who benefits from your illness?

Who benefits by feeding you lies along with your butter, cream, cheese, yogurt, whey protein, ice cream, sour cream, milk chocolate, frosting that you believe you and your kids 'can't live without' and 'deserve to treat and indulge yourselves in and aren't you the best, sweetest, most generous person for giving ice cream, cake, donuts, cookies, candies, and all 'good things like this' to yourself and most especially to all kids in the world!?!?

Who benefits by feeding you disease caused by the very burgers, hotdogs, steaks, bacon, ribs, wings, pork chops and all the other euphemisms for dead chopped up body parts of animals you believe you 'can't live without'. that 'taste sooo good', that 'make you strong and grows big muscles!!! Yet the ones doing all the killing and serving know exactly what diseases they are serving right along with the diseased murdered body parts they sell you and spend billions of dollars to advertise in the most seductive ways.

They also spend billions of dollars covering up the truths of eating these diseased, harmful in every single aspect and possible view point, harmful and hurting, and causing destruction from every angle, to every one, except for those who benefit!!

Who Really Benefits from this???

Insurance Industry Companies and Representative?? Medical Industry Companies and Representatives? Aka Doctors who you Trust With Your Life So Much??? But why?

Who benefits when you believe that consuming something that will make you sick will actually make you healthy?
Don't feel bad about being duped. Just get informed and kick the habit! For good! For your benefit!

Watch the video here:

Breast cancer genetic or learned dietary habits?

Americans eat approximately 8 ounces of meat per day (about twice the global average). The U.S. slaughters approximately 10 billion animals a year or over 15% of the world's total (for 5% of the population).

However, global demand has also multiplied in recent years due to rising affluence and Confined animal Feeding Operations (CAFO)s or factory farms.

These "animal factories" consume vast amounts of energy, generate pollution and environmental damage. They require increasing amounts of corn, soy and grains which has led to wide spread destruction of rain forests. [1]
Between 1940 and 2007, the average amount of milk produced per cow rose from 2 to 10 tons per year. [2] In 2006, the U.S. dairy industry produced over 20 billion gallons of milk. [3]

The government’s subsidies to the dairy industry add up to a lot of money. (Government payouts to agribusiness come in many forms with many different names.

I’m using subsidies as shorthand for crop insurance, operating loans, counter-cyclical payments, minimum milk prices, milk income loss contracts, and all the other devices government uses to keep money flowing into the pockets of the animal farming industry.)

In 2012 the total was $447,081,952. Between 1995 and 2012 dairy producers raked in $5.3 billion in handouts.

And that’s just the federal subsidies; states have their own programs.



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