Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil

Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Which One is Yummy?

 Do you eat fowl? Kinda foul. Which one is yummy?
Think about it. Guess which one is most likely the one on your plate?

Which one is yummy? Yummy in your tummy?

Ankole-Watusi ~ African Cow

As Melanie Joy says in her talk that she called "Carnism, Why do we love dogs eat pigs and wear cows?" She points out that out of the millions of different types of animals in the world, there are only a handful that we consider edible in whatever particular culture we are from. I wondered if people could see a visual of different types of cattle, for example, would that have an impact on them? When you see a cow compared to other types of cattle around the world that may or may not be eaten, it may help to take it out of the context of "food" and more into the reality of it's a living breathing animal. And keep your hands off my titties (say the females!)
Maybe some people will look at this picture and think they all look yummy. If that's the case there's no hope for you...

Scottish Cows

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