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Thursday, October 11, 2018

You're the Richest poor person I've ever met! Plus SPEND TIME

Someone told me that I am the "richest poor person  they've ever met". All I could reply is, "Yes! I AM RICH!!"

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Not through dollars (yet), but in every way that matters.
How many of us are living in absolute poverty with our time,
love, well-being, exploration of our own interests and talents,
relationship development, personal development, healing from
wounds and heartache, deep reflective inner work and introspection,
enjoying and developing our relationship to our self, just having fun...
you can be a billionaire in dollars and yet be the
poorest most miserable person in all the ways that makes life worth living.

I believe the energy that runs through this statement -
about being the 'richest poor person' has to do with several things:

  • The idea that being "poor" - or not having a lot of money - means that one should never spend money [when one acquires it] on 'nice' or 'expensive' things - 'because you're poor'
  • The idea that not having a lot of money [regularly] means that when one does have money - one should always and only buy 'cheap' stuff - bargains - deals - things on sale - or lower quality items - 'because you're poor'
  • The belief that one who is low income ought to be stressed - incapable of relaxing - being happy - having a good time
  • The concept that when one has very little money they should NOT spend time doing things one loves that does not bring in money [at least not immediately] such as: creating art - music - dancing - going for long walks - writing - self reflection - deep introspection - or any creative/fun/exploratory activity
  • The view that one should have a serious cap on their happiness if one is not earning X amount - that there is a TIME to be Happy and a TIME to earn money/working and that if one is not earning then one has no right to happiness - to be happy or to spend time doing things that brings one joy
  • Continuing with the previous point - the idea that someone who is not earning X amount of money is truly lazy - entitled - not getting with the program - not doing what one NEEDS to do - or in anyway is less than because one earns less money yet has the audacity to be happy!
  • The belief that TIME IS MONEY and therefore if you lack MONEY you have no right to TIME! No Right to SPEND TIME!
  • The idea that our happiness is connected to - tied to - and determined by the amount of money we have or earn and that if one has little money they ought to also have little happiness - because otherwise - you will stress out all those high earners who are also fahkin miserable!!
  • A belief that if one is low on money then one ought not be spending time on things such as body wellness, emotional wellness, emotional wound healing, personal [in contrast to professional] development, meditating, investing in classes that are based on passion and [again] not professional investment, or really spending time in ways that are not all about earning money!
  • Any limiting belief that someone who is not earning X - or isn’t born wealthy - has less right to enjoy life - be happy - feel good - or SPEND TIME THE WAY THEY WANT
But here I am in complete defiance - being happy as can be with a little bit of money and a
whole lotta love and joy and zest for life!

And yep - I did buy that vegan cruelty free $25 face lotion because my precious skin deserves and needs it!
Plus it lasted for many months!!
That was the inspiration for the person who blurted it out to me,
“You really spent $25 for face lotion!?!?
You know, we all say, Klaire is the richest poor person we ever met!” 

Why? Because I SPEND TIME BEING HAPPY regardless of how much money I have!!!
Or don’t have!!

This is your permission to be happy too - no matter how much money you have - or don’t have. 

I love life - I love being alive! I am filled with appreciation and joy for the Sun - Moon - Stars and the loved ones in my life. Life is Rich and Full of Joy!

This makes me the Richest Person In The World! In the Multiverse!

How can you get rich right now today?

Wednesday March 18, 2020 Update:

Current world events forcing everyone to
“Practice Social Distancing” - businesses closing - people out of work - out of jobs - out of money - People finding themselves with more time than money - kids home schooling - adults working from home - now more than ever we have LESS MONEY and MORE TIME than ever before and somehow I feel like the world is - - - 


Rich in time - poor in money = Still Rich
Rich in money - poor on time = Still Poor

Ultimately the people who declared and perceive that I am the 'Richest Poor Person In The World' came to this collective idea because they see me consistently acting and behaving on behalf of my own happiness and joy - - despite often not having money.

They see that I create art, spend time on myself, spend time with myself, they see that I don't stress about money, that I work and work hard - but that I value my time
and joy, and I value my well-being, and I value my life for trillions and infinities more than basic ass money And I fill my days - nights - weeks - months - years and Life up with Joy and Spending Time Loving Life - Loving Myself - And Loving Myself Loving Life!

Yes - I have bills too!! And now more than ever I feel the iron fist of fear and the need for money extending it's intent to grip my neck - to choke the joy and love of life right out of me and Yet------

I am Still Loving Life and Spending Time Doing What I Love with Those I Love!

I'm Rich Bitch! [Dave Chappelle]

Conclusion: Time is more valuable than money and joy does not come from money but Time Spent Doing What You Love With Who You Love. 

Go Get Rich Right Now and Spend Time Loving Life!

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