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Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Becoming Vegan Relieves Decision Fatigue

Becoming vegan was a giant relief in the decision-making process!

Funny many people think being vegan means living a tightly restrictive life, and I think of it as freedom!

I think of it as safety!

Once you make the decision to be vegan, food choices, clothing choices, entertainment choices become easier because huge chunks of so-called options are no longer options.

And while many people think less options is restrictive, it's actually freedom to choose cruelty-free food, clothing, and entertainment, and all those other little accessories people purchase without thinking about how it's part of a dead animal.

Interestingly, my food tastes, my food palette, my food choices actually have expanded now that I'm vegan.

Now I support companies and products and an industry that intentionally avoids harming animals and the environment.

Now I make choices that harm no one.

Now I feel free to say no to so many things that before might have Twisted me into some kind of decision trap or fatigue or confusion.

But being vegan means I only choose items that harm none, it's sad that that limits many options, yet it's liberating not only for me, not only for my health, but for all beings and the earth and the environment of Earth and the environment of my body and the environment of my mind Spirit soul.

And when I say it's sad that it limits many options, what I mean by that is it's sad that there are so many options that are infused with cruelty. But you don't have to choose those you can leave those off of your options and save yourself from decision fatigue while making wonderful choices.

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