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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

What If Privates Were Private? Rainbow Thighs

Radical idea: Your penis or vagina does not determine your personality, your personal preferences, what colors do you like, the style of clothing you like to wear, your hair style choices, who you will be friends with, who you would be romantic with, what career paths will interest you, your hobbies, talents, skills, interests. Get your head outta your ass!

Rainbow Thighs:

In the world where boys are blue and girls are pink
Girls are cute and boys are kink
Girls will Swoon for boys who wink
Your vagina makes you weak, but that don't stink
Because as a girl, you don't need to think
And you can't anyway, because you have a vagina
If you don't like it, who will care?
When you wear panties and not underwear.

Because what you've got under there makes you all the things
we can determine
simply by knowing
if you have a penis or a vagina
It's much simpler to live this way instead of letting people have their own say.

If people didn't believe that a penis or vagina determine so much about us as people, would parents-to-be be so desperate to find out if the baby has a penis or a vagina before it's even born?

True, cultural and social constructs decide it's incredibly important if you're a boy or a girl and so we believe this is Vital Information!

You can't name your child if you don't know if they have a penis or vagina!

You can't buy clothes for your child if you don't know if they have a penis or vagina!

You won't know what color to decorate the room if you don't know if your child has a penis or vagina! click here to continue reading...

You don't know what kind of person they're going to be because you have to know if they have a penis or a vagina otherwise you don't know if it's a he or she!

Now, now that just can't be!

You have to know if it's a he or she!

But what if a he or a she is a social construct that's been forced upon us?

Oh true, there is such a thing as masculine energy and feminine energy.

And true the majority of people with penises tend to be masculine and the majority of people with vaginas tend to be feminine.

But it's also true that some people who have penises are feminine more than masculine and some people who have vaginas are masculine more than feminine and there's nothing wrong or weird or bad or incorrect about that.

What I see is wrong and weird and bad an incorrect is trying to force everyone who has a penis to behave this way and everyone who has a vagina to behave that way and then you wonder why there so many problems in the world between men and women.

Between boys and girls.

No, I don't believe for one moment that you can choose which type of person your child will be based on their genitals. I also don't believe you can determine what kind of child you want your child to be completely irrelevant from their primary energy flow.

You see the thing is our privates are supposed to be private yet people get offended if they cannot determine what genitals you have by your name, your hairstyle, the wave dressed, who you're in a relationship with, and many other things that people believe they have a right to instantly recognized a penis or vagina based on the outward appearance.

Gender roles are so deeply ingrained in our culture that most people seem to believe there's no separation. Except for those few weirdos who live on the outskirts of social norms apparently.

While I fully support transgender people, I actually believe that the idea of a transgender person is still based on these social constructs that say if you're a boy you are XYZ and if you're a girl you're un frilly fille. In English that's a girly girl.

What I believe is that if people were allowed from birth to dress without these tight restrictions based on so-called gender separation, then many people would grow up with a penis or a vagina yet not follow the social restrictions of what they're supposed to look like, be like, act like, like and how they want to show up and many people who call themselves transgender, I believe would just be who they are without having to make such a definitive claim that they cannot possibly be the gender they were born into, that they have to be the other gender because that's based on the whole idea that there's only two genders!

So if you have the small-minded view that your penis or your vagina determines your gender then there can only be two genders. This is, of course, ignoring the fact that some people are not born with clearly defined penis or vagina, but again, those are The Fringe weirdos so we don't have to care about them, right?

If we live in a world that says there are not only two genders there are an infinite possibilities of ways that people can show up and live in their life regardless of having a penis or vagina then the world as we know it is blown apart and infinite possibilities swirl all around us everywhere.

I recognize most people are too afraid of this type of freedom to embrace it. Most people prefer the strictly controlled belief that you are your penis or you are your vagina and 90% of your personality and life will be determined by that.

Imagine a world where babies were born and checking the child's genitals was just a part of checking that they were fully formed like you count they've got ten toes, you can't they got ten fingers, they got two eyes two ears and nose and a mouth and they have a properly form genital in between their legs which doesn't determine everything about them.

It might mean if they have a penis that they're going to be a masculine person. It might mean if they have a vagina there going to be a feminine person. It might mean this or that but it might not. If we would allow our children to be born and not immediately put into a box, box that clearly limits and defines and determines many aspects of this person's life, what might people actually do?

I don't Advocate, nor believe, that we can have a child born with a penis but wanted girl and raise that child as a girl with no issues.

Also I don't believe if you have a baby born with a vagina you can raise that baby as a so-called boy and have no issues.

I am not saying that regardless of genitals you can raise your child to be a limited predetermined gender role, I'm not saying that at all. I'm saying that what we need to do way with is deciding and determining who people are based on what genitals they have.

Even if it turned out that 80% of penises follow these predetermined societal norms, and 80% of vaginas did the same, they're still some amount of people, I'm using 80% sort of arbitrarily but with the intention that it's largely the majority but still not everybody, people deserve to live free and to show up as they want.

And that's what's really disturbing about these rules that tell us we have to decide our baby's gender the moment they are born based on if they have a penis or a vagina.

How many parents want a baby because they want a human being with a penis or a human being with a vagina and they decided that before the person's already born?

And they decided that before the person was born because they believe so strongly that if you are a penis you were this way and if you are a vagina you were that way and they also know that this is what the penises do and that's what the vaginas do so they've already decided what they want their child to do so they've already decided that they want their child to have a penis or vagina because they believe that having a penis or vagina is going to determine a whole bunch of stuff about that person who they are themselves and also who the world is going to see them as.

Don't you think it's kind of sick that we live in a world where people want to have a baby and they decide before the babies even conceived that they want a penis-baby or a vagina-baby?

Because, not only do we have these beliefs that the penis and vagina determine personality traits, but we know penises are treated one kind of way and vaginas are treated another, so we determined based on that we want to have a penis having baby or vagina having baby.

What if this radical idea of allowing people to develop their personalities not based on the genitals they're born with but based on the infinite possibilities of other ways that people could decide how they want to show up in the world?

I realize my ideas are radical.

Not only are they radical in the world, they're radical in my own family. Within my own circle of siblings, my ideas are radical.

So I realize that even the tiny circle of my immediate family my ideas can be considered radical, I recognize how radical it will seem to 80% of people who eat this belief, digest this belief, and shit this belief every day, that your penis or your vagina has a whole hell of a lot to do with who you are, why you are, what you are, how you show up, how you dress up, how you speak or walk or eat or breathe and what you will be or what you can be.

It fascinates me that we call our genitals our privates yet they are essentially public.

Not public in the sense that we walk around with them exposed publicly.

But public in the sense that the public has the sense that they ought to know whether we have a penis or vagina instantly by looking at us, looking at us fully dressed, people feel uncomfortable when they cannot determine if Underneath Your Clothes, in between your legs, in your most private, most sensitive, most personal part of you, they should be able to determine within a second what you're private part is.

It's supposed to be clearly defined for all the public to “see” πŸ‘€, even when it's covered by clothing, people believe they are supposed to have the right, that they're entitled, they feel uncomfortable if they can't or that it's laughable or somebody's a joke or somebody is some kind of Oddball or social freak, or worse, because the way they choose to show up makes it hard, or impossible, for you to decide and determine whether they've got a penis or vagina.

The world that I Envision is a world where babies are born and all we really determine is if they're healthy and how to love them without trying to force them to be one way or another.

How many baby clothes have things like my little Slugger, Mommy's Little Ballerina, Daddy's tough guy, mommy's Sweet cupcake?

Mommy's little pink princess and daddy's little blue Bruiser.

Or daddy's little girl and Mommy's tough guy.

I'm sure common argument would be something like well boys are masculine and girls are feminine and you want to raise everybody to be gay and lesbian!

You just confuse people if you let them choose for themselves!

Maybe it's true that the majority of the minority of people who identify as transgender truly are certain that their genitals don't match their gender identity and therefore they must identify with the other gender, since there's only two genders to choose from you got to be one or the other, right?

But what I think is also, very likely true, is that most people who have an issue conforming with the gender they were assigned based on their genitals, choose to identify with the other gender, not so much because they absolutely are 100% the other gender, but because of the fact that this society makes people choose! You can't be gender-fluid you have to pick one or the other.

Pink or blue? Penis or vagina?

Some cultures embraced a third gender. And I'm embracing the idea of gender fluidity which means gender is a spectrum like a rainbow. And anyone can fall anywhere on that rainbow regardless of the genitals they were born with in between their legs.

I am 100% And advocate for transgender rights. For LGBTQ rights. For human rights. I also advocate for animal rights. And for the right of Earth, and nature to exist without being destroyed.

I advocate for people to show up how they want to. I advocate people to be expressive creatively however that manifests for them, as long as they harm no one, then people should be free to dress, love, live, Express themselves however they want to and everybody who's pointing their finger or trying to push people down into boxes or push people into columns, or force people to decide whether they're girl or a boy or a he or she is just part of the problem in this world.

Far too many people, groups, religions, financial institutions, societies, families, individual people, all pointing their fingers at other people and wanting all boys to like blue, have short hair, and be athletes and all girls are supposed to have long hair while they're wearing pink dresses and being princesses.

True, more and more people are speaking up and out against the Ridiculousness of this!

Transgender, the concept of transgender has a lot of support and I'm grateful and appreciative of that. But I really want to talk about the root of the issue which I believe is having to choose a gender in the first place. Having to Define yourself based on your dick or your pussy.

Your tits or your pecs.

If you're a dick it means you're not a nice person. If you're a pussy that means you're a wimp.

So penises are not nice. And vaginas are weak.

“Why do ‘balls’ equate to toughness and ‘pussy’ equates to weakness when even the slightest flick to the nards sends a guy to his knees and vaginas can push out an entire human being?” - Unknown Source 🌟🌟

In my ideal World babies would be born and their health would be the primary concern.

Okay, okay not just the primary concern, only concern.

I just had a baby. Are you healthy? Yes. Excellent.

Color would not have such strong gender associations so it wouldn't matter if you dressed your baby in pink, blue, or any other color of the many variations of color that are available not just red orange yellow blue green violet indigo but all the colors available to us. As well as patterns! So many amazing cute things that we could dress our children in!

The entire concern about needing to know whether your baby has a penis or a vagina so you can decide what color is going to wear, and what patterns can be allowed and acceptable on its clothing, is all more of this gender construct.

The other day I took my two beautiful children to the library and on the way to the bathroom a child who looked to be about 12 walked by. The child appeared to be a boy. They had a short haircut. And their body was chunky. Kind of squarish and blubby.

And the kid was wearing a gray short-sleeve t-shirt that had words on it which said, “Gender is Imaginary” with the Unicorn that had a rainbow horn in the middle of the shirt.

Maybe he was a boyish looking boy who was still understanding that gender is a social construct.

Maybe she was a boy she looking she announcing that gender is imaginary.

Maybe it doesn't matter what genitals that child has and that's the point.

There will always be the larger majority of people who have penises who tend to also be more masculine than feminine. There will always be the larger majority of people who have vaginas who tend to be more feminine than masculine.

This is not denying that at all. This is not a competition to that. This is not a challenge to that. This is not a suggestion that that should not be.

This is to say that the person with the penis who's going to be masculine, it's going to be masculine regardless of weather you cut their hair short or Let It Grow. It's going to be a masculine person regardless of whether they play with dolls by choice, or sing and dance as well as run around and kick a ball and enjoy building with blocks.

This isn't about taking children and forcing them to grow up in a gender role that's the opposite of what societal Norm says gender roles are supposed to be now to prove some kind of Twisted point.

The point is that people with penises and people with vaginas have an infinite spectrum of tastes, preferences, types of clothing they might like, career paths talents skills interests Etc.

This is to say that what if people have the freedom to be that masculine man while at the same time having long hair, enjoying wearing high heels sometimes, or wearing dresses or whatever other things that make people raise their eyebrows, laugh behind other people's backs, or get very malicious and try to restrict people with laws about how they're allowed to show up in this world.

There are so many aspects of gender that are so inherently, blindly integrated into our lives that many people automatically assume, or they don't even think about it that lot of the ways that we believe that boys are boys and girls are girls are really chosen for us.

If we lived in a world where privates were private, it's possible that 80% of the time you'd be able to guess if someone had a penis or a vagina just by seeing them, but if it wasn't so important, crucial, vital, necessary in the world we lived in to show up clearly as a penis haver or a vagina haver, then how people show up whether they are mostly masculine or mostly feminine would likely Fall along this infinite spectrum of ways of showing up and it wouldn't always be that easy.

People get threatened when they don't know if you have a penis or a vagina because having a penis or a vagina determines so many things about us as people, about where we're allowed to go, about what we're allowed to do, about where we're allowed to pee and poo, what section of the store you're supposed to shop in, what section of jobs you're supposed to shop in, what section of hobbies you're supposed to shop in, what type of hairdo and style you have.

For me personally as a woman who truly dislikes make up for myself, I feel often that I'm most likely being judged negatively by males and females when I show up to places makeup free.

And I have a clear understanding that when I go pick up my kids after school no one looks at my face thinking, why isn't she wearing makeup?

But if I go out on a date, or go to a fancy occasion, the idea that I would dare to go bare faced, for some women and men would be almost Criminal! Certainly not appropriate.

Alicia Keys, one of my most beloved artists, has embraced her make-up free face even on the red carpets and on stage accepting Awards and giving speeches. And she has given me so much confidence to know that if she's free to do it then of course I'm free to do it, I don't need her to make me free but just the fact that she embraced her makeup free self in these fancy situations made me feel more empowered to say, I might not be as flawlessly naturally beautiful as Alicia Keys, but I can certainly be proud to be a makeup free woman.

And with all this I do still sometimes feel awkward and uncomfortable that I choose to go makeup free in certain situations.

I also have wondered to myself, how many men leave the house without makeup and feel somehow inadequate as a man because they refuse to put makeup on their face before they go out?

Probably very few. But of course there is a whole world of things that men are supposed to do automatically, perfectly, inherently, masculinely because they got penises that I don't worry or no about as a vagina holder. But the point is that these so-called Norms are really just factors that we are being controlled by.

My view about nature is that while 80% or so of any given species whether it's a human, any other kind of animal, a plant a tree or whatever, the healthiest most natural best thing is if there's variety. Even within the so-called 80% of the majority, there still is a lot of variety and that is the healthiest, naturalist, most organic, just the way nature is!

Nature is variety. There is no identical in nature. Even identical, or so-called identical twins, always have variation from their looks to every other aspect of being a being. There is always variation.

It's society that desires sameness, not nature.

It's society that desires the ability to determine whether you have a penis or vagina instantly, not nature.

It's society that decides that boys go with girls and girls go with boys and that's your only choice if you want to be considered natural, normal, and healthy.

Does that mean I believe that most penis people wouldn't end up with most vagina people naturally? Not at all

How people would show up, how they would look, how they would dress and style their hair, the colors and patterns that they would like so many things about our lives, career paths we would choose, how we would find ourselves in families as receivers as givers as takers as receivers as creators and delivered cool creators all of this stuff which I believe we should be free to choose based on what feels right for us not based on our private genital is, in between our legs.

I live in a culture that believes cutting the genitals of a baby girl is horrific. Yet simultaneously believes, and practices, cutting of a baby boy's genitals and considers that normal and healthy and natural and actually weird if you don't do it.

Well I didn't cut my baby's genitals because I thought that nature intended them to have all of it just the way it was and it's not for me to decide it's supposed to look like this and snip something off like it's a sweater.

Oh I think this turtleneck is a little too long so I'm just going to cut the neck off!

No I don't believe that boy is genitals, or babies who have penises should have a little bit of their penis cut off because you don't feel like having a turtleneck.

Motherfuker put the turtleneck in the bin for winter and take out your tank tub and stop chopping up your babies penises.

I even had a Facebook friend unfriend me because I said I thought it wasn't right to cut the penis of babies.

If you're a grown up 18 + year old man and you want to cut your penis or have somebody cut it for you then it's not for me to tell you to cut or not cut but I don't think you should be cutting anybody's penis unless it's your own and you're a grown up.

And as far as giving hormonal pharmaceutical drugs and surgeries to children who consider themselves transgender I actually don't agree with that not that I'm judging you if you're doing that but personally it's not the path that I would choose if I had a child who told me that they felt transgendered.

But rather than live in a household that upholds these beliefs of there's only two genders and you have to be one or the other therefore if your child who is born with a penis but you feel like a girl you have to be a girl so you can't be a boy with a penis who dresses up like a girl and has long hair and does all the girly things and does all that stuff because Society doesn't approve of that so you have to transgender and go through a pharmaceutical and surgical type of procedure to actually physically cut the genitals off? Is that happening I hope that's not happening unless it's grown-ups choosing that for themselves which is their right.

What if we lived in the society that says you don't have to say you're transgender and then have hormonal Pharmaceutical things you're taking and you know basically like disown your penis or your vagina or your breasts or your hairy butt or whatever you know but like what if you got to actually be truly who you were fully as nature intended which is you having a penis and liking to wear dresses and have long hair and feeling every single way and you also happen to have a penis or a vagina.

You know, like what if we got our faces out of people's fucking private areas and let them live their life the way they want to and mind our own fucking business about what their genitals are?

Unless there are our baby and we're cleaning them, for hygienic reasons.

Or it's our spouse and we need to know because you know, you would find that out before you marry them.

So really it's nobody's business, except the few very specific people who need to know and they'll find out, you know, When they need to.

So what if we stopped looking into women's bellies and deciding we know the gender of our child because of the genitals that are growing there before the child's even born.

And just like, let people live how they want to, and stop being so sick, and ass and money hungry sickos, Who Kill innocent people and animals, and destroy the environment, and only care about their own wealth and greed, and want to make everybody who doesn't fit in this perfect way to feel inadequate.

And let's stop thinking in black and white.

Let's stop calling ourselves based on this very black or white way of thinking about we have to label everybody black or white based on their skin color.

That doesn't even make sense! It's just another way to limit people and to exclude people in to create barriers between people!

You could say this person is red or yellow or he or she or a boy or girl or straight or gay or rich or poor or good or bad but ultimately it seems like the ultimate
of what really matters in this world and what makes happiness and goodness and kindness and things that nurture life, these hippie dippy artsy-fartsy head in the clouds, fantasy thinking, unrealistic imagination, creative, childish, childlike, beginner's mind of the Magical Mystery of the great unmanifested everything

The great unknown the potential for anything to happen for anyone and everyone in positive ways. Let's have rainbows in our eyes, rainbows in our skies, rainbows in our thighs.

I don't think I could count how many different people, some of them three years or younger, telling my children that boys can't have long hair.

Boys can't have long hair.

Boys can't have long hair?

Well that's funny because it grows.

Boys can't like boys? Man can't like men?

Well that's funny because they do.

Girls can't like girls or women can like women? Penises can't like penises and vaginas can't like vaginas?

Well, that's funny because they do.

There are babies who are born with penises who identify and prefer every single thing that's Society defined as for girls, or being girly, or being a girl.

There are babies who are born with vaginas who identify and prefer every single thing that Society has defined as for boys, or being boyish, or being a boy.

Then they grow up to be so-called men and women.

Why is it so important that we Define he she, boy girl, man woman?

What I see as a problem is not that people with penises want to be like this, feminine or people with vaginas want to be like this, masculine, the problem is that we have to define it.

Why do we have to have a gender reveal at all?

If we said if we said “penis or vagina reveal”, it sounds pretty sick and like a violation babies privacy, it's a violation of this Baby's sexual integrity and innocence and none of your fucking business-ness.

This whole society is arranged with this insane insatiable impatient need to know what genitals your baby has before it's even fully formed! People rush to the ultrasound for the gender reveal the moment in that beings evolutional formation is visible they want to know is my baby a boy or a girl!

Maybe it's time we start asking ourselves why is it so crucially vitally important that we know if someone is a boy or a girl? Why does our society determine that knowing someone's most private intimate sensitive body part is the right of everyone in the public to know publicly on sight.

Why is it radical to believe that someone's privates ought to be private?

Is it radical to believe that human beings should be allowed to walk around mostly feminine or mostly masculine or any variation of the spectrum of the rainbow of how they want to show up and it's nobody's business people in their intimate Circle and only when they decide they want to tell you!

If you want to get in between somebody's rainbow thighs, how about taking the time to invest in getting to know them as a person and then finding out if your Rainbow thighs are aligned with their rainbow thighs and then make some rainbow babies.

I suppose most people prefer to know instantly what somebody's private body parts are but maybe it's time to question why.

Why is it so crucial that you know whether this person who you don't know has a penis or vagina?

I know it's a radical idea to think that people's private genitals should be private information.

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