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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Shift from a human marriage to a spiritual marriage

Shift from a human marriage to a spiritual marriage.
This audio version has a few spoken typos, misspoken words. To clarify any section please refer to the written version in my blog.
Shift from a human marriage to a spiritual marriage.

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image: page 133 of dr. Wayne Dyer's book real magic. a quote from Joel Goldsmith on the difference between human marriage and a spiritual marriage. Check the blog or my Instagram at KatLoveNotWar to see and read the quote.

What's the difference between a human marriage and a spiritual marriage? What's the difference between a human being and a spiritual being? Are we both? Can we have a spiritual marriage with a human being?

As I ask myself these questions and explore the possible answers, I read to find love to mean something that feels good for everyone involved in that love

Vibrational alignment.
Vibrational alignment with your own inner being. vibrational alignment with a human who is aligned with their inner being period to align human beings aligning with each other. Vibrational alignment equals Love.

Healthy happy relationships are when two whole individual people become three. Two never become one! That's the worst! If two become one, then both people are cut in half and are hobbled together to make one. That mindset means relationship equals loss of self. Loss of autonomy. Loss of your wholeness. When two whole individual entities come together, they create the third entity of them. Us3/We3.
1+1=3! ๐Ÿ’Ž NOT๐Ÿšซ1+1=1 ๐Ÿ‘Ž
1 whole individual plus + 1 other whole individual equals = two whole individuals + 1 We entity (the relationship).
Creating a relationship like this allows each person to remain a whole, unique, autonomous individual. Also, creating a relationship that is a separate third entity differentiated between each individual in the relationship allows the relationship to be nurtured as a garden.
Viewing your relationship as a garden that you and the other person mutually grow allows each of you to recognize the garden as an extension of yourselves, rather than a part of yourself, as a limb would be for example.
Why does this matter? How is this healthy? Aren't we supposed to merge and become one with our love?
I'd like to acknowledge Clayton Olson, whom I first heard this relationship as a third entity idea through on his YouTube channel that he shares with Jack Butler.
I think he may have accredited someone else with the idea, but I don't remember that person's name at the moment.

As I heard him say, creating a third entity as your relationship allows each person to have a more objective perspective when they look upon the relationship. Whereas if the relationship is actually a part of you, of your individual self, then it's a lot more ego-driven.
If we view our relationships that we create with others as a garden that we are growing along with them, that can allow us to look at the issues of our love garden, and be objective about what nurturing the garden may need at any given moment.
Rather than looking at your relationship as a blending and emerging of you and your beloved,  you see it as its own entire entity that the two of you are creating.
Similar to having a baby, you recognize that the baby is its own being. Anyway in healthy parent-child relationship you recognize that the child is actually an individual who is not just an extension of yourself, but actually their own whole complete being self.
And so in this same mindset, the relationship entity that two people create is like a baby. It's like an individual that is separate from either of the individuals in the relationship.
This allows us to recognize that neither person is losing any part of themselves.
Actually we are both gaining an addition in the form of our relationship which is separate from us yet connected, and whole, like a Garden, it needs to be nurtured, it needs to be watered, it needs sunlight, it needs the appropriate amount of space, it needs some shade, and most of all it needs time to do what it's going to do naturally which means that a large chunk of time that it takes to grow a garden is spent hands off and just allowing nature to take its natural course of evolution.
If you have a garden that you want to grow, you recognize that you must prepare the soil. You must get rid of garbage, rocks, weeds and roots from previous growth that will hinder your garden's development. You clear away all the garbage and the junk. Then you fertilize the soil and ensure that the ground is ready and fertile. Then you choose which plants you want to grow in your garden. You take time to decide and discern and distinguish and to choose which plants you're going to plant, and we're in your garden do you want them.
Only after you've done all of these Preparatory actions, do you begin to plant the seeds.
In order to grow the Third entity of us aka the love garden, you and your partner need to be mutually, reciprocally in agreement that this is what you're planning to do together. You can't grow a garden of love without the other person's agreement. No one can grow a garden of Love without your consent. In order for two people, two whole individuals, to grow a garden of love, both people need to be in agreement with each other that this is what they would like to do.
Now you plant the seeds. Both you and your loved one plants seeds in the garden of Us3/We3.
Thich Nhat Hanh says, “When you plant lettuce, if it does not grow well, you
don't blame the lettuce. You look for reasons it is not doing well. It may need fertilizer, or more water, or less sun. You never blame the lettuce. Yet if we have problems with our friends or family, we blame the other
person. But if we know how to take care of them, they will grow well, like the lettuce. Blaming has no positive effect at all, nor does trying to persuade using reason and argument. That is my experience. No blame, no reasoning, no argument, just understanding. If you understand, and you show that you understand, you can
love, and the situation will change.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

If you view your love relationship with your loved one as a garden that both of you invest in, both of you take time mutually, equally to nourish to nurture to grow to allow to expand to enjoy, then if your partner is not doing what you believe is their part, then you can look at your garden for what it truly is. It may be painful to see your lettuce wilting, to see the Roses dying, to see the Cucumbers getting eaten by bugs. Yet, this mindset will allow you to recognize that although the guard in May be fledgling, it's not a reflection of you personally. It's not a sign that you yourself are not lovable. It's also not a sign that you need to start giving your loved one hard time. If you agreed that both of you desire to create a relationship that is a 3rd entity, a garden of love, then you can allow the other person to do their part as they choose. This means we don't get to demand that our partner rake or weed or prune or plant more seeds or build as a gazebo! If that's what they want to do, excellent wonderful beautiful. But if it isn't what they want to do, you get to see that and choose if that's what you really desire in your garden, you can speak about it, you can share your wishes and dreams. And then you can step back and allow the person to either meet you in this Garden of you and them, which is actually a separate entity, a completely different existence Beyond just you as an individual and just them as an individual, and to be inspired to add to the Garden, to grow the garden, to make the garden with both of you want it to be.
Likewise, if you feel that your garden is being neglected, you can recognize this is not a reflection of you personally, but of the Third entity of the relationship that you are growing with another. If you believe that your building this amazing Garden that is going to sustain you, feed you for life, fill you with joy and beautiful flowers and happiness and a place to walk in, a place to talk in, a place to be Serene, a place to feel Joy, and yet your partner is not showing up, not nurturing the garden, not even planting the seeds that you specifically feel are so important in this love garden, then instead of blaming them or yourself, instead of trying to manipulate or twist or give ultimatums or insist or cry or whatever manipulative technique you may have been employing to try to get your so-called loved one to do what it is that you believe they ought to do, you can say, this isn't the garden that I want to live in and call love.
Not to say it's easy to acknowledge and accept that the Garden of Love we believed we were growing is not being nurtured equally by the one we believed we were growing it with. But it does set you free. And it does allow you to see that there are other people who could grow other Gardens of love with you if the one that you're trying to grow with the one you're trying to grow it with is truly insufficient.
When two whole, autonomous, healthy individuals come together and mutually agree to grow a garden of love together, and take the time to get to know each other, get to know what seeds you specifically desire to grow in your garden, get to know what would make this a joyful loving Garden for you and for them to, that gives you the freedom to recognize whether it even is a possibility for the two of you to create the Garden of Love that you envision.
It would be excellent if people would take the time to learn about these things with each other before they jumped into what they call love. Just think of all the heartache and heartbreak that we could avoid if we would take the time to learn about the other person and learn about what their dreams are and find out if what we want is even aligned with what they want.
Sometimes someone who only wants to grow Cacti is getting involved with someone who wants to grow peaches. Or somebody who wants roses is trying to build a garden with someone who only wants cucumbers, or whatever variation of ill-matched gardens that you can imagine. How about we match up with someone before we start planting our Gardens and have determined if we're even well-matched, or aren't?
So much pain and heartbreak could be avoided if we just took more time to get to know ourselves!
So much heartache and heartbreak could be spared and avoided if we just took more time to get to know people before we decided we were falling in love with them. And never fall in love, only rise in love. You can read or listen to that in my previous article blog post.
So much more to explore and say about this concept of creating a Third entity which is your relationship.
It might seem cold, heartless and calculated to look at Love in This Way. It might seem more romantic and genuine to just go with the flow and fall in love with someone because you're attracted and you allow yourself to fall and flow down into and with the Avalanche of emotions hormones and chemical reactions that are pulsing and shooting and coursing through your body and your veins and your organs and your thoughts and everything about them is screaming yes! yes! yes! in your mind! Your body throbbing with desire! Your heart turning and turning in yearning and in Hope and Desperation! and this is exactly why we and this is exactly why we should slow down and take our time and not fall in love with someone. But instead let ourselves get to know them. Let them get to know us. Let the emotions and the sensations in the throbbing in the pulsing flood us but not overtake us. Take time to get to know each other.
When your relationship is a third entity, whatever mood you're in or whatever you or your partner is going through at any given moment, does not have to make a break the relationship. You can recognize that you are still an individual and they are as well. And your relationship is an individual.
The relationship you create with another person becomes an individual entity. You can create love, healing, joy and peace in that third entity. Or you could do the opposite.
But the freedom each individual retains by recognizing that each relationship they create with another is a separate entity from each person. That creates Freedom that takes blame out of relationships.
How? ๐ŸŒฟ
If the garden is failing, can't I blame my partner for not doing their share?
Well, when you recognize that your relationship is a Third entity, and you allow that Third entity to be a choice daily, every single day you get to choose if you want to nurture your garden, and every single day they get to choose if they want to nurture the garden. If they stop nurturing the garden, you don't blame them, you just go nurture another Garden. Maybe it's your own garden of you that you're going to nurture because the garden that you're creating with someone else is being neglected. Maybe they're not neglecting the garden at all, and they're just allowing the natural time that Gardens need often to just grow.
You can't water it every single day and not expected to drown. You can't sit there and watch the seeds grow and get angry that they're taking so long to sprout!

Well, you can, but that wouldn't be very useful behavior. That is the behavior that comes from lack of faith and lack of love.

And just like our love Gardens, they need the right amount of the right things in the right doses in the right time and space. And it really depends on what you're growing specifically what those needs will be. Because what one type of plant needs to grow could be what would kill another plant. What one type of plant needs to flourish, could be the exact thing that would destroy another type. That's why it's so important to determine what plants you want to plant in the first place before you even start planting the seeds! And it's crucial that you and your partner are in agreement about these things before you go about creating with them.
If one person is looking for a lifetime love life that's monogamous exclusive and includes children and family yet the other person is looking for fun and Adventure that includes travel and a kid free lifestyle and a commitment free lifestyle, then if those two people try to grow a garden together, it's going to be a mess, a hot mess in a wreck.
Of course you can have fun and adventure with kids and family and monogamy, the point isn't that you can't have both the point is if you want fun adventure filled marriage but the other person wants fun adventure filled Singleness, there's no amount of lovable qualities the person has that will make it possible to grow The Garden of the fun adventures field marriage with them if they truly have no desire to do so.
Simply put, if you want a meaningful relationship but the person you're "interested in" doesn't want a relationship at all, how can you ever grow a garden of love with that? Of course you cannot!

Yet how often do we tell ourselves we can and beat ourselves up or beat up the other person even if it's only verbally, or even if it's only in our own mind, because we are not well matched up with them but we want to blame them and blame ourselves?
We'll choose someone who's not matched with us and then blame ourselves for being unlovable or blame them for not loving us when they never could and were never meant or intended to in the first place!๐Ÿ”ซ or in any place!
Pay a lot more attention at the outset. Take more time getting to know yourself. Take the time it takes for you to figure out what exactly do I want to grow in this Garden? One Garden is you your individual self would you want to create for yourself autonomously. Then the other Garden is the garden that you will grow with a loved one which will be separate from your own personal individual Garden of yourself. So get clear first about yourself and what you want in your own Garden of Life. Then get clear about what kind of love garden, love life you desire to grow with another. Then take the time when you meet someone to discover if they are well-matched and if what they want to create in their life matches and aligns and compliments what you want to create in your life.
How often do we know that we want a certain type of Lifestyle, then we meet someone and we really like them for whatever particular reasons, and we knowingly or unknowingly give up the things that are most dear to us because we like this person, because we supposedly like this person so much??? But why do we like this person so much when they don't even align with the things that we want that really matter to us? The reason is because we've make them more important than ourselves! Because we tell ourselves that we want them to like us instead of realizing that we need ourselves to like ourselves! THEN we need to take the time to get to know them to see if they are aligned with us and then decide if we like them!
Yes allow yourself to wait until you feel a strong attraction to someone first!
Be attracted to someone before you start to take the time to get to know them if that's really important to you! But don't allow just physical attraction or just the right kind of plants I want without attraction alignment, to be the reason you decide to fall in love with someone! Don't fall in love with someone! Take the time it takes to get to know them well enough to know if it's worth your investment and time. Respect them enough as a person to say I want to know that I'm will align with you as well because I care about you being happy whether that means we are aligned or not aligned. So if I feel that I like you instead of just falling in love with you without taking the time to actually find out if we are well aligned so we can grow a amazingly expansively mutually beneficial Garden for ourselves, I like you enough to go slow and make sure I want the kinds of things you want so that we can both be equally happy.

Maybe they're sexy! Hot!!! ๐Ÿ”ฅ
Maybe they are making a lot of money! Rich! ๐Ÿ’ฒ
๐Ÿ™‡๐Ÿ’๐ŸŽจ๐ŸŽธ Maybe he's a sexy long-haired artist musician hippie vegan and he seems just perfect!๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜‚

Maybe they are in one or two ways, even in handful or two handfuls of ways somehow seemingly perfect for you but there are many ways to like a person or reasons to like a person yet the kind of garden we want to grow is  ultimately what is important and the things that we owe ourselves, and them, the time it takes to discover and find clarity about what those things are . Ideally we would know these things for ourselves clearly with Clarity and lucidity before we even set out to grow gardens of love with others.

It will be difficult if not impossible to even know if we are well matched for a life of love with a person if we  haven't figured out what our love life would look like to us specifically .
And despite positive aspects or loving qualities of other people, no matter how many positive qualities they may have, they cannot be well matched love gardeners to spend the life time to grow the love garden together with Us, if they do not want to grow the type of love garden that we want to grow.

We will never be happy with someone who cannot give us the things that are most fundamental to us.

And far too often the things that we believe our most fundamental to us are things that we've adopted and learn from our families. Sometimes our parents experiences become what we feel is what's most fundamental to us. Or we hook up with a partner who is more aligned with their purpose and we just Klingon attached to them.

So a relationship with ourselves first must come first. We must be willing to figure out what kind of love garden makes me happy as an individual. What makes me whole? Without another person to make me feel that I'm complete, if I know I am my own completeness, why am I happy to be alive? I could ask my children, what do you look forward to doing each day that you can create on your own? What do you look forward to doing with your body this day? What dreams did you have that you can remember that you might like to live out and realize in your real life?

Do you know that your dream life is just as real and important in your life here on this Earth in this human body as your Waking Life is when you're awake in your human body?

Do you know that your vibrational being is having it's real life when you are asleep and your physical body is having a dream life your vibrational being is having its real life in the vibrational world. And when you're awake your vibrational being is living a dream which is real for it AKA you but for the vibrational being it's experiencing the limitations of physical body which seems really weird to it because it's actually Limitless and can see and hear and smell and touch and taste and know and understand and comprehend and choose everything all at once. And it can exist in the past in the present in the future in parallel universes in multi-dimensions, multiple planets, multiple universes and galaxies and more stuff than that that I can't even begin to imagine that the vibrational being that is the source of life that makes your physical cells alive, has access to, which means that we have access to it because it is us and it is the source of life itself inside a specifically and inside every living creature in this universe including plants and animals and other forms known and unknown to us human beings who think we know so much.

So when your physical body is asleep and having dreams, your vibrational being is living a vibrational experience. The vibrational being, the inner being inside of us as always living a vibrational life, but our physical body and our physical limitations, our limited sensory perceiving abilities, our limits adhering to laws such as gravity and physics and quantum, physics, metaphysics, time and space relative reality, limits of perception, limits of language, limits of culture, limits of our story of origin, limits of our Lack mindset sets, hour junk belief systems, our self-limiting and self abandoning beliefs and thought patterns and habits and habituated lifestyles, limits of our insecurities, our mortality and perception to physical pain, our actual limits that mean we could get hurt, sick or dead, physically in our physical bodies but only physically and only in our physical bodies yet when we are awake all of these limits overtake us, and our vibrational beings, who speak constantly, yet very subtly, often and frequently get suppressed, dampened, muffled, quietened

People can't hear it anymore. People cannot hear their own inner being. Not when they're awake. And often not even when we're asleep.

Many people don't remember their dreams at all. Many people believe they don't even dream at all. Of course it's not possible for you not to dream. But of course it's possible for you not to remember them at all.

When we talk about aligning think of different radio stations that have a specific number assigned that you must get to in order to receive What that particular station is broadcasting.

Our vibrational beings are constantly broadcasting information to us very subtly and on a distinct Channel. In order to be able to hear the subtle yet constant messages from our inner being, AKA our vibrational being, we have to allow our physical brain to quiet the thoughts about the physical world in order to TuneIn and hear it and actually broadcasted into our knowing and understanding.

The reason many people cannot recall their dreams at all or even remember that they had a dream is because the instant they wake up, they snap instantly back to the station that they always tune into and broadcast and therefore there is no possibility for translation of the download from the vibrational being as we transition from sleep. Physical sleep back into physical wake.

Physical sleep allows the physical body to rest and rejuvenate and recuperate and recalibrate and digest and process.

The earliest stages of dreaming in the evening are type of processing and digesting of the day and all that we've learned and experienced in the physical world.

Dr.. Robert Moss is an incredible source of information about dreaming.

The first stages of sleep in the first period of the night is physical matter and thoughts of the physical world being processed digested and understood.

And as the body falls deeper into sleep the vibrational being begins to live more fully vibrationally because of the sleeping physical body and the sleeping physical senses which allow the vibrational limitlessness of all unmanifested possibilities and all possible manifestations and of all creations and imaginations and possibilities and impossibilities and dreams and Fantasies and everything that we could ever desire and want and wish for an event and expand into an evolve and experience and create and co-create we can and do non physically, vibrationally every single night when we go to sleep!

And we have access to all of this to realize in our so-called real life in the physical world in our physical bodies as humans if we can soothe our discursive mind and tune in to the vibrational subtle Channel that is very subtle yet very powerful and always available to us and gets easier to hear the more we allow ourselves to trust and know and believe that it really is there.

and the dreams we have in the evening while and the dreams we have in the evening while we were asleep or while we're taking a nap, or when were daydreaming while awake, or writing in art journal, or fantasizing or imagining can all be aligned. The more aligned those are the more powerful your manifestations can become.

So our Daydreams and fantasies are hardly meaningless and hardly wasting our time!

And our dreams while we are asleep are also hardly wasting our time because it's not just meaningless nothing! Dreams are NOT just brain farts and brain garbage and brain digestion!

That's your vibrational being experiencing the magical existence of vibrational energy and your vibrational being is truly, genuinely the source of the life that lives in your physical body.

And you have access to that powerful vibrational being at all times when your sleeping and awake. But far too many people get far too distracted by their physical bodies and their physical senses and facing the reality of those around them and facing the reality that others are forcing in their face on a daily basis and we lose the connection and we lose our ability to hear clearly the messages from our inner being that are constantly being downloaded to us 24/7 365 Infinity. And we believe that it's our alignment with other human beings that's going to bring us love and joy.

How how many people go to sleep and dream about something from the media instead of dreaming their vibrational beings pure existence? Are you really that clueless? Do you really not realize how powerful the Limitless infinite possibilities your vibrational being gets to experience every single time you go to sleep and how that is so accessible to you if only your mind was not filled and flooded with fears or worries or societies junk or your own junk, mind junk. Mind junk stunk stuck in the trunk of your head brain.

How many people dream about celebrities or horrible news events or movies instead of actually having their own true magical Limitless infinite possibilities ability to manifest anything and everything you could ever fathom every night this is available to you??

Yet most people don't even recognize the power they have inside of themselves because they are so supersaturated with messages and so-called vital priorities for their life from other people or “The Big Vague They”.

And that is never a genuine Pure Source of love and joy unless you are aligned with your own inner being and the person who you are shining your love on is aligned with their own inner being and Shining their aligned love of Life on you in appreciation and not an expectation for you to complete them or for you to make them happy and therefore believe that they can blame you when they're not happy or when they're not complete.

We can take the time to grow our own “Garden of Me” because the garden of me is, of course, a reflection of what the “Garden of We” is going to be. Because it's going to be an extension of each of us, even though it is a third entity, naturally it will reflect you as it will reflect your partner. Like a baby does. A baby is its own person, yet will have qualities and aspects that come from each individual parent.

So just as we choose a partner for their physical qualities that we admire and would like to see in our own children, before we get to the thinking about making the babies with them, the love garden that we will live in with those babies and each other needs to go beyond that really cute nose and that super sexy butt.

And Beyond the fact that they really like gardening just like you. Or reading books or...or...or….or...or….

So the best way to attract the right partner who's going to be interested in growing the type of garden that you are interested in growing is to be true to your own inner being who knows what it is that you truly desire.
Take the time to get to know yourself. Too many of us are not taking the time to get to know ourselves. Are not taking the time to get to love ourselves. Are not taking the time by ourselves to learn what it is that we truly want in this life for ourselves as autonomous individuals. Far too many of us feel like half of a person hobbling around looking for their other half of a person to complete them. No one completes you! You are complete by yourself! There are so many miserable unhappy people in miserable unhappy relationships because they are incomplete people walking around trying to complete themselves with other incomplete people! Now you've got two half people hobbling together trying to create a whole being and wondering why their relationships are failing and miserable then they want to say that this is what love is. That this is why marriage is so unhappy. That this is why marriages leads to divorce or long-term misery. These are the mindsets that let people believe wack-ass beliefs Like Love Hurts. Like Love Can Break Your Heart. That love can lead to despair! None of those things are true! It's lack of love that hurts. It's lack of love that can break your heart. It's lack of love that leads to Despair. And when you're walking around believing your half of a person looking for your other half, you are already starting off with lack of love. You cannot create love from a lack of love. You cannot be incomplete and go create joyful love with someone else. Whether they are complete and you are not that's not going to equal love. And if they are not complete and you are in complete that's definitely not going to equal love. The only way to create love is to be whole in yourself as an individual first. Love yourself first. Most of the time this means you got to wait a while before you start getting involved with someone. Far too many people are too afraid to be alone and take the time they need to become the whole autonomous joyful individual that they need to be in order to create a joyful love life!
So anxious, too anxious, Impatient! So many people want to fall in love Yet wonder why they feel so down when they get there!  how many people Rush into the falling of Love without taking the time to develop their own self? How many people fall in love with someone without taking the time to even get to know them for real? How many people fall in love with someone without even taking the time to get to know them self? How many people fall in love instead of rising into love? How many people would rather rush into a relationship with someone then take the time to be alone and get to know what it is they really have to offer another person and then set out to match up with someone who desires what they specifically have to offer instead of just going with the person who happens to be there who happens to look at you who happens to seem like they like you because they don't want to be alone either and so now you fall in love with someone and you don't even know if they're well matched with you because you don't even know yourself and they probably don't even know themselves! Then you hobble together and you tell them two becomes one and you and me equals one now and you wonder why you're miserable?
I propose that we all take more time getting to love ourselves first. I engage myself in activities that bring me genuine Joy. I allow myself to take the time to get to know myself so that when I set out to grow a garden of love with another I know what it is that I genuinely and truly have to offer them as well as myself. And I intend to match up with someone who is also taking the time to know themselves and know what it is that they have to offer and what it is that they want to grow with another so that we can genuinely and authentically determine if we are well matched before we ever start allowing ourselves to even begin to believe that we are in love. So many people can be physically adorable or absolutely sexy yet not be well matched In other crucial areas. Or maybe they give you intellectual orgasms but physically leave you cold. Don't be in such a rush! ๐Ÿ
Would you rather spend and take time before getting into a relationship to make sure and ensure that you know what it is that you want for your own life and what you have to offer another and then get into a relationship that has the potential to last a lifetime? Or rush into love with someone that you don't even take the time to get to know well and decide and discern if they are willing to do for you, rush into love before you even know yourself, and then spend years or a lifetime in a miserably ill-matched relationship?
Redefining love to be something that only and always feels good. Redefining love to be something that sets you free and never confines, entraps or keeps us small.
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Shift your mindset shift your life
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Expanding our willingness and ability to love ourselves and others. There are no others.
Love others so that your love sets them free. Be loved by others who set you free through their love. Love yourself and set yourself free! ๐Ÿ’–

Again Alignment. Vibrational alignment.

Vibrational alignment with your own inner being. vibrational alignment with a human who is aligned with their inner being period to align human beings aligning with each other. Vibrational alignment equals Love.

If these ideas interest you please check out my blog and ๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽถlisten to๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽถ and/or read๐Ÿ“š my blog posts which are also free chapters of my book in progress...๐Ÿ“š
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