Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil

Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

One thought leads you to an entire ocean, forest, World, Galaxy of all thoughts related.

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Thoughts are not individual separated points. One thought leads you to an entire ocean, forest, World, Galaxy of all related thoughts. This is why one bad feeling thought can, and often does, lead us into a world of similar negative thoughts and feelings. And then we can get stuck there! Tangled in the weeds, and Vines, caught in the forest of the miserable feelings and thoughts that we feed ourselves! Too many people feel like they're drowning in their unhappiness and not sure how to get to a happier feeling place.

Plant seeds of happy thoughts, happy emotions in the Garden of Your Mind. Grow and nurture these beautiful thoughts into beautiful flowers and fruits. Care about what you feel. Care about what you think. Care about how you feel. Care about how you think. Recognize that how you feel is directly related and correlated to what you're thinking.

Join me as I learn to expand my willingness and ability to love myself and others. There are so many tools, methods, teachings, practices that we can apply to our lives right now and start to improve our thoughts, which will improve our feelings, which will improve our outlook on life, which will improve our lives and bring us much joy.

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