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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Is Magic real? Are fantasies Real? Is Love Real or Delusional or Powerful Deliberate Creations...

Audio verion file of chapter:Is magic real? Length: 26ish minutes

My free chapter of my book, " Is Magic Real?" about creating magic creating love and the magic of creating love and the magic of deliberately co-creating magical love:
Is magic real? 
Are fantasies real? Is love real or Delusional or powerful deliberate creations or... thank you Abraham Hicks for so much clarity. Thank you Ralph Smart among many others...

If you get this, you can really get this. ๐Ÿ”ƒ

Before I launch into this I want to say, if this is not right for you, then it's not right for you! If this Rings true with something inside of you, then please enjoy this concept. And if it doesn't feel right to you, please move on in love. I seek to share Loving Thoughts with others who are open to embrace these ideas. And people who are not interested in these ideas I am not interested in trying to convince you. The reasons are explained below....

Do you believe you are a vibrational being๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽถ? This is probably too๐Ÿ™ƒ floaty- head- in- the- clouds⛅ woo-woo woo dreamlike๐Ÿ˜ด otherworldly- magic-๐Ÿ”ฎ fantasy-Gem ๐Ÿ’Žstuff to most people. But those of you who can sync in to this message, you are a deliberate powerful co-creator of your life.
Golden Daisy

How many of us allow our tribe to attract our vibe? instead of letting our Vibe attract our tribe? What does that mean? It means if you let the people around you determine what you're feeling, often you will be feeling off. Trying to align yourself with what other people believe usually leaves a person misaligned.

Often it means, if you allow other people's perception of you to determine how you feel about yourself, you're going to feel shitty. Or it's your perception of them that's going to make you feel shitty.
And it's not because they don't love you, or mean well, or that you don't love them or me well, it's just because their point of understanding, their perspective is exactly that, it's theirs and so they can only see and feel from what they know. Just like your perspective is exactly just that, your perspective that is yours based on what you see and feel and know.

So expecting, or even allowing, another person to determine how you feel about , based on what they think of you or based on what you think of them, is a recipe for misery. For both you and them.
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Of course sometimes we make ourselves miserable over someone who's moved on completely and is Happily living their lives entirely oblivious to us.

No matter who this person is in your life, or who this person no longer is in your life, or this person no longer in your life, allowing what they believed to determine how you feel about yourself truly cannot bring you Joy. And allowing yourself to believe how they behave is your source of Joy or misery also cannot truly bring you Joy.

Whether they think the world of you but they believe you're supposed to be doing XYZ not 1 2 3. Or you think the world of them but still believe they should be doing ABC and not on Cloud 9 in 7th Heaven at the eleventh hour doing that thing you really don't think they should be doing.

Or you love them {so you think} but they've left you heartbreak ๐Ÿ’”. Or they never gave you the love that you believe they were supposed to. Or whatever, other different variation of how someone is not focusing their loving attention on you the way they "ought to".

You're not sad because your lover left you. You're not angry or disappointed because someone isn't showing up the way you want them to. Your negative emotions are not because of what someone else is doing or isn't doing, it's because of your believing that your well-being and good feelings is determined and based on their behavior. 

When we hand over our power to others, we use that as an excuse to blame them for how we feel. And at the same time we become powerless to manage our own feelings because we handed it to another, and it's never another person's job to make sure you feel right. And as long as you allow somebody else's acting right, or not acting right, to determine how you feel in any given moment, happiness will elude you.

The lesson here is to learn to focus your own loving attention on yourself. To align with what feels good to you from inside, not based on external circumstances, not based on what other people are thinking, doing, not thinking or not feeling about you or in general. Do you get this?

The best way to be able to hear the messages and the knowing from your inner being is to treat it as if it were an actual person that you were listening to. Active listening requires you to stop talking. Intense intent listening with the intention to really understand requires that you stop speaking out loud and you stop internal dialogue. When you truly want to hear another you stop talking to them and you stop talking in your head to yourself and you stop listening to your own thoughts and preparing what you're going to say next and you just listen.
And using this practice to listen to our own in your being allows us to hear the almost impossible to hear, extremely subtle, usually not, but magical signs and knowings and messages and feelings and intuitions and inspired actions and visions that unfold in an internal fantasy dream like movie and all of these things are really our inner being letting us know the path to our true truest happiness.

Then the most common thing most of us do is to tell ourselves that those fantasy desires are impossible Dreams that have no business in your real life. So we cut ourselves off from the magic that is really ours to harness.
But we have to allow ourselves to be the magical beings that we truly are and efforting into practicality most of the time is not the path of creative productivity that has the power to create worlds and uplift yourself and others into love, into the experience of love, into the beingness of love, into love.

Align with your own inner knowing and then allow that alignment to attract the tribe that matches you.

What so many of us don't recognize is that we are attracting specific vibrational energy to us every moment. In other words we are attracting our tribe based on our Vibe whether we know it or not.

You might blindly be creating happiness or misery in your life. Or you could deliberately create happiness or misery in your life.

You can tell yourself with most people do tell themselves which is what most people have told them, which is that your happiness is going to come through physical manifestations of material possessions and physical manifestations of physical relationships with others who Focus their loving attention on you.

Yeah, I believe as long as I hold myself to that standard of happiness, I will not find genuine roots of happiness that are self-sustainable. Because true happiness comes from aligning my vibrational being with my physical being.
Do you believe that you are a physical being that is being energized by the source of life which is a vibrational energy? Therefore you are a vibrational being.
Even if you don't believe that you are a vibrational being, you are. Even if you don't believe that you are deliberately creating your life, you are creating it based on your vibe.

How do I know what vibe I am vibing?

Your emotions.

How you feel in every moment, is whatever your Vibe is at that moment. And wherever you're vibrating most of the time, is what you're going to bring to you.

That's why when you're in a rush, every single slow down circumstance that could happen, does happen! It's not a coincidence! It's your point of attraction!

When you are in a rush, everything is an obstacle! So your view of every single thing that you encounter as more negative than usual, and rushed! negative and rushed! Rush negative rush rush and negative everything rushed...

Everything that you have to do is causing resistance in your mind, and so that resistance in your mind is reflected as resistance in your physical experience.

That's why if you think about being sick a lot, you're going to be sick a lot. If you think about other people who are sick a lot, you're going to be sick a lot, or you're going to feel sick a lot.

That's why when you dislike something or someone, yet you focus all of your time and your energy on it, you are only living and breathing and swimming and absorbing and soaking it up and creating more of whatever it is.

That's why if someone left you years ago but you're still writhing in emotional pain and distraught distress, it has nothing to do with them, and everything to do with your own lackful perspective.
Or you feel "fine" but you tell yourself "there's no more love for me, I won't try again, I won't give anyone another chance..." or some variation of this lack mindset.
We all have Painful experiences in our life. We can (and more often do then don't) limit our experience  in life by using these painful experiences to determine who we are right now, and who were going to be in the future from the lack perspective, or we can use those painful experiences as springboards where we rocket our desires, our rocket of desires thank you Abraham Hicks, that point us to where we do want to go, what we do want to feel, what we do want to experience and co-create.
 And when we have these powerful experiences of the lack of that that is the perfect reason to use for ourselves to be inspired to create the existence of that thing in our life instead of the lack of it! If someone gave you heartbreak, that doesn't mean that you can't have love! That means that you know that that's not what love is and then you recognize what you want to create is love that feels good and doesn't leave you and break you!
I think it's absolutely ridiculous to think that you could know, or that you should know, the great big everything about the great big forever.
Whether it's a positive moment of Attraction where you just feel soooo in love with someone and now you decide you're going to be in love with them for the great big forever because you don't recognize things change.
This isn't to say love cannot last forever. I's just to say when it doesn't, it's not because love doesn't last or Love Hurts or love causes pain it's just because there's no way you could know everything about forever at anyone given point in time.
Accepting that reality can help you be flexible instead of fixated. Being flexible instead of fixated means we are adaptable and we can create new Joy each day and not be stuck in the past of a previously happier moment or a previously more miserable moment.
And then determine that that previous moment is the ultimate decider of the great big everything of forever for us!

Or the opposite that someone broke your heart because they left you and now you've decided that that's the great big forever for you.

There's no such thing as the great big forever that's just "one thing" because life changes and every breath is another chance to focus yourself on feeling better.

The only way you could know the great big everything about the great big forever as if you were physically dead, and you were pure vibrational energy.
And although we are not just 100% pure vibrational beings when we are in our human bodies, we can still tap into the vibrational energy of Who We Are.
Our inner being, our outer being, our inner knowing and deeper knowing and higher knowing and greater knowing, all essentially the same thing, this is what we need to align and Vibe with. Not with other human beings limited point of view and perception of Life, themselves, and us.

True, many of our human friends will tell us how selfish we are that we rather align with our own inner knowing, instead of with their “knowing”. But that's the tricky truth.

When you align with your inner being, and your inner knowing of what's true and joy and happy for you that's beautiful. But when you mistakenly believe that the answer you received from your inner being is the same answer that I need to receive, that's where all the misery in this world comes from!

What looks happy to you, what feels happy to you, what's enjoyable and uplifting to you, is not true for everyone.
That's why when you align with yourself and you allow your alignment to attract the people who are aligned there, you will attract people who feel good to you when you're aligned with your good feeling space.

So when someone is looking up on you from their point of view and telling you that you're doing it wrong, and they know how to fix it, if only you would do the things that they do, that cannot lift a person.
Whether it's me being a vegan telling a non-vegan that their path to happiness and health is through veganism. This is why I never try to convert non-vegans I only try to attract people who desire to make the change from themselves.
Or whether it's an extroverted social person who's telling me, an introverted person who loves to constantly learn and create, that the path to happiness is hanging out with lots of people and if I would only expose myself to lots more social situations, I could learn to enjoy them more and stop believing that I often feel happier doing my solitary activities.
The truth is what looks happy and joyful to you may feel unhappy and not joyful to me. And what looks happy and joyful to me may look unhappy and not joyful to you.
So the point is not for us to align with each other but to align ourselves with our own inner being despite the Discord it may cause us as long as we hold each other responsible for aligning in the type of happiness that is true for each individually.
Or someone like me, who loves to, thrives through constantly learning and exploring introspective topics, and expanding myself to tell someone who enjoys being entertained and light-hearted conversation and situations, who enjoys large social Gatherings on a regular basis as their natural understanding of joy, that they're missing out, their true path to happiness, which comes from self-centeredly centering in yourself to study the fundamental understanding of  consciousness like I do. Hehe [ insert esoteric metaphysical joke here]

♡ greater than $ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Sopilsism + Ramana maharshi

[cartoon image: solipsism, Ramana maharshi, idealism, mind alone - comic - check blog for an existentialistic laugh] ๐Ÿค“๐Ÿ™„

Do you see what I mean?

The whole idea of trying to convince someone else of something that they're not convinced of, is a path of Unhappiness. For both parties. And I've been to parties that were not fun where everybody wanted to talk about depressing shit!
You know what I mean? One person's version of a party is another person's version of a funeral, oh it's a terrible time, I mean a terrible time! And some people want a party for their "funeral"!

Do you see what I mean? 

The most painful interactions that I have ever had in my life have all involved two people with very different perspectives about a topic, trying to convince each to believe what the other believes. Calm talking usually quickly dissolves into trying to persuade, to manipulate, to belittle or insult the other person into compliance with their belief or point of view. 

Even when the conversation is starting with the intention to love, if the intention of the conversation is to change someone's mind or behavior, then it's not loving them. And yeah, I'm thinking what what about my kids when they behave and do stuff that is dangerous or unhealthy, there are still ways of teaching these the lessons that is loving and ways that are not.

I feel like an alien because I feel that I live around people who for the most part prefer to talk about things that are miserable.

It's a rare person who is tuned in to Joy. Rare for someone to consistently be tuned in to Joy on a regular basis. We all have blips. But the consistency of the connection between ourselves and our inner being is the daily practice we can practice daily.

So many people out here believing that the way to happiness is by convincing others to believe what they believe and to think what they think and to do what they do to live how they live.

And instead of setting out into the world and spending their time and energy and actions doing things that make them feel happy, that bring them feelings of joy, that spread feelings of joy in others, that plants seeds of joy in their own life that they nurture and benefit from on a daily basis, they focus on who and what is not acting right in the world around them.

Or they really are just getting off ripping other people apart who are different and getting high on some kind of self righteous indignation that you feel is Justified because of how wrong they are. It's a nasty emotional masturbation.
You too damn scared and unwilling and unable to love yourself and others. So you jerk off emotionally on others by being a jerk off to all of those who are not aligned with your small-minded thinking that you believe is so expansive and liberal {farking bullshit}.

It's flicking bullshit because when you're focused all your day on pointing out how wrong and messed up someone else is, all you are doing is generating in creating more mess in your life and in others. So that's why it's bullshit because you think it's expansive but you're actually just constricting yourself and those around you more.

These are lessons for myself first and selfishly most importantly.

These are lessons from my own mistakes that I have made in my own life with those I love, and sometimes those I don't like that much.
I'm not saying these things because I'm perfect and I'm viewing my perfection and all of your imperfections. This is my own teaching to myself that I'm learning through the process of mindful awareness of myself. Recognizing the times when I allow myself to believe that someone else's perspective of me on to be what I think it ought to be.
Whether it's someone to love me romantically, or a sibling or parent to love me the way I desire. Or friend to behave, or think feel do want desire the way I wish.

So the real answer to is magic real? Is love real? Is magical love real? Is it all delusional? Or fantasies real?

This is the answer

Yes Magic is real. Yes fantasies are real.

And where it becomes painful delusion is this, when we allow ourselves to determine how we feel about ourselves based on what someone else is doing or not doing.

The unhealthy fantasy is when you allow your physical being to believe that your good feelings comes from another physical being.

That's the delusion.

The truth of magic, the truth of creating fantasies that feel good and joyful, of manifesting something you desire instead of sloppily accidentally manifesting without a clue of how or why is the connection to your inner being. That's the simple magic.

Connect your physical being’s desires to your inner being’s desires and Magic manifest before your eyes. Now, of course, if your physical being starts to resist, to doubt, to question, to fear, your manifestations will slow down.

And people think coincidences, Deja Vu, miracles, stuff like that are really rare almost never occurring occurrences. And the truth is life is doing that constantly. And the only reason you think it's so magical and Fantastical is because you're cut off from your inner being in your inner knowing.
And so when something does happen it feel such a shocking out of the ordinary instead of recognizing that every second of the day you are doing that! And when your emotional state is in other people's hands, your life experiences in other people's hands!
Do you really want to leave your life up to other people? Really? NO!

Do you really want to leave your joy up to other people? You are the only one who gets to live it! you are the only one the only one who gets to enjoy it from your own vantage point!

Yes we can share our lives with other people! And that's the whole point of this!

Start deliberately listening to your own inner knowing (King and Queen you are) and start deliberately shutting out negative lack full things other people are trying to tell you.

Whether it's someone in your face telling you how you need to change. Or it's someone who left you 10 years ago that you're still believing is the reason to tell yourself that there's no more love in the world for you.
Or the job that didn't work out, or your entrepreneurial venture, or anything you have ever attempted to do that didn't go the way you wanted and you using that as an excuse to tell you there's no more of that for you in this world!
Stop lying to yourself with the self-limiting faulty thinking believes that are only holding you back, keeping love away from you, keeping success and joy away from you and they are for keeping you unhappy and spreading unhappiness in the lives of all of those around you.

Most of us are not powerfully aware of our emotional state and mindful enough to deliberately create it. To not be swayed by external circumstances. Do not be swayed by internal circumstances.
To recognize that thoughts and emotions come and go like clouds, like weather, like days. And nights. And that if we just allow the kaleidoscope of the plethora of all emotions to just randomly cross our view, cross our emotional landscape, determined for us how the moment is feeling, how the day is going, how are life is going, you're going to end up dead pretty soon and realized too late that you've wasted this precious human birth.

This Magnificent precious gift of life.

Maybe you'll get another chance at life, but do you really want to wait that long?
Do you know that you don't have to physically die to let the life you're living today die, and be reborn and start a new life right this very moment.

This is about intentionally aligning with our inner being and joy and then deliberately connecting to other people who are also aligned with their inner beings in joy.

Instead of accidentally thrashing around with people clueless as to why you're attracting into your experience what you are attracting,  and why you are living what you are living with who you are experiencing and living or not experiencing and not living it with is not all just luck good luck or bad luck or unforeseen consequences or random unknown insecurity.
It's random when you're not aligned. It's not really random it's just that you don't recognize where you're at so it feels random because you don't see the connection between what's happening in front of your face and what you believe is going to happen.
You don't see that you write the story of your life before it happens and then it happens right in front of you exactly the way you said it would and then you tell yourself ah ha! I knew it!

Of course it unfolded before your eyes exactly as you said it would, that's how we create our lives! By telling us what it's going to be and then watching it unfold and then telling us that we knew it when actually the only reason we knew it is cuz we're the ones who created it even though we don't realize that!

Or you live in a fantasy denial (most of us do this most of the time) where  you believe your happiness is based on another person and that is based on another person's behavior and inevitably they disappoint you then you tell yourself that love isn't real or magic isn't real or that you're terrible creator of life or that you have bad luck or that you were intended to be a shitty miserable fuck kind of person who's always stressed, overworked, over-extended, sick, always complaining about what they don't have enough of or what they have too much of a you know? You know, you know, do you know? Do you know? Do you know do you know what I mean? Do you know what I'm talking about? No you don't know what I'm talking about.
Nobody knows what I'm talking about. Nobody, nobody but Ralph Smart...

You never think those things about yourself or others. You never wish that another person was different so you could feel better. I've never told myself that someone else could behave in another way that they are not behaving, probably never did, no they never did, and they never will, I never wanted to, they never wanted to, I never really believed it was them, they never were intended to, you know you told me and you're telling yourself and other people that someone, a specific someone who was never meant to fulfill a certain role in your life let you down or they haven't shown up or they showed up but they fucked it up or they showed up and you fucked it up or somehow you never got it or you had it but you lost it you didn't know you had it until it was gone now that it's gone you'll never have it you know whatever dumb fuck self-limiting faulty thinking that we tell ourselves about all of these things in our life that we don't have that we want like Love Money health wealth home environment social family creative productivity Joy inner peace happiness Tranquility excitement passion the thrill and the drive and the zest to live everyday.

To create and deliberately co-create these passionately beautiful relationships that satisfy all of these desires that are beautiful and uplifting and have the power to create worlds!

When we cut ourselves off of our inner knowing, our loving energy for ourselves, our eccentric weird unique tastes and preferences and desires that maybe no one else is going to really understand except for you and your inner being. Maybe you're weird wonderfulness is something that everyone will understand and relate to but only after you take the time to create it for yourself.

Maybe your giant social butterfly networker who's meant to connect millions of people together and that's your purpose. Or any thing on the spectrum of everything in between and all around and inside and outside and the great big wide everything of forever that has all possibilities of the unknown and the power of possibility and the imagination and cooperation of all of these sources of life that we can harness to create Magic in our own lives everyday. You know sometimes the happiest simplest most magical moments in life are just enjoying a moment of nature with a beloved. Can life truly be that simple?
Could it really be that the truest magical magic of all is the simplest Joy available to us all in every Everly moment?

I invite you to continue the path of Exploration with me of redefining what love means. What love feels like. What love looks and tastes and smells and touches like.

And how when we can understand that love is a vest complex world that can be understood Street by Street. That can be zoomed in on as well as zoomed out on with a bird's eye view and the up close and intimate View.

Drawing the blueprints. Drafting The Avenues of love that you can walk down. Avenues of love that I can walk down. I can walk down many Avenues of Love by myself. And then there's various Avenues of love I can walk down with others. And learning which Avenues to walk down with which people in order to create love that feels good is the art and the magic of creating fantasies that feel delicious! And recognizing that the truest pain is from the delusion that are joy and happiness comes through controlling another's Behavior or through their perfect attention and behavior on us or through their perfect behavior that absolutely matches our dreams. Recognizing that when we use that as our source for Magic and magical creations of joy in life we're always going to get disappointed and we're always going to be knocked out of alignment because no one can be the constant source of your constant source of aligned Joy except for your inner being who is 100% 24/7 365 Infinity constantly unwaveringly focused on your truest joy and never swayed by external circumstances or by your internal circumstances of lack or doubt or uncertainty or fear or insecurity that block you from the perfect joy that your inner being is always the direct connection to for you! And the miserable feeling inside or the unhappy feeling inside is always when you're blocked from your inner being. And especially when you're believing that some other physical being is responsible for that source of Joy inside of you whether it's how they're focusing lovingly on you or how they're behaving perfectly in the world so that you can focus lovingly on them.

Next step I will be building these Avenues of love and planting seeds for myself and others along the path of joy and I am deliberately creating and co-creating for myself and others as I expand my willingness and ability to love myself and others.

What can you deliberately co-create today?๐Ÿ’ Expand your willingness and ability to love yourself and others.๐Ÿ’ž L.O.V.E. www.LivingPeach.com ๐Ÿ‘


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