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Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Today I Choose to Be Violent or Non-Violent? Pick One.

Today I Choose to be
πŸ”³ Violent πŸ”³ Non-Violent
Pick One.

Do you find yourself justifying violence, cruelty and murder? Whether for your taste buds, fashion sense, habits, traditions, religion, political views, entertainment? Do you believe violence is necessary for Optimal Health? Do you believe violence is necessary for entertainment or education? Do you believe violence is necessary to spread "peace" in the world? Do you believe violence is necessary to "kill the bad guys" and "keep us safe"?
Do you see that there is no way to inflict violence anywhere, to anyone, without bringing forth more violence, hurt, anger, pain, suffering, and lots of other bad stuff?
Can you see and understand that even the thought and belief that other people are "bad guys", or other creatures are "commodities", to be owned, used, exploited, disposed of as the human/industry/company choses, not at all what the animal, or person wants or needs. Choosing to be blind to the reasons WHY some people might seem like "bad guys", seeing WHY they are angry, and seeing how violence against them as ONLY capable of generating MORE VIOLENCE! More Hatred! More killing! Less understanding!
Please, open your eyes, and feel the source of life, the source that makes you feel love in your beating heart and your breathing being, whatever name(s) you call the source of life by, please see that violence is not the compassionate, loving side of life. It is the harsh, mean, painful, the shocking repulsive, the "sinful", the "evil", the "devil", the "demons", the "dark side", the unhealthy, the sick, the sadness, the grief.

And YES, it's true that we can NOT escape death. It's true that there will "always be people eating animals and justifying it", there will always be people wanting wars, and people willing to fight and kill and die in them, there will always BE VIOLENCE in the WORLD!!! It's HEARTBREAKING and TERRIFYING and really fucking terrible and sad.

BUT!!! BUT!!! But, there is ALSO ALWAYS GOOD AND KINDNESS AND GENTLENESS!! YES! There is ALWAYS the kinder response, the gentler choice, the plant foods versus eating creatures who were killed, which is pain and violence on them, and brings exploitation, enslavement, rage, illness, anxiety, stress, discontent, misery!! It brings these things into these creatures cells! On a cellular level they ARE embodying these chemical reactions due to the violence, suffering pain and ultimately murder that is inflicted on these sweet, innocent beings!!! ALL the beings people eat are sweet and innocent!! Then you put their dead flesh, literally their cells, which are infused with all this suffering, as well as the energy of that suffering, which remains in their flesh, which you then put in your mouth, chew, and digest on a cellular level. You BECOME their pain, suffering, anxiety, fear!! The stress they lived, which you refuse to look at honestly by witnessing their pain, but yet you allow it to BECOME your very body and being!
Every justification of violence creates more violence. Possibly you're out there doing so much good in the world, but not seeing how much violence you're also contributing to. Be honest and look at everything we contribute and support. Some people are out here "fighting for #peace" or speaking about #love and #kindness, yet putting violence and death into their own bodies daily. And not making the connection and seeing the discordant choice of these actions. πŸƒπŸ„
Most of us have been raised as carnists in a #carnist Society. So these choices are not things we even consider as #choices. These are not even things we can "see". And sometimes when they're pointed out, we still have #justifications for why those particular species of animals do deserve to be killed, because we "need them to survive", right? But actually no, it's not right.
We truly do not require eating dead animals or their bodily functions for #OptimalHealth! Once you learn this truth you can Embrace #nonviolence truly and live and act from your deeper knowing, from your innate goodness.
Whatever you're afraid of losing and/or giving up, you will receive back so much more than you can even envision until you stop consuming and supporting and wearing and being entertained by violence, oppression, enslavement and exploitation of innocent loving creatures.
Making a choice everyday, every meal, every time you buy & support something with your money, time, energy, even your thoughts, choosing nonviolent options brings so much love, peace, happy.
Lojong slogan #48*
Train without bias in all areas. It is crucial always to do this pervasively and wholeheartedly.
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*Translated by the Nalanda Translation Committee under the direction of ChΓΆgyam  Trungpa
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