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Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Autoimmune Diseases, Are You A Victim of A Cruel Mysterious Disease?

Autoimmune diseases are when the body is fighting itself.

When we ingest animal's flesh, our bodies have a difficult time distinguishing between the flesh we’re eating and our own bodies. Pigs have even been used as organ donors because our bodies are so similar to theirs.

When we eat animal flesh and their bodily functions our bodies get sick. Not everyone gets sick in the same way. Some people get heart disease, some get diabetes, some get arthritis, and some get lupus, as well as many many other diseases. "Oh but my doctor said diet had nothing to do with my disease!" Yeah, right! I was never asked about my diet either! But I cured myself!! Something I was told would NEVER happen!! Why cure you with plants when they can treat you for life?!

When you continue eating animals and their bodily functions your diseases will continue to get worse and be unpredictable. When you stop eating animals and their bodily functions and you start to eat plants you can heal. Depending on the severity and longevity of your illness, you may not heal a hundred percent. But you will definitely feel much better. Also if you love animals and if you want to be a non-violent person, considering not eating them for other reasons is also a good motivator.

Many people believe they are a victim of their genes. Or that they have some diseases that are mysterious, incurable, and just simply something they have to live and suffer  through without awareness of why this is happening. Most people are not willing to change what they eat in order to change their health. But if you truly want to feel healthy then I ask you to consider not eating animals and their bodily functions.

Do it for 7 days! Or give yourself a 90 Day Challenge. If you make the change for 90 days and you feel no change then what have you really lost? But what if you could change your life forever for the better and be healthier than you ever imagined?
Any kind of meat called beef or pork, eggs, chicken, turkey, fish, Dairy, anything that's coming from dairy all of these things have been proven to cause many diseases.

And oil! Most people believe that oil is healthy for you, unless it's fried then they seem to know it's not healthy. But yet many people will argue that oil is essential. And oil is another killer!

Most people still falsely believe that we need these things for health. Many people still believe we need these things for fun, entertainment, and for just yummy stuff, yummy treats. But is a yummy treat worth dying for?
Is it worth you dying over? Is it worth the animal dying over? Is it worth being sick over? Is it worth the destruction to the environment? I think it's time to get over these things and learn how to be healthy.

People often DON’T want to feel responsible for their own illnesses! But that also leaves you powerless to do anything to help yourself!

If you think pills, surgeries, and other drugs and procedures will heal you, you can think that. But if you want a noninvasive way to heal, eat plants!


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