Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil

Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
Whole Food, Plant~Based, Oil~Free Vegan, NO processed oils, Minimal Sugar Dietary Guidelines Food Pyramid

Sunday, May 28, 2017

"Oh, but my dr said diet has nothing to do with my disease."

Why heal you with plants when they can treat you for life...or death...eh, if it's sick let's just cut it out or pull it out or just let's just chop that right out of you! What about actually curing and healing yourself? It's actually possible! I did it! I was told I was sick and would be for life and it was a mystery!

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You want to eat lab-grown food, dead animals, bodily functions, and you don't wonder why you end up in a lab?
You want to eat so-called food that machines have already chewed up and processed all of the nutrients out of and the fat sugar salt added and isolated and repackaged then sold to you, and you don't wonder why it's getting you sick?
Allopathic doctors believe in pharmaceutical drugs, procedures, tests, and surgery. If you believe that this is the way to health for you, then great. 


But if you think that there might be another way, more natural and less invasive please check out my blog (link in bio) and click on the links for doctors and learn about all the doctors who do understand that what we eat affects our health in a very real way!
Are you swallowing pills or injecting yourself or your children with pharmaceutical concoctions?


I understand many people believe that these things are the way to Health and the path to Wellness but I'd like you to consider the side effects of all Pharmaceutical drugs whether it's a medication or something supposedly to keep you well or help you avoid illness, they all have side effects that plants simply do not.

Plants are powerful medicine and of course you can die if you eat the wrong plants but you certainly can heal your body from eating them as well!


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