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Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
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Saturday, August 27, 2016

How To Gain Weight in a Healthful Manner or What Am I Doing That's Making Me Gain? Dr. John McDougall (referenced)

Most people seem focused on LOSING weight, NOT gaining weight. If you eat Whole Oil-Free Plants but you need to gain weight, how can you do it without adding in Oils, Sugars, and other unhealthy, high fat junk foods? Oil is junk food, sorry to break it down. SO here are Dr. John Mcdougall's suggestions for GAINING weight in a Healthful manner.
And IF you are are trying to LOSE weight, check out this list and see what you might be doing that is working towards weight gain and hindering your process. Please keep in mind all Dr. Mcdougall's suggestions are compliant foods, meaning No Animal Products or By-Products of any kind and No Oils.

The following is taken from
July 2003
Vol. 2     No. 7  
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How Do I Gain Weight on the McDougall Diet?  I’m Not Joking!
(Please do the opposite of the advice below to lose weight faster)
Make the Following Changes in this Order to *Regain* Weight in a Healthful Manner. Or do *LESS* of these if you want to LOSE:
1) Eat more whole grain flour products like breads and bagels. Flour is more fattening than the whole grain because the change in physical properties that comes with milling causes faster and more complete absorption of the calories and a great rise in insulin response. (6 to 11 servings is healthy per day on a weight LOSS plan. 1 srvg = 1/2 cup cooked or 1 slice whole grain)
2) Eat more simple sugars in the form of fruits, dried fruits and fruit juices. This will cause a greater rise in insulin in your body. (2 to 4 fruits per day is healthy on a weight LOSS plan, add MORE than this for weight gain) Dried fruits are very high in calories. Juice is not very healthful but will add weight minus some nutrients since blending destroys the nutritional value.
3) Eat more high-fat plant foods, like nuts (and nut butters), seeds (and seed spreads), avocados, and olives. Fats are concentrated calories. (Use these sparingly for weight LOSS)
4) Add high-fat soy milks and tofu products. These are higher in fats. (Use these sparingly for weight LOSS)
5) Eat more high-fat soy foods. However, in general, these fake foods (like vegan burgers, hot dogs, lunch meats, and cheeses) should be kept to a minimum because they are not very nutritious. (Avoid these for weight LOSS)
6) Eat more food – this is often difficult because most people already eat to the full satisfaction of their appetite. Making more delicious meals and taking more time to eat may help accomplish this.
7) Eat a greater variety of foods – new kinds of foods stimulate interest, which increases food intake. (Do this for health in general including weight LOSS) 8) Add salt, sugar and favorite spices to the surface of your foods. If they taste better to you then you will eat more. Plus sugar adds calories (empty calories). (Use these sparingly for weight LOSS)
9) Use salad dressing, barbecue and steak sauces (made without oils and animal products) over your dishes to make them taste better so you eat more. Many sauces also contain simple sugars that provide calories and raise insulin levels. (Use these sparingly for weight LOSS)
10) Exercise less. We all know people who are exercise fanatics and they burn 3000 to 5000 extra calories a day – making it very difficult for them to eat enough food to fully replenish the expenditure. One simple way to gain more weight, and in some ways improve your overall health, may be to exercise more moderately.*
*A note, if you consume lots of unhealthy "foods" (including animal products and oils) you may appear "healthy" if you exercise excessively, but your insides will not be healthy. How we look externally can be a reflection of inside, but weight loss and/or big muscles does not always equate to health. How we look is important but how we feel and how healthy we actually are means much more.


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