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Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Teal Swan "Endurism" Stop Being Miserable Because You Think It's a Virtue

Teal Swan ENDURISM posted today. This is EVERYTHANG right here! Wow. Self Abandonment is the road to misery.

It's Not Rejection, it's Re-Direction.

WATCH THIS IF YOU ARE EVEN A TINY BIT UNHAPPY and believe you are powerless to change it or that it makes you a better person to endure your misery!

Being miserable does NOT make you a better person, not for yourself or your loved ones.

And if following your true joy makes others not love you, then better for you to know that then
 spend a life of unhappiness pretending to be Not yourself.

When people fall away as we follow our true needs, that is a good thing. Let the wrong people fall away and open your life for the right ones to step in.


"We know the danger of escapism. We know the pain of being around a fair weather friend. We feel the frustration of spiritual bypassing. Many of us have a fairly good grasp at this point about the fact that running away from pain and from things that scare us is not the way to create a fulfilling life. But we need to be aware that there is danger at the other side of the scale as well. There is danger in becoming attached to pain, unwilling to leave it. Teal has named this danger “Endurism”. Endurism is equally as unhealthy as escapism. It is a coping strategy." ~ Teal Swan


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