Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil

Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
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Friday, April 8, 2016

Happy Healthy Birthday

In celebration mode I'd love to share this idea with others. While people often believe my whole-food-plant-based-no-added-oil-minimal-processed-sugar-lifestyle is obsessively restrictive, and that care, concern and forethought of each meal and snack is tiresomely rigid, strict and disagreeable, and that the opposite, eating unhealthy food is light-hearted, easy going and enjoyable; I would like y'all to consider this;

When our dietary choices lead us to being overweight and cause us chronic diseases, when we are unable to enjoy activities of whatever kind and are restricted and lose independence due to illness, when we become dependent on prescription drugs and other people, when we become addicted to medical doctors who most often are not educated about proper nutrition and are misguided by their trade and predisposition towards prescription drugs and attitude not of healing ourselves through diet and advise unhealthy “foods” to the very people dying from them, when we are unable to enjoy life because we are unwell, whether it be something “simple” as having migraines or allergies, or lacking energy or as serious as obesity, cancer, heart disease and many other diseases that plague most of these carefree “let’s eat whatever we want” mindsets, what is the fun in that?

I enjoy my life to the fullest. I eat healthy every single meal and snack possible. I celebrate with healthy foods. I am physically fit and healthy. I have no allergies or illnesses of any kind. If I start to feel unwell, I assess my recent dietary choices, and when I have indulged in too many sweets, I adjust because my health is the happiest, most important asset I will ever regard. So maybe I am boring or annoying, not cool and decidedly uncool. Maybe I need to “lighten up” or “chill out”. But eating foods that cause illness and disease is certainly NOT the way to pleasure. If someone requires that I eat unhealthy, illness causing food in order to please them, make them comfortable, or bring them joy, then they do not understand my definition of joy and pleasure.

There is no pleasure in being unwell for me. There is NO “food” that brings with it illness that also brings with it joy for me. Having clogged arteries is not lightening up. Being overweight is not lightening up. Feeling ill and not being able to be active and well and available for myself and my kids is NOT being agreeable. So I will say anyone who has expectations of me and my kids to eat “foods” that are proven to cause innumerable illnesses in the name of fun and celebration, please realize that this idea is insanity to me. While others may judge me as extreme and obsessively concerned about health, I ask you, what is life without it!? What joy is there in illness? None for me. I will pass on that every time. I don’t care how sugar coated your illnesses are, it will never taste good to me. I am happy to stand aside as the odd one out, the restrictive individual who disagreeably refuses to consume these things that so many around me ingest with addictive zeal and feel sorry for me and my kids because we refrain. Far from being restrictive and depriving, my good health affords me more joy than any industry poison wrapped up in sugary packages could ever do.

There is a HUGE difference between genuine health and well being and so-called delicious disease. So many of us have been brainwashed into believing that celebrations are a time to allow ourselves to indulge in the worst offenders of these illness causing “foods”. Led to believe that we “deserve” to ‘indulge” and “allow” ourselves these “extravagances” during our most joyous occasions! But how does this stand up to logic and reason?! Why would I, or anyone, fall for such nonsense?! In the time of most happiness I want to feel my best! I want to be my healthiest! Not to feel bloated and drugged into a stupor of excess. No! I want to be light of heart, mind, body, and spirit! I want to eat healthy, life nourishing and nurturing foods! I want my energy to be unclogged and unbogged and unpoisoned. That is my definition of joyous celebration. There are many industries whose very survival depends on people willingly poisoning themselves and their loved ones with purported sweets, treats, and delightful goodies. But who really benefits from these imprudent notions? The industries of course! The many industries devoted to their own prosperity and our own demise. But don’t worry, they have a pill or a shot or some surgery concoction for that!

We all have choices in life. I have chosen the route of restricting these poisons in my body. In return, my diligence has paid back by improved health and mental well being. Maybe I am not as much fun to some people, but that kind of fun don’t tempt me none hun. One could kill themselves quicker with a gun. Yet instead, sugar laced with every disgrace of health and every supporter of rich men’s wealth, and every pill on every shelf, and the growing mountain of ill health, climbing to the top of leading causes of death, I will be glad to be unlike the rest. I will carry on with my restrictive good health. And care not a whit for the ill opinion of those who would be rather pleased to see me diseased than point out the illogical traps of these good health thieves hidden beneath their sugary sleeves.

Think about it. Happy Healthy Celebrating! May you all be well and find the joy in living healthy and celebrating healthy. Time to go bake some no oil vegan cupcakes!

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