Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil

Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
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Friday, April 22, 2016

Honoring Prince Rogers Nelson and Earth Day and Becoming Vegan

But CHEESE Tho But ICE CREAM tho. In Honor of Prince and Earth Day instead of simply refraining from something for a day maybe consider LEARNING SOMETHING today that can help you change your health and life for the better FOREVER! Prince loved animals and never harmed them or contributed to harming them in any way! Dairy harms animals! Prince Earth Day is sending all of us life's Pure Energy, which we all are, pure energy temporarily holding space in a physical form. Please be kind to your own physical form (body) and respect your life while respecting the physical forms of all other lives and refrain from harming or contributing to harm in any way through consumption, exploitation and profit through harming others. Peace. Prince Forever. Earth Day everyday.

This is just one of countless stories behind the tragic reality of the animals we humans see as "food"

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