Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil

Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Sending and Taking Pema Chödrön Tonglen

The practice of Tonglen seems counterintuitive.  

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Most people think of the concept😤 breathe in the good🌈, breathe out the bad.🌸😤 This practice is the exact opposite. The purpose is to breath in to your own heart center the painful, negative, difficult feelings emotions experiences. And then, simultaneously breathing out all of your goodness, good feelings, good experiences.

The purpose of this practice is to heal the pain within yourself through the process of healing others. And to Increase the feeling of well being inside of you by sharing the goodness inside of you with Others.  This expands the goodness and good feelings and joy inside of you. Sharing with others multiplies and magnifies our own joy.
Essentially this practice is to guide you to the knowing that there are no others. Every thing that you suffer with, others are also suffering with. We can heal ourselves through the process of healing others who are afflicted with the same pain. And we also heal self and others through sharing our goodness. [Click to keep reading...]

 Breathing out pain, or the idea of that, is less healing because it's a rejection.
 Likewise, the idea of Holding in our joy,  Keeps it small, tight, leaves us clinging,  creates attachment and  addiction.

 Rather than reject your pain breathe it in and heal it. Rather than cling to your joy breathing out and expand it while you share it with the world.

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