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Friday, March 29, 2019

Choose Happiness πŸŒ€ Happiness Is A Choice πŸŒ€πŸŒ€πŸŒ€πŸŒ€


I wanted to respond to this (Pablo's pic ↑) message with some thoughts. ;)

Happiness is a choice! I wrote a chapter (at least) about this, made a Youtube video about it, and I want to offer some thoughts to your post for you to consider, ponder, reply if desired ;)

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Happiness can be experienced.

Maybe more best if 1st experienced as a vibrational energy being body (meditative, metaphysical, spiritual, fantasies, dreams, visions, hopes, wishes, purposes, our Why, the big picture, the bird’s eye view, the panoramic envisage) experience.

Experience and feel happiness as a mental construct (thoughts) of happiness.

Happiness also experienced as sensory experiences. (sight, sounds, smells, taste, touch: see it, hear it, smell it, eat it, kiss it, touch it, hold it, material things, people, stuff, food, sex, nature, music, dancing, yoga, and so on).

We can FEEL happiness through planning, a combination of dreaming and feeling.

But before you can plan for happiness, you have to feel happiness. You have to know happiness before you can work for happiness. You have to FEEL it first. Know it, feel it, want it more. Know how you feel it. Know what you need more of to get more happiness.

We’ll get more happy by Feeling Happy While Dreaming for a vision 
of a life that feels good and happy based on our preferences, our experiences, our expectations, our point of knowledge, our point of attraction, our people we are partnered with, or our solitary paths we take, a mixture, combination, conglomeration and compilation of all these things, we figure and figured and are figuring out what things bring us the feeling of peace, joy, acceptance, being home, belonging, feeling safe, feeling seen, feeling heard, feeling autonomous, feeling celebrated, loved, seen and heard, desired, liked and admired all for our unique, independent, individual, autonomous, eccentric selves, being happy to enjoy life doing all the things we love to do that particularly, specifically bringing us to real happiness.

While also being connected, belonging, being part of something greater and more than just our solo selves, getting along, being home, having a space in a social setting, being connected deeply, intimated, intentionally, joyfully, happily with others and a special romantic other.

Somehow through all our experiences, exposures, first relationships, first teachings, first times of feeling happy, we learn through crashes and burns, through thrills and frills, through sadness and ills, through good fits and bad fits, and feels goods and feels bads, and all these various variety of varying things we patch together some idea, some visions, some plans, some wishes, some dreams, somethings that we believe will make us happy, bring us happiness, keep us happy.

What comes first?

Can we fight for happiness?

Should we?

Is happiness magic?

Is happiness the hard work of fighting and planning and action and action and efforting and making it happen and willing it to happen with actions?

Is happiness a magical enchantment that filters out the cold hard misery of the real world?

Is happiness rose colored glasses and pollyannaism?

Happiness is not based on external circumstances.

Happiness is not based on internal circumstances.

Happiness can not be planned for, worked for, not fought for unless this is done IN HAPPINESS. It can not be planned for in the absence of happiness.

Happiness can be felt.

Happiness can be dreamed of.
Happiness can be a song you sing.
A channel you tune into.
A vibration you broadcast and receive.
Happiness can be an energy you emanate. Happiness can be an energy you offer.
Happiness can be an invitation to yourself to feel good.
To allow yourself to enjoy something, anything, the smallest thing in your very real now moment.
Any thing, any little thing that you can notice, your breath, a bird’s song, a cloud, a sunny sun through a cloud.
The violet, indigo of twilight.
The blueness of the day sky, or the pinkish gray clouds tonight.

Whenever your mind starts to go back to despair or lack or non-acceptance or wishing for alternate circumstances, go back to your breath and go back to the seed of Happiness inside of you and breathing in and out nurture the seed of Happiness inside of you.

Happiness is a real feeling. Making plans can feel happy. Having dreams, goals, desires, wishes, visions, can all feel happy.

So, 1st comes all the dreams, wishes, visions, wants, the feelings of the best of magical happiness that we can possibly imagine. The best of the best of the best in all ways.

We feel that feeling. We FEEL that FEELING. We sense all the senses inside of the happiness that we are allowing ourselves to FEEL through our wanting and dreaming and fantasizing!!

THEN while we are FEELING HAPPY in all this dreamy dreaminess dreamlike state, (click to read the rest...)

we are aligned with our inner being, we are tuned in to our greatest treasures, we are listening to our greatest purposes, and we will receive Ideas, Inspired Ideas, Inspired Ideas that create Inspired Actions!!

THESE are the ACTIONS we must take!!! These, aligned, lit-up, happy marinated, happy juice, happy song, happy idea, happy feeling ACTIONS!! These are the magical actions we take that bring synchronicity upon synchronicity upon opening doors, upon magical perfect timing connections and happenings, and we are feeling happy while we are planning, we are feeling happy while we are actioning, and we are feeling happy while these thoughts occur to us, and we are not fighting, efforting, elbowing, bulldozing, working FOR happiness!!

Instead, we ARE happy! We are happy and we are happily planning, happily acting on our inspired actions, happily working, and then we are happy.

Happiness is created by allowing ourselves to experience the feeling of happiness that we can all evoke through focusing on the feeling of joy inside us that is already there at all times, we can call on it to come up to be felt.

Then, in this state of feeling happy, we are a portal for our inner being to zing and ping us with messages, ideas, and inspired actions that may not seem to make sense, may not be practical in any logical way, may not even seem like a ‘good idea’ or ‘sound advice’. Yet, if we learn to discern the difference between efforted thoughts that we churn our guts and brains trying to ‘figure it out’ and thoughts that are downloaded inspired ideas bringing inspired actions that feel good, feel aligned, feel purposeful to YOU personally, not to OTHERS, these are the happy thoughts that are actually magic, which is actually just being aligned enough to receive the higher knowing of your inner being.

Your inner being who is actually your outer being. Your deeper self, your higher self, your all omnipresent self. Our vibrational energy being selves that knows our highest joy and the quickest way to get there.

Beyond the limited abilities of our human perceptions, our inner beings are infinite, magical, miracle, mystical, metaphysical, vibrational, light, love, all seeing beings that we can tap into and download and translate enough of what they are communicating to us through various methods, such as our gut sensations, our desires, pleasures, happinesses, good feelings, dreams, wishings, visions, that we can get enough of the message to understand how to turn these fantasies into real life actions that are doable, actionable, livable, manifestable.

Live-able. The Right Fit. The Right life. The Right Whys.


Real happiness.

Real happiness is self generating and perpetually self sustaining.

Real happiness is also shared and perpetually renewable and ever present and limitless.

Happiness is a choice and a freedom and we can all decide, practice, try out, figure out, and make the best of it in our own way, at our own pace, in our own order, for our own reasons, and hopefully your happiness feels happy.

I mean, feels really, really, really happy.

Like, sheer blissful joyful joy, at least sometimes.

And other times hopefully your happiness will feel like the sweetest anticipation, yet not ONLY anticipation, but REAL HAPPY happy anticipation, the kind that feels so good because you are so happy while looking so forward to even more happiness!!!

All balanced out with the other realness of life, much of which is not so happy. But luckily, happiness is a choice and we only need to relax and allow the happiness, we never need to, nor can we actually fight for something that can only be felt through feeling happy. You can not feel happy fighting. So you can not FIGHT for happy. You just feel happy. You allow happy. You make space for happy. You give time to happy. You make more room for happy. You move over for happy. You let go of unhappy for happy. You switch your unhappy thoughts to happy thoughts. You allow your cells to be happy on a cellular level. You get happy from the inside to the outside. You bring the outside happy into the inside. You go gentle. You go general. You get specific if you are happy while getting detailed.

You stay happy by staying with the happy. You lose happy by leaving the happy.

You make space for happy while making space for unhappy, less than happy, could be happier, crap, crappy, crappier. You make space for it and allow it to all simultaneously exist. But then you make more room for happy. You make more room for happy. You make more room for more happy than unhappy. You start to crowd unhappy out with the abundance of happy.

Unhappy will never move out all the way. But it will get smaller and smaller. It will take up less rooms. Then less rooms. Then less space. and less.

And happy will never move out. Happy will grow. The more we water, nurture, feed, pay attention to, notice, expand, try out, make room, make more room, make time, make more time, make space, make more space, expect, expect more, allow, don’t expect in fight mode, expect in magic mode, expect yourself to make yourself happy and you will.

[Chapter 46 of Book Le CΕ“ur J'Adore HumilitΓ© {Volume2}~ Choose Happiness

October 12, 2017

Choose happiness because happiness is not based on perfect external (outer) circumstances.

Choose happiness because happiness is not based on perfect internal (inner) circumstances.

Choose happiness because happiness is a choice. Not based on Circumstances.

This is never to belittle anyone’s painful experiences or painful realities.

It is only as a point of focus to find your way back to love and back to happiness.

Even in the most painful and challenging aspects.

Happiness is not a circumstance.
Happiness is not a happenstance.
Happiness is not an ideal situation.
Happiness is not a goal met or plan perfectly acted out.

Happiness is a limitless quality that can be nurtured simply by thinking about it. Think about being happy and breathe and keep thinking about being happy and keep breathing and keep thinking about happy thoughts and things that make you happy.

When you start to feel feelings of happiness breathing to it, let it grow, stay with it, don't try to rush through it, don't stamp it out or tell yourself you're lazy or foolish, you're living in a fantasy or childish or some other negative thing that you believe you need to tell yourself so that you stop being happy and start “facing reality”.

Keep “facing reality” and you’ll keep being miserable.

If you want to be miserable you can be.

Keep thinking about lack.
Keep thinking about unhappiness
Keep thinking about all the flaws in everyone everywhere.
Keep thinking about all of life's imperfections everywhere. Every single direction you look, whether it's internal, or external, there are so many imperfections everywhere.

Then you keep feeling miserable and being unhappy and you wonder why?

Then you blame it on outside circumstances or people or relationships or you blame it on internal things like disease or weight, or unworthiness, or burdens from childhood or burdens from adulthood.

And just as ridiculously simple as curing diseases and depression and unhealthiness and weight by simply changing what you eat, and eating plants, and not eating murdered beings who didn't want to die and who went through hell to be dead, how simply foolish it sounds that stopping eating that shit and you'll heal yourself.

How ridiculously simple that what you eat can heal you.

How ridiculously simple that what you're thinking can make you happy or miserable.

Sounds foolishly simple that if you just start thinking about being happy then you can start actually feeling happy and then if you start feeling happy then you'll actually start being happy and if you start being happy then you'll start allowing yourself to do and have all the things that make you happy and finally you will actually truly BE happy.

And then you'll be like, “Wow, I'm so fucking happy! And all I had to do was let myself be happy. All I had to do was allow myself to start thinking things that make me feel happy. And then just have to let myself start to feel happy. And then when I started feeling happy I started feeling like I wanted to do those things that make me happy. And then I started doing those things that make me happy to think about them and when I was doing them I was even more happy when I was doing them because thinking about that makes me happy but doing it makes me even happier. And then I was getting so happy because I was doing all these things that make me feel so happy and make me actually experience happiness and then more happy situations started lining up for me. And before I knew it everywhere I turn there are opportunities for happiness lining up for me and I just step into them and I keep stepping into them. And they're still are so many opportunities for being unhappy that could line up for me. But I don't see them as often. And when I notice them, I still choose happy options that are right there lined up for me all the time. All I have to do is look at them and face them and choose them and do them.”

Yeah, that's right you just said all of that because you know that happiness is a choice.

Choose happiness not because circumstances are perfect because happiness is not dependent upon circumstances. Happiness is dependent on your choice to be happy.

Choose happiness not because circumstances are perfect but because you choose happiness.

Happiness is dependent on your choice to be happy.

Happiness is not dependent upon circumstances.

Happiness is not dependent upon money.

Happiness is not dependent upon the perfect job.

Happiness is not dependent on the perfect house.

Happiness is not dependent on the perfect weight.

Happiness is not dependent on the perfect muscle tone.

Not the perfect nose, the perfect ass, the perfect tits, the perfect size private parts, the perfect hair, the perfect height, the perfect foot size and shape.

The perfect parents and the perfect childhood.

The perfect education.

The perfect documentation.

The perfect identification.

The perfect talents and the perfect gifts and the perfect voice.

The perfect eye color and the perfect eyelashes and the perfect eyebrows.

The perfect complexion and skin tone.

The perfect friends.

The perfect spouse or the perfect, solitude.

Everything is perfect. Everything is perfect!

Wouldn't it be so nice to be perfect?

With the perfect taste and the perfect style and the perfect wardrobe.

With the perfect vehicle. Living on the perfect Street in the perfect town in the perfect state in the perfect country with the perfect Neighbors in the perfect family with the perfect kids and the perfect religion and the perfect practices.

In the perfect mood all the time always in the perfect frame of mind.

With the perfect amount of emotional intelligence. With the perfect amount of social intelligence. With the perfect amount of all other types of intelligence that anyone might have.

Everything is going to be lined up perfectly and then I'll be happy.

Except for that's trying to live backwards.

Only when you fully accept yourself perfectly imperfectly as you perfectly are can real happiness bloom.

And also accept your family and your kids and your neighbors.

And accept your kid's friends and your kids friend's parents.

And all the bad stuff in the world that people seem to love to focus on most of the time.

All that stuff is there but doesn't bring much joy.

Focusing on it only brings Joy if you use it as a launching pad to create love in the world for people as an alternative to the terrible thing that you might have seen.

If you see terrible things and then you just focus all your energy and time and effort on those terrible things then you're just adding to the terribleness.

Even if you think you're helping, if you're focusing on the terribleness, you're just adding to it.

If you're constantly pointing it out, and you're constantly talking about it, and you're constantly thinking about it, and you're constantly being involved in it, you're only adding to it.

But if you're creating doorways and Pathways and avenues and venues and teachings and practices that you can pass on to others so that they can learn and then start to practice for themselves and heal themselves and find their own happiness in their own special ways, not in your very specific way, not in a way where they have to keep coming back to you again and again and again, and again and again and again, but in a way where they learn from you.

And if they do come back to you again and again, it's not because they have to, it's not because their happiness is dependent upon the circumstances of being with you, but because they're just so happy with what they are learning from you and happy with how they are learning to self love so they can take care of themselves.

That's something that I Focus my energy on with my children.

Day by day, week by week, year by year, face by face, phase by phase, stage by stage, level by level, bit by bit, hug by hug, loved with love, they learn to become individuals who are capable of self-care.

But I am hardly a perfect parent. And I definitely have my less than perfect moments.

But without self love there is no self care.

If you wait for Perfection to self love you will never love. If you wait for Perfection to love others you will never love.

Love is not meeting just the basics-so-you-don't-die-needs. Love is in the loving. Love is in the caring. Love is in the taking time. Love is in the taking of a long time to care and love and loving.

Love is in being there physically next to each other.

Love is talking to each other.

Love is communicating with each other.

Love is sharing with each other.

Love is witnessing each other.

Love is having fun and being silly and doing awesome great stuff together and being happy together and just being happy because you're all live together.

Loving yourself is doing all of those wonderful great fun things for yourself even if you don't have someone right there at that moment to share it with.

You still always have yourself to share and love life with.

If you are providing a roof over your own head, you're making money and paying bills, you're buying food and eating it, your cleaning and sweeping and mopping and washing and folding and putting away, but you're not loving yourself, and you might as well be in an orphanage.

Orphans who are raised in institutions where there is no love, no affection, no joy, no happiness, but every physical need that you can clearly understand is necessary for growth and not death, such as food water, and a safe warm dry place to sleep, money to pay bills to keep the food and the safe warm dry place to sleep, but no love, no affection, no happiness, there is no growth.

These children do not Thrive. They get sick and often die.

So if you are taking care of yourself and you're making sure that you have all the basic physical needs so that you don't die, that is great. But you need to self love so that you can Thrive and not slowly die and wither away inside.

We need to be connected to other human beings. We need to find a way to connect with even just one or two or three or five other people that we can see. And there should be at least one or two people that you can see regularly which means almost daily.

And not just people who are not aligned, and not actually connected to you, and are just passing through the physical space but not connecting in any way metaphysically emotionally spiritually mentally physically happiness or joyfully, this is not the type of connection I'm referring to.

I mean being connected with someone emotionally. Physically mentally spiritually mentally physically in your life in your activities in your family as friends and all of these beautiful ways that we have oh, that we are able to connect with others and thrive, not just get by.

And this is not just a magical circumstance that happens for some and not for others.

It all comes down to the choice. Will you choose to be happy?

Regardless of any of the things that I listed above, or any of the things that you thought of that I didn't mention, regardless of any circumstance Withers outside of you, with another person, or even in side your own body if you're not feeling healthy happy or well with the right way, the right weight, or any of those things, we can make a choice to be happy regardless of any of those things.

Every day, even every moment, we can make a choice to focus on something that is good, something that is Happy, something about we do love about ourselves.

And bit by bit as you focus on more happy things and choose more happiness, these other things are going to improve. Your perception of them is going to improve. Your opportunities are going to improve. Your experiences in the sameness of them is going to improve. The Improvement is going to motivate you to do more things that would bring you more improvements that will bring you more things that you don't have right now that you want so much which is why your not happy, but you'll get them once you get happy.

It's a funny thing happiness.

So much time is spent believing that some external circumstance is going to bring happiness and all along it's always been something inside of yourself.

If you can connect to the fact that you're breathing, you can connect to the seed of Happiness inside of you.

And if you can breath while connecting to the seed of if happiness inside of you, then you can nurture the seed of Happiness inside of you.

Breathing in and out, focus on the happiness inside of you, breathing in and out focus on the seed of Happiness inside of you, breathing in and out feel the Joy of being alive.

Eventually you can grow an entire Garden of happiness. Then you can grow an entire Farm of happiness. Then you can grow an entire world of happiness. And then you can grow an entire universe of happiness that can dance with other beings entire universes of happiness.

Universes of self-loving happiness.

Water the seeds of Happiness inside of you and come and dance with me inside my universe of happiness but please bring your own Whole Universe of happiness so we can dance.

And always remember that you are a whole being and no one can complete you except yourself.

End chapter 46

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