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Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Jay Shetty - "Don't Confuse What You're Being Offered For What You're Worth"

🌟This is verbal gold from Jay Shetty!

Katlovenotwar Instagram Post- 🌟Sharing Jay Shetty's Wisdom

🎢 🎡 Listen to the written words below here 🎢 

🌟People offer us their emotions, their opinions, their point of view, their perspective, their opinion of our value, their opinion of the value of our opinion, and on and on the list goes of what others may offer us.

🌟Maybe we're being offered a certain amount of money for the work we do. 🌟Maybe we're being offered a certain level of commitment with a person in relationship

🌟 Maybe we're being offered abusive interactions with people we believe we want to be connected to

🌟 Maybe we're being offered gold metaphorically meaning we're being offered the best of the best of everything best

🌟 Just remember this teaching, don't confuse what you're being offered for what you're worth.

🌟 Don't confuse someone else's opinion of you or your value with your actual value
🌟 Especially if the opinion or offer is low, do not confuse a low offer to equate too low value in yourself

Watch his Facebook video here- Life is like a Puzzle

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