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Monday, November 5, 2018

Dancing 🌟Stretching 🌟Practicing 🌟Setting Forth Manifestations

Dancing🌟 Stretching🌟 Practicing 🌟Setting Forth Manifestations

Thank you for your inspiration Gypsyon__:


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Monday November 5th, 2018

Pretty much I stopped sharing 'talking' videos until the other day when I really had a message to say. Click to keep reading...

Today I'm finding myself inspired to set forth into the universe my true desires so I can manifest them.

I've been focusing this last year on continuing to be inspired into action based on my commitment to myself of moving my body everyday a minimum of 5 minutes in some way or another that I love.

Focusing my videos simply on moving, watching myself move, enjoying myself moving has been the focus of these videos I've shared mostly this past year.

And today I find myself inspired to share the message that I'm feeling in my real day on the video while I'm dancing, stretching, and just moving in ways that feel good including head standing and being a silly goofball!

I'm so appreciative for the new subscribers.

Talking my messages to myself out, recording them and then sometimes going back and watching them has been a real form of therapy for me.

I highly recommend anyone and everyone to take videos of yourself talking about your feelings, your dreams, anything and everything including moving around and not letting imperfection hold you back. Share them or just have it privately for yourself but it truly is a form of therapy and a tool for growth and personal evolution in the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, vibrational aspects of ourselves, our beings and our lives.

Gaining clarity about the why is the important first step to manifesting. And now that I have Clarity I can say the message to myself clearly out loud.

I was thinking about how thoughts and desires are the precursor to the words and the actions.

First come the thoughts that form the desires, then come the words that then become inspired actions. And this is how we manifest thoughts to become things.

Finding and aligning with the why and all the how's will align naturally. Trying to align the how's without having aligned with the why is a backwards way to do it.

As I mentioned in this video, I wasn't raised with parents who had healthy joyful ways of moving their bodies that kept them fit and healthy. Thankfully my mom is doing so much more of this now for herself.

I highly value connecting with a partner who not only wants to exercise for themself but actually believes in the joyful connection of enjoying moving our bodies in fun ways with our partner. Non-sexual ways of being connected with our body, fun, and also getting strong at the same time. Connecting emotionally. I've heard that acroyoga is the dance of trust and balance. And that is so beautiful.

So this is me speaking out loud that this is really what I want to manifest for myself going forward as I expand my willingness and ability to love myself and others.

Happy yogaing, dancing stretching walking and whatever other healthy fun ways of moving our bodies to keep us healthy youthful and vital!

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