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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

"If I were a better person, I could touch the hot stove, and not be in such pain." ~ Abraham Hicks

"If I were a better person, if I were a better person, I could touch the hot stove, and not be in such pain." ~ Abraham Hicks Understanding the Purpose of Negative Emotions [in Dreams and Awake]

Abraham Hicks [transcribed via audio]:
The Video has since been deleted from Youtube, but here is a partial transcription:

Speaker: “I find, I’m a really happy, positive person, but my dreams are not. [in dreams] I’m very unhappy, or sad, or I dream about my ex-husband a lot. And just negative energy. So, often I wake up, and I’m depressed. So my days don’t start out feeling happy. They feel, um, sad. And it doesn't take long to get passed that. And I get into my good energy. And I meditate, and I feel great. But every morning I wake up feeling sad. So, what, what am I manifesting with my sad dreams, I guess? What does that mean?”

Abraham Hicks [partial transcription of answer]

“What’s active in your vibration is manifesting in your experience. And your dreams are manifestations too...

“If you’re having some dreams that are about shortage of this, or shortage of that, or something, then that’s an indication to you, that you have some cleaning up of your vibration to do.

“Isn’t that a wonderful thing? Don’t you just love it?

“Now, why, does it show up in your dream? Ooo, Ooo. Why does it show up in your dream, but you’re not consciously acknowledging it in your wake state?
“Because in your dream, you have no resistance going on. And you’re able to see, what’s going on vibrationally.

“And, oh, this is the big thing, we’ve never said this to you before...

“Since, while you are sleeping, there is not resistance, you are not tensing against conditions, and pretending things are different than they are.

“Think about it. We’ve been talking a lot lately, about unconditional love. Most people don’t have a clue, what that even means. They think it means, just put up with the crap that that person’s giving you. And not, not do anything about it.
“Unconditional love means, becoming so general in this thought, that the conditions are not an active part of the vibration. And in the absence of resistance, you are in complete alignment with Source. And that’s what Love is.

“So now, we want to go back and clarify what we’re talking about here. While you are asleep, you are not hard on yourself, you are not feeling guilty about what you’ve done and not done. You are in a state of unconditional acceptance. "Allowance. And in that unconditional acceptance and allowance, you can see, through the dream playing it out, like a movie, the vibrational resistance that you’ve got going on.

“But you block it, in your wake state, because you don’t want to admit you’ve got resistance going on.

“Did you hear that? If you heard that, you are right out on the leading edge. In other words, that is so big, you see.

“We want you to feel that way, about the negative emotion that you have, whenever you have that negative emotion.

“Want you to accept it as guidance NOT as Condemnation! Not as an indictment of who you are.

“Oh, I felt negative emotion, I’m such a bad person.”

“No! You felt negative emotion because your guidance system is working. And because you’re sensitive enough to know that you’re introducing a vibration into the equation that isn’t serving you very well. That’s all!

“In other words, you’re watching some little one learning how to walk. Not very good at it, hardly even at all. Just sort of stumbling and bumbling around. And when he falls down, you don’t say,

“Get up, you little Dummy!”

“Because, you accept, you’re not judgmental of his ineptness. Yet.

“You’ll, you’ll say that to him in about 5 years. “Stop that! What’s wrong with you?! Don’t you know better than that!?”
“But we want you to, feel that lack of self condemnation while you sleep. Which allows you, to reveal to yourself, vibrations that you've got going on, that you don’t want to admit that you’ve got going on.

“When we say, “You create your own reality.” Does that sound like we’re saying, πŸ‘‰“You know πŸ˜’, you created your own reality 😠!”

“That’s not the way we mean it, “You create your own reality πŸ˜„!”

“When we say, “Oh , Negative Emotion is your Guidance.”

“We’re not saying, “Yeah, a negative emotion, yeah, you got negative emotion😠!” It’s not like that, we say,

“Negative emotion! Negative emotion is letting you know that you’re introducing contradiction to your own equation. That’s all. There’s no judgment, or indictment about the ‘wrongness’ of it.

"You don’t touch the hot stove, [Pretending to Touch a Hot Stove and attempting to endure it, endure it, and endure it]:

“Oooweee Oowee ooooweee oweee ooooweeee owee! Ohhh, I’m so mad at myself! The sensors in my hand make this hurt. If I were a better person, if I were a better person, I could touch the hot stove, and not be in such pain.”

“That’s how you act about your emotions.

“It’s like, you’re supposed to, you’re supposed to, to ‘tough it out’. To ‘endure it’. To get so that, to, you know, because ‘there is no gain without pain’, right? WRONG. “There’s no value to endurance of misalignment. That’s what we’re saying to you. And allowing negative emotion to persist, is endurance of negative emotion. Which means, continuing to beat the drum of why that marriage is no more, is unnecessary endurance. And the bad dream is letting you know, ‘Unnecessary. Unnecessary.’” ~ Abraham Hicks

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