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Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Ahimsa: It's A Lot Easier When You Start Considering Others' Needs


It's a lot easier when you start considering others' needs, and not only your "tastes", "habits", "traditions", and you educate yourself and learn something new. Living non-violently is not scary.

Ahimsa. Cause no harm to anyone. Plus also always do good.

The awesome thing is that humans are adaptable.

Your tastes, habits, Traditions can change.

Especially when you learn new information that you didn't previously know that helps you form new opinions, tastes, preferences, habits, and new Traditions.

What you LOVE and think and believe you can't live! without today, you can learn, not only to live without, but to even wonder how you liked it in the first place! 

Then you can ask yourself, "How did I ever eat or wear dead animals flesh and skin, or entertain myself through the enslavement, and suffering, and murder of innocent creatures, precious animals? Zoos, aquariums, animal testing [which includes makeup, shampoo and conditioner], many other kinds of cleaning supplies, candles, fur, feathers, leather, suede, etc. {the list is almost endless 😭}

It is unusual to be willing to question basically everything you were taught. 

But when you start to see that other creatures matter just as much as puppies or kittens, and you actually take time to learn about the individual animals themselves, cows, pigs, chickens, fish, you learn about these different individual beings and it becomes so clear and obvious that they do not want nor deserve to be killed or enslaved for human commodification.

It's really not crazy.

It's really not extreme.

I find it to be way more extreme to believe that other beings Must Die, and be enslaved, and tortured, for your food, fashion, and entertainment.

That is extremely unappetizing and breaks my heart. πŸ’”

Humans CAN and DO live and THRIVE without causing harm to other creatures, without enslaving them, or killing them. I am doing it. Millions of us are living this way.

I cannot help that I am one of those vibrating in a special, unique way that allows me to feel and hear the love, the souls that are emanating out of these animal beings who are equal to human beings in every way even though they look different.

My connection to the animal spirits also allows me to feel and hear their pain and suffering.

These animals are innocent and want to live and love as they were meant to.

They are NOT meant to be "farmed", for humans to devour. Even though this is indoctrinated into children from infancy, that specific animals are "farm" animals, here solely for our (human) use.

These animals do not belong on a farm. They do not belong being farmed. Farming should be for plants.
Plant Farms. Not Sentient Beings Enslavement Camps and slaughterhouses.
If you stop and listen, start to feel, and you can feel the energy vibration. You can start to hear, and feel, and know this truth.
You can start to live this truth.
I am a voice for those creatures who are only considered vital in what they can "provide" as a "product", rather than a creature who deserves its life as you do. As we all do.
Please stop profiting off of death of innocent life. And please stop pleasuring yourself through the death of innocent creatures.

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