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Thursday, June 15, 2017

NonViolence Doesn't Choose Sides

NonViolence Doesn't Choose Sides Choosing non-violence considers everyone's best interests

When you advocate Nonviolence
It doesn’t Matter Whose Side it is
Which side of the fence you Defend
Let’s Not Pretend
That these divisions help us

They seem to generate distrust
Be the source of wars
Fatal sores, and horrors abhorred

When you see the World is a Globe
Then you can start to probe
How many sides does an Orb have?

A Sphere doesn't have any sides, Dear
A ball is not a wall
Each side is connected to all
The other sides

It’s just one continuous side
That keeps going round and round

When you stand on the Ground
With your nonviolent plan
Then take actions that align
with your heart

We don’t take part
In the violence around us
Because everyone loses
whenever Someone chooses
To use his or her actions
To create destruction and death

When people follow,
“Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers” philosophy
And push violent ideologies
Taking from others
What is not yours to take
Believing it’s, “manifest destiny”
Because you are willing
To live violently

And disregard the rights and needs
Of any Beings
Of Any Being’s Right To Being

But when you choose Nonviolence
It doesn't matter whose side it is
Because it’s all just one side
That keeps on continuing...

And if you make the connection…
If you made the connection…

You might be here by my side
Promoting Nonviolent Life

When you make the connection
You can start...

Living Nonviolently
Living Peace
Living Peach


It’s not scary to live Nonviolently

by Katherine Warsager aka L.O.V.E. Living Peach!

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