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Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Do You Support Torture? Say, "No!" and Come Vegan

Do you support torture?

Do you know what torture is? Inflicting severe pain on someone, including death. Animals are someone too.
I used to eat dairy and I was an #ignorantvegetarian and I believed the lies I was told and sold. #industrylies 

But one day I wanted to be more knowledgeable. I had become vegan, but met with lots of resistance from family and well-meaning people. That sparked my interest in learning more about so-called organic free-range dairy farms. And my journey into education lead me to learn about the torture and suffering that goes into any industry that uses animals in any way whatsoever. In any form. There is no possible way to kill animals without torturing and abusing them. Some people have said to me that they are raised to be killed for consumption and so therefore somehow that makes it acceptable or less terrible. I consider that to be willful ignorance. How can you truly be that blind?

So do you support torture? People wondering how you can give up cheese or whatever dairy product you like, for me it's simple, every drop of dairy is infused with horrific suffering, pain, abuse, and torture. I find it to be some of the worst stuff on Earth. Please ask yourself this honestly, do you support torture?

Even if you're eating dairy and meat while you are reading this, there is still hope! Put it down, throw it away, and make a promise to yourself right now that you will never again knowingly and willingly support Industries and products that bring harm and torture to creatures who are innocent and deserve our protection and love.

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