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Sunday, July 18, 2021

how much melanin we have

 Old post of mine popped up, thought I'd share it here. Still relevant:

There is so much to learn about racism and I highly encourage everyone to do so.

Love Living Peach wrote:

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Overheard conversation walking in town, group of 2 mom's and 5 kids, all pale. One of the women was milky pale. Teenage girl says, "I wish I wasn't as white as I am." One of the women replied "You wish you weren't as white as your mom?" "Yea." She answered.
I just think it's so interesting being a "pale skin" person. Yes, I know it comes with certain "privilege". It also comes with, in my opinion, responsibility to learn about the horrors pale skin people have committed against millions of people with more melanin. It comes with being associated with these crimes. It comes with all the benefits that have been laid before us for hundreds of years through the brutal cruelty inflicted upon the millions of beautiful people deserving of respect, love, kindness, freedom, and to thrive as they desire and are fully capable of doing. Click below to Read moreπŸ‘‡πŸΌ

"White people" have long abused "Black people" and "Brown people" and "tan people"! Yes, all kinds of people have abused all kinds of people, but pale people are far more responsible for far more atrocities against all people. Often in defense of their paleness!!! It's a sickness to believe pale skin is superior in any way!

I also grew up always wishing my skin was tanner. Pale is out and tan skin is in. Tan skin is definitively "sexier" "healthier" "prettier" "more desirable". But it's a tricky thing because if you're too tan then.... then it's not as desirable, so "they" say and want people to believe! This whole labeling and judging people by the color of their skin is just so lacking any depth whatsoever. [But it's ignorant, harmful, and devastating to pretend systemic racism, and daily racism is something to ignore and remain ignorant about].

So you want to be white but not too white. You want to be tan, but not too tan. You want to be black cause you want to have soul, you want to be cool, you want to be down, but not too down, not too dark.
When are we going to just start loving ourselves for whatever shade-hue-tone we are? I wish I had more melanin in my skin. But I'm learning to love the Skin I'm In. I love the whole rainbow, life would be boring as fuck if we were all one monotone. Life is not black and white and labeling people that way serves no real good I can see in the world.
Noticing a person's skin color takes no real observations at all. The briefest glance. It’s possibly the easiest yet, least important thing anyone could possibly notice about another living being. Attaching any meaning to that whatsoever is just lacking any level of intelligence. So you notice someone's skin color, big freakin deal. Can you learn something about them as a sacred being? When will we start caring about things a lot more important than the color of skin and how much melanin we have, or don't?

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