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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Is there a technique to remember my dreams? Yes!

Is there a technique to remember my dreams? Yes!
05-27-2020 Update:

πŸ”Š πŸ”Š Listen to the Audio version of this article here πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 

Made this video today of me reading the methods I write about below - enjoy!

05 27 2020 Dream Recall Article: Attempt 3!

01-07-2020 Tuesday January 7, 2020 

Watch and listen to this article here!

Today I saw this question on a Jim Kwik facebook group.
 I feel this question is an extremely common one, a very important topic, and a wonderful gateway to gaining more access to our own magic and
personal power. 

It is special enough to write an article for my blog!
Question: Is there a technique to remember my dreams?
Answer: Yes! You will need a method to practice
improving your dream recall, dream retention,
and using the power of your dreams to manifest - your dreams!
Me Achieving My Dream Of Doing My 1st Hand Stand! August 2019

1. Set the daily/nightly intention to remember your dreams...click to keep reading...
2. Make dream recall a part of your routine and schedule in extra time for these practices

3. Decide on a method or methods of retaining your dreams
Method 1: [this is my favorite & most used method]: Keep your cell phone or any device you can record videos with near your bedside.
The instant you wake and immediately start Taking a video of yourself
talking about whatever you recall -Anything!!
every part of your dream that you can remember.
More on this method below....

Save the video - this can be completely private - you can upload them to youtube set to 'private' if you do not have enough space to save videos on your computer or device
- this way you can make new videos every day
- upload and save them on youtube privately and
save space on your device

Method 2: Take videos of whatever you remember
at other times of day - any time of day or night
- make videos as short or as long as necessary
and possible to capture as much of the dream details,
your feelings you can recall, or any thoughts, feelings, and desires the dreams evoke in you.

You can create a private playlist of your private videos if you have several videos on one dream, that way you can watch them all at a future date, and keep them all together this way - organize your dream recall videos! Date them, and I also always name them with at least one or two relevant words in the title for future reference.

Method 3: When you wake stay in bed as long as possible,
stay in bed after you wake up, lying down with your eyes closed for as long as possible and - stay in the bardo hypnagogic half-sleep/half-wake
state as long as you can, stay with your dream as long as possible...
feel the emotions of the dream experience - think about dream details you can remember - do this on any/every day that you can stay in bed

and not jump up and get going straightaway into your routine -even though that is what many people tout as the "BEST" way to get motivated into our mornings and days to Jump out of Bed Running - and while that might have? some benefits - I find that that routine turns dreams into vapor faster than any human brain can comprehend.

So if you are one of those people who believes in the jump out of bed is best idea, you may be destroying your dreams before you ever have a chance to glimpse them.
Try it.

Method 4: Have a journal + pen by your bedside [This is the most common method people suggest, more on this later as well] - The moment you wake grab your journal before getting up
and start writing all you can remember before doing ANYTHING else
- Take your journal to bathroom to continue making notes as
you do your morning routine
Method 5: keep a small notebook + pen with you EVERYWHERE YOU GO
everyday that you can make notes of any dream aspects
that pop back into your memory during the day/nite
when not at home - or even at home too
Method 6: Look up Dr. Robert Moss and
Rodger Kamenetz's books and teachings about dreams
- The Shift Network online school and youtube! Sign up for their Shift Network classes to learn more if you can!

Method 7: Keep doing it and you will improve
your ability to recall and most especially to benefit

from your powerful dreams!
Method 8: Throughout the day + night: You can also send yourself
emails, texts, and create google docs in folders organized
- if you're dream crazy like me - ha - and find ways
to capture any snippets you remember throughout
the day and night. Using labels in gmail to sort your dream
emails, and texts is helpful. Same with folders in google drive!
Method 9: Do all these things and you will improve
your dream abilities faster!

These methods create a communication system from
yourself to yourself so that you can learn to train yourself
to remember your dreams, and to use technology for your
advantage to capture every memory you have throughout
the day and night.

The more we learn to remember our dreams, the more we
can use the power in these visions and instructions from
our vibrational [nonphysical] selves to our physical selves.

The most important aspects of our dreams to focus on remembering
- more than any details - is what we were feeling
during the dream events.

How did you feel?
What were you feeling?
What is the emotional aspect of the dream?

I also do believe that dream details can hold a lot of significance for us. As Dr. Robert Moss says, I too believe that our dreams can be instructions for us, about what to do, or what not to do in our waking lives so we can achieve our desires outcomes and avoid unwanted outcomes. DREAMS Are much more than brain digestion!!! Dreams are powerful information for our lives!

I think it is important and meaningful to retain a sense of
your emotional experiences of the dream.

Forgotten details or sequences do not need take away from
the development we can growth inside ourselves and in our lives that we can develop by even just connecting to
the emotions we felt during the dream.

Imagine that your dreams are being broadcast on a channel
or station that is normally outside our waking
perception states. 
Many of us are conditioned very early in our lives
to ‘stop’ going into our imaginal worlds, and to
cut ourselves off from the parts of us that can visualize,
and imagine worlds and events not happening in the actual moment. We are even often taught to replace our own imaginal worlds by being force-fed what creative-states are acceptable? such as through television, movies, and other media that largely determines what 'creative imaginational worlds' are acceptable for kids to visit, e.g. the super-heros or cartoon princesses often programmed crammed into little kids psyche's as the 'acceptable' versions of creative imaginative play, when really most of these concepts lack ANY creative and imaginative play since many kids are regurgitating centuries old 'dreams' that belonged to others.
Now we need to encourage our kids and our adults, ourselves included to explore our own dream, our own imaginal worlds and to allow ourselves to step off the well worn path and go to new places
-the places our personal vibrational energy being wants to show us

We may think we can not get creative and imagine but we all do this everyday, constantly!
We all do this easily, simply by thinking about anything
that is not happening in the very moment, such as eating a slice of cake,
or being at a vegan food music festival,
or celebrating vegan thanksgiving,
or going skiing!

All of those things I just imagined myself doing,
although I am actually sitting next to an open window,
in my pantry-office-closet that I love to sit in. I have
my laptop on my lap and I am writing about
how to remember our dreams.

Thank you Facebook commenter for asking this very relevant question!

Now I am standing up in my pantry-office-closet, with my laptop on the shelf,
I am writing while standing next to my open window,
it is cold, sunny, and blue skies outside right now.
I only mention these details to show you how easily you can imagine different states by simply thinking of them!

As a vivid dreamer who has always retained
my dreams with intense detail, I have always been
drawn to the many benefits, and otherworldly aspects
of my rich, lush, creative dream world.

I also have found a correlation between dreams and
waking life to be a real thing, with dreams being
a prequel to many ‘real life’ waking events. Many experiences during my life proved to me that, like Dr. Robert Moss
and Rodger Kamentez both speak of, dreams are often not about the parts of our lives that
already happened, but a prequel to what
is to come, or what may be to come in future.

As I said, like Dr. Moss, instructions for our future.

This makes a lot of sense when you think about dreaming as humans hundreds of thousands of years ago
and longer.

Many people do not perceive their dreams because
they are tuned into waking life channels of vibrations. 

The very subtle channels of vibration that dreams are broadcast
to us are available to us during our waking states,
but we must train ourselves to tune into these
much more subtle stations that require a more precise,
fine tuning alignment in able to be able to translate the messages
into limited human understanding, and in such a way
that can be then communicated by the limited human understanding,
and the limited human methods of communications.

We can capture our dreams as words, as stories, as books, as movies,
as paintings, sculptures. Our dreams can come through as music.
Song lyrics. Lyrics + Music. Poetry.
And an infinite array of other ways!

We can express and explore our dreams in so many ways!
There are so many reasons to pay more attention to our dreams.

Many people are so auto-tuned to their waking states of perception,
that the moment they wake
- every bit of dream information vanishes
- seemingly instantaneously
- so much so that many people claim
- that either they don’t dream at all
- or they have zero dream recall and retention. 

It may not seem like an issue at all, and for some people,
it may not be an issue in any way for them.

But dreams are a gateway to many aspects
of our lives that we may want the ability to tap into.
There are as many reasons to connect with
our dreams as their are dreamers. 

Back to the methods, I wanted to make additional notes about.

Personally, I prefer the video method whenever possible.

Even being a 'Writer' who LOVES handwriting in my notebook sometimes even more than typing, I prefer the video method by
a longshot. Why?

Well, first thing in the morning, when I am half asleep
I find it much easier to just talk my dream into a video
instead of writing it down by hand.

Speaking is much faster than writing, and truthfully
as I said, even as a writer who loves writing by hand
I pretty much use the writing dreams by hand method as option 3 or 4 because taking videos is easier, more thorough it's much faster, and I find that I can speak a lot easier then write when I am half-asleep.

Also, since the videos are saved and uploaded privately I do not need to worry about 'how I look' in the video if I've brushed my teeth or hair! What I am wearing! Nope, none of that matters!

I would stay in bed and record - but in my case the lighting is not great for video recordings in my bedroom in the mornings, so I always go
sit in my pantry-office-closet and record
my dream videos on my laptop.

Another note, author of The Artist's Way - Julia Cameron teaching a practice she calls The Morning Pages
which is a method of hand writing your
stream of consciousness thoughts UNCENSORED
into a notebook, the instant you wake
3 pages of uncensored thoughts do not need to make
any sense or need to be interesting, no need to have
proper grammar, spelling, etc. And my BIG NOTE about these Morning Pages
is the same with the written dreams,
it's easier in a video!! It is soooo much easier
-for me - to capture my thoughts and stream of consciousness
talking in a video than handwriting in a notebook!

I DO still keep my notebooks, and I write down dream
details, my thoughts about them, my feelings about them
in my notebooks, whenever I can't record, OR when I do
simply prefer writing, as writing by hand has many benefits
to the writer as well.

I just wanted to mention that after years of practicing these
various dream recall methods, videos is the best way for me!

This is a simple introduction into some methods and techniques
to begin a practice of dream recall. 

I hope this will help you recall your dreams and harness the power
you are bringing into your own world and real life!

Dream on baby!

L.O.V.E. www.LivingPeach.com πŸ‘

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Kiwina Mango said...

Thank you for your story, i am glad that i could inspure you to write this down to help others��

Living Peach said...

Thank you so much for your very important question! I hope you are able to start retaining your dreams soon!