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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Every skill practiced grows. Every skill ignored goes. Are You Trainable?

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Every skill practiced grows. Every skill ignored goes. Are You Trainable?

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All of us have amazing skills.

All of us also have some very well practiced, devotionally committed practice of "skills" AKA habits that hinder us hold us back in our life.

Many of our long-held habits and practices bring us much success in life. And many of our long-held practice habits keep a small and hold us back.

Every skill practiced grows. Every skill ignored goes. No level of skill is ever fixated. We are Dynamic people with Dynamic skill sets. Practice practice practice everything you want to excel in.

And what about habits you are excellent in that you don't want anymore? One of the hardest things to do is to stop old habits, or stop old thought patterns, or to stop holding onto self-limiting beliefs and faulty thinking.

So instead of trying to STOP doing something that you're very good at doing, START doing something new.

Old habits are released through the creation of new habits. Yes.
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We can't destroy energy, we can only create new energetic vibrations... either we keep reinforcing our current vibrational frequency or we can shift our vibrational frequency.

When our perspective is trying to destroy a habit, this only reinforces and makes it stronger. And that's because whatever we focus on grows.

So when you're trying to stop something with focused energy that's trying to destroy it, all that resistance and focus on it makes it stay in our experience, and grow in our experience.

It's a mindset shift.

For example, instead of thinking about trying to "lose weight, and stop your bad eating habits"... We can shift our focus on "obtaining health and well-being and developing healthy eating habits."

So in this way we are not trying to destroy our strong, often long-held long-lived, very deeply ingrained, in a rut habit.

You allow that bad habit to stay there and you just let it be. You accept that habit. You make friends with that habit.

You don't judge yourself for it.
You don't hate yourself for it.

You don't berate yourself or belittle yourself or put yourself down or think you need to get better or think you need to improve or think you need to somehow be different than you are, you just say, “I'm going to start creating a new habit.”

"I'm going to start acquiring new thoughts. I'm going to start practicing new thoughts. I'm going to start allowing my self to slowly shift to better feeling thoughts."

Then every time you think about your body, or food, or eating or exercising or anything related to your internal body image, your physical body state, eating, dieting, losing weight, gaining weight, for example, you choose thoughts towards your new habit.

You let your new thoughts start to dominate the brain waves.

You decide to change your frequency.
You decide to change your channel.

You don't try to convince the junk food loving, overweight, hardly ever exercises or excessively exercises but never loses weight person, the convenience loving, party in my mouth with every bite of food I ever eat person, you don't try to convince that person to start liking kale. To just start enjoying water 8 times a day instead of the favorite tasty beverage of choice.

That person who lives those habits, that person who lives that life, that person who has chosen those choices and who has built very strong long-term synaptic connections to those habits, is not going to suddenly enjoy hearing about healthy choices on their junk food station.

So stop trying to convince your junk food station to become a health food station.

You accept that the junk food station is there and has been on the preset dial for many years. You may even have learned this, and been "tuned into" this station as a child from your parents or others of influence in your life.

So you don't try to hammer that person into the better habit, the "good" behavior.

You just change the station.

Like David Friedman says, you just exchange the thought. The Thought Exchange by David Friedman.

It's not that hard to do. You have access to an infinite amount of thoughts. Any thought that you can imagine is available to you at any moment.

Of course the thoughts will be foreign to you. They won't feel like your thoughts. They won't be your thoughts at first.

It won't be your thoughts as in thoughts that are naturally occurring to you because these are the thoughts you’ve been habitually thinking and practicing them.

They will become acquired thoughts because you're choosing thoughts that say different things like, "eating healthy makes me feel good because being well-nourished naturally feels good."

So you acquire new thoughts and you slowly start exchanging the old ones. Naturally the old thoughts fall away because your mind, your brain waves, your brain activity, your energy is busy thinking the new thoughts.

The old thoughts start to become ignored through the intentional choosing of new thoughts. Ignored thoughts will start to fade away as they stop being thunk.

Ignored habits go away.

This can work to our benefit just as easily as it can work against us. Ignore the habits you don't want to strengthen and they will go away through intentionally focusing on the new thoughts and the new habits that you will grow.

And of course the opposite is true. The more you focus on the habits, areas that need development, areas in your life you believe you're in lack, your challenging aspects of life or your personality, this focus on the lack side of any topic will continue to hold it in our experience. Whatever you think about your vibrating about. Whatever you vibrate about is what you create in your experience.

How can I change my vibrational energy? How can I change my manifesting reality? How do I change my thoughts? How do I change my vibrational frequency? How do I change what channel I am tuned to? How do I intentionally choose what I want to broadcast?

Start Where You Are. Pema ChΓΆdrΓΆn.

You can say, in this moment, “I have not practiced good eating habits until now. I am trainable. I can learn. I can learn something new that's important to me.”

“I can learn a new skill, new skill set, and incrementally get better one day at a time.”

“I have the ability to learn something new each day and to apply it to my life. I have the ability to practice applying new skills on a daily basis in my life.”

“I can understand and recognize the truth in the process of growth where every day I will add a little bit more and overtime the results will be clear even though it may and likely will be a slow going process that may often feel stalled, going backwards, as if I've never made any progress, and maybe even now I'm repeating my old habits but even worse than I did before I even ever try to start acquiring these new skills!”

When you practice with love and kindness with yourself, and the understanding that it's a process, a bit by bit, one step at a time, stepping back stepping forward stepping back stepping forward and just keeping yourself enjoying life and feeling the benefits of the new habits, feeling the benefits of releasing the old, you can be friends with yourself and enjoy this process of life that is meant to feel good.

When our energy, thoughts, actions are focused on the new creation, our energy, thoughts, actions naturally release the old patterns and new patterns are created simultaneously releasing the old.

You are a deliberate co-creator, enjoy it!

Life is meant to feel good to you.

Every time we say, " I'm not good at __blank__" we are intentionally creating lack. Every time we make definitive statements about our self in lack, we are guaranteeing the continuation of lack.

If you would like to improve any skill, the first step is in acknowledging that you are trainable. Are you trainable? Do you have the ability to learn? Do you believe that you can acquire new skills? Do you believe that you can learn new things? Do you believe that you can improve in areas that you feel lackful? Do you believe you can release faulty thinking self-limiting beliefs that create walls and blocks around your ability to learn and acquire new skills?

Do you believe in yourself?
Do you believe in your own worth of well-being?
Do you believe life is supposed to feel good to you?
Do you believe that you can have what you desire if you set your intention on it? You can have what you desire if you stop resisting it and creating blocks to it.
Do you believe that you can acquire any skill you choose to focus on through dedication, concentration, and inspired action?
Do you believe expanding your willingness and ability to love yourself and others could improve your life in every facet?
Do you have the ability to learn?
Are you trainable?

What skills would you love to acquire?
Would you like to be more patient with yourself and others?
Would you like to have more compassion for yourself and others?
Would you like to be more loving with yourself and others?

We are flexible, pliable, adaptable creatures. We are evolving creatures. We are not static and stagnant. The only people who have an inability to acquire new skills are those who tell themselves that they are unable to acquire new skills.

We are not born with a finite ability to love, to have patience, to be loving, to grow, to learn.

We are falsely taught that our abilities are finite and fixated but that only harms us and serves to hold us back, and keep us small.

Anytime you say, "I am _____" OR "I Am Not _______" Or "I Have ______" OR "I Don’t Have _____" OR "I Can _____" OR "I Can't _____", YOU make it true simply by the vibrational reality you choose.

The belief that you choose is what is true for you. A belief is only a thought we keep thinking. A belief is only a thought we keep repeating to ourselves and others.

Are your beliefs helping you and your life?
Are your beliefs bringing you closer to your desires?
Are your beliefs hindering you in your life?
Are your beliefs keeping your desires away from you?

What faulty thinking, self-limiting, stay small, I cannot do beliefs are you repeating to yourself and the world that keep you from what you really want?

What fresh, new, inspiring, uplifting, evolving training practices new thoughts can you acquire today?

Thoughts become things.

Start noticing your current thoughts and notice what it's manifesting for you.

Start thinking different thoughts and see what new things you can start manifesting in your life.

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