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Whole Food Plant Based No Added Oil
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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Stop Speciesism, Plus, Horse Meat Is A Real Thing

Stop Speciesism, plus, horse meat is a real thing, people also eat dogs, cats, whales, etc.

All the animals inside the small circle 
U+21B4.svg are also suffering and being murdered, tortured, and "tested on" aka tortured, maimed, living a horrifying, excruciatingly painful life, then they are killed, if they don't die gruesomely from the heinous acts they are forced to endure for humans and human "products"?? This is acceptable? !


I will not live my life supporting this! I wish you would not either.

I will not spend money to support this. I wish you would not either.

I will always take the time to pay attention to what I am purchasing, and to look into the process of the production of the products before I purchase them. This is a lot of work, but it becomes easier, and it's so worth the effort for me because I value choosing products that do not contribute to, and ARE animal cruelty.

Sweet innocent animals killed for their flesh, body parts, skin, feathers, horns, fins, claws, teeth. Subjected to countless injections of diseases, and generally abused in every twisted inconceivable manner

Although somehow these gory, brutal, horrors have become every day items and downright necessities??!

These awful products have become "cant-live-withouts"!?

These cruelties reach into every conceivable moment of daily life. Once you begin to start the process of removing "products" that support animal cruelty, it CAN seem overwhelming how almost every facet of life is touched by this.

But take it one moment at a time. Learn each thing as you go. Don't try to swallow it whole in one gulp.

But don't take the enormity of the reach of animal cruelty to despair. Use this truth to motivate yourself to make changes every day. And just keep learning.

Please consider making the conscious choice to resist these violent ideologies and choose nonviolent, cruelty-free, animal-free options. 
πŸ’˜For everything!


Flower Photos by Katlovenotwar L.O.V.E.
Flower Photos by Katlovenotwar L.O.V.E.

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My stomach is turning and I have to stop here. I can't bare to search for more magnificent animals, that people love to kill, eat, wear, and torture. 


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